As a responsible citizen and a role model to a certain section of people, I need to use every available platform to reach out to the impressionable sections of our country.

I don't have time to spare for a daily soap; it needs commitment.

I think each one of us should try and do small things on Diwali so that those who are not as privileged as we are can also have a good festival.

My mother told me you marry whoever you want to, as long as you are happy. My parents are very accommodating, and I know they will always support me.

I am a pure vegetarian, and I'm much healthier compared to those who live on a non-veg diet.

Life is too precious to be squandered for fame or love.

No parents deserve to see their only child die.

Karan Patel is my brother and my best friend for life.

Killing a being just to satiate your taste buds is the most criminal act ever.

It is the women who bring the men to this world: men are there because of women. It was my mother who brought me out of a health condition that threatened to usurp me completely. If we still treat women with disrespect, it is utterly shameful.

I want to attract as many people to wrestling as I can.

Wrestling is rooted in the Indian soil, yet there isn't enough scope for kids who come from poorer families, but have the talent, to join the sport professionally.

To be honest, I was not very good in studies; I was an average student. I used to work hard, whether it was for wrestling or studies, as I considered myself not that talented. I used to mug up everything during exams.

I have noticed that most of the successful businessmen are not that educated. But they are the ones who hire highly educated employees to work for them.

Whatever I am today is all because of the love and support I have received from the people of Haryana.

We have launched Champion's Pro Kushti to revive the passion for the game of wrestling in India, the country where it actually originated.

Professional wrestling is my first love, and I will continue to do that, but if I get a good offer for a film or a show, I would love to take it up.

Unfortunately, wrestling in India doesn't have the same appeal for the youth that cricket and football do. For this reason, I want to also begin a series of wrestling academies across the country.

If I do a film, it should be worth it.

I want to tell all the youngsters in Nagpur and in the rest of India that sports is not merely about winning medals; it is about being fit and healthy. It is not about six-packs and going to gym, but exercising right and eating intelligently.

My elder brother is a lecturer in a college in Haryana, and my eldest sister was a teacher. I feel they are more educated than I am. I, too, used to dream of becoming a teacher.

If you can't do something today, it will happen tomorrow or day after. If you are physically healthy and keep trying to achieve your goals, you will achieve what you want sooner or later.

Violence has never resolved any issue.

With superstars like Aamirji and Salmanji playing real-life wrestlers, the sport will get some positive attention. Just like hockey did when Shah Rukhji played a hockey player in 'Chak De.'

There was a time when I was not able to speak properly because of my medical condition. But I managed to fight against all those odds.

There is much to life than fame and fortune. If you are a part of the entertainment industry, please remember it is all temporary.

Every fight should be settled through love and dialogue.

Standing up for national anthem doesn't make you an Indian. Posting flags on social networks doesn't make you an Indian.

Three days a week I do wrestling, as that's the best workout for the whole body.

It is due to wrestling that people now know and recognise me.

I want PETA to do something to stop the killing of animals.

If you take Haryana out of India, you'll lose 80% of your best sportspersons.

Ever since 'Bigg Boss' happened, a lot of entertainment and movie offers poured in.

Basically, I'm just an average person who takes a little extra care of his health.

This change for creating a better world will not come from the government or an outside agency; it will have to be internal. We blame the politicians for everything, but if I give equal respect and rights to the women of my family, I have taken the first step forward.

Success and failure go hand in hand.

Wherever I go, I now easily get the attention of the sports fraternity.

It's been my long-cherished dream to bring a wrestling league to India.

I come from an almost unknown village near Rohtak called Madina, and that is where I started my wrestling career.

I have the highest regard for Aamirji, and when he asked me to be part of 'Dangal,' I was most happy. Unfortunately, I had to lose the match with Aamirji. This I couldn't do.

I exercise each day for three hours. I don't get to visit the akhada every day, since I keep travelling, but my training schedule incorporates the exercises that I used to do in the akhada.

Due to shoots, shows, and travelling, I don't have a fixed schedule, so I train myself whenever I get time, like from 1 A.M. to 3 A.M.

I am into professional wrestling. Only Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling can qualify in Olympics. I chose professional wrestling for fame and limelight and good money.

If you have your family's support, you can overcome anything.

I want to help all those youngsters in Nagpur who have fire and sporting spirit burning inside them and not merely those who want to take up wrestling.

All this talk of equality remains merely on paper. In real life, women are still bound by several psychological shackles and emotional boundaries imposed on them by their families and others. If a girl comes home late, she is asked 100 questions, whereas boys are not answerable for anything. And this prevails across segments.

I want to create as many opportunities as possible for people inclined towards sports.

I've never eaten eggs or taken muscle building supplements. I eat less and work out more.

For too long now, cricket has got all the attention and money. Look at how much financial help cricket gets from the sports federations.