I was traveling a lot as a young actor, and while in a new city, I'd want to see the place, so I would just put on my trainers and go for a jog. And the more I did that, the more I found I was traveling longer and longer distances. I just fell into it.

It's always nice when someone comes up to you and tells you they enjoy the show. At least they're not coming up and saying how much they hate it.

My family were pretty big hippies.

Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but I enjoy anything where you get to flex your acting muscles, you get to really go for it.

Scotland is about layering. The weather changes every 10 minutes.

I've done a lot of costume dramas and things that are set in the past, and it's great to be able to have things that you can research and material that you can look at.

I was born and brought up in the countryside. I used to live in a sort of converted stables on the grounds of a castle, and I spent a lot of my childhood running around with a pretend sword pretending to be Robert the Bruce.

I've done quite a few things based on real events or real people, and I think that's always really interesting that you can read about them or, if you're lucky, you can meet them.

I love the outdoors. I love climbing mountains.

There's definitely an interest in Scotland and what happened here. I think the rest of the world are fascinated by our history, and it's nice to be able to bring Scotland and our culture and music to the screen.

I was brought up in a very rural area on grounds of a castle. It was a working farm, and I even remember the local shepherd wearing his Barbour jacket.

I tested on a lot of TV shows and films after I finished drama school.

I love sci-fi. Growing up, I was a big fan of the 'Alien' series, 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,' etcetera. Plus, anything apocalyptic - 'I Am Legend,' '1984,' 'Battlestar Galactica.'

I'm a notorious late-night texter. I seem to use a lot of lip, heart, and tongue emoji.

Glasgow is certainly a place where they will tell you if they don't think you are anything special.

When I was growing up, we had cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, chickens - a whole menagerie.

I was doing a tour of the 'Batman' live stage production, and I challenged the cast to join me to run. One time, we were running in Switzerland just before Christmas, and it was heavy snow. Another time, we were running down the Seine in Paris on Christmas Day, and we all had Santa hats on.

When anyone recognizes you on the street, they are always very nice and genuine and excited to meet you.

I think that what I'd like to instil is that if you join the youth theatre, it's a gateway into greater career prospects.

I'm rediscovering Scotland; I'm falling in love with it again.

I love a burger and fries, but it's not what I crave. I love to eat healthily.

It's something you dream about, working in Scotland, working in Glasgow, walking down the same streets I used to walk down when I was a drama student, daydreaming about being in an American TV show or doing something that was well known. I guess I sort of pinch myself.

'Blue Valentine' was a really sad movie, but I loved the moments when they're discovering each other for the first time.

There's something about the silence of people listening to someone or watching someone - I just... I love that.

I do tend to lose myself in whatever job I'm doing or hobby I'm into.

I kind of crave loneliness.

I was a big 'Battlestar Galactica' fan and 'Star Trek' fan. I grew up watching those.

I've been sent lots of lovely gifts - everything from candy and peanut butter to hand-made quilts, pictures, and clothing. I was once sent a crate of avocados. Fortunately, I love them.

It's every boy's dream to play a superhero.

I actually got an initial sense of how big 'Outlander' was going to be on Twitter. We're all on there to help promote the show and also interact with the fans.

Being on your own sometimes is appealing.

I guess I'm quite practical. Or at least like to think I am.

I used to play the trombone and the trumpet, which I still have, but I haven't picked up for a long time.

I'd love to time travel.

I'm very lucky. I had a great childhood.

I wholly promote the omelette as a meal whatever the occasion, especially your last one.

I would be lying if I said Starz doesn't have a reputation.

British women can be slightly more reserved; Scottish are a little more crazy and fun, and American are more forthright, which I really enjoy.

Honestly, there's so many great benefits of wearing a kilt: It's very free, it's got its own aeration, and they're very comfortable.

Barbour is a brand that I have grown up with and been associated with since I was living near the borders of Scotland.

In this job, you're constantly surrounded by people. There are a lot of demands on your time. And I guess those moments when you can switch off and get away from it are really important.

I never once dreamed of sort of being able to be in an American TV series, you know? It was all about theater and touring and sort of being an actor around Scottish theater.

I spend so much time in front of mirrors as part of my job that I try to avoid them outside work.

If you don't think about or deal with an issue, it gets bigger.

I was a big fan of the Tim Burton films. I really liked the character. And I remember thinking the Batmobile was very cool.

I find end-of-the-world stuff enthralling - to imagine how life will be in the future on Earth and in space!

I think trust is the most important thing. If the actors and the director and the crew trust each other and you set up perimeters and boundaries, you give everyone space to do great work.

I am a very loyal man and always keep my promises when I commit to something.

The classic, 'Romeo and Juliet,' for me, is the iconic story of young love.