As a candidate for Senate, I look forward to offering reforms based on limited government principles that will make our country stronger and more prosperous.

Thousands of our post-9/11 veterans carry the invisible burden of post-traumatic stress, and there is an overwhelming need to expand the available treatment options.

State and local law enforcement are the primary protectors of the health, safety, and welfare of the people in the individual states.

We must enforce the laws we have on the books, secure our borders, and deny special benefits to illegal immigrants such as in-state tuition rates. This approach is best for American citizens and is fair to those who have taken the time and effort to go through the legal immigration process.

My actions will speak louder than words.

When you're allowing the Executive Branch to deprive somebody of a constitutional liberty without any process, that is something that affects all Americans because that's a precedent that can be used.

Americans of all political background overwhelmingly support term limits, yet term limits have floundered in Congress.

These Sunni Arabs in places like al Anbar province in Iraq, where I served back in 2007, if they see Iran as the dominant power, a Shiite country, they're going to be much more likely to want to join ISIS.

An approach that phases in congressional term limits reconciles the self-interest of members of Congress with the public's desire to see these changes enacted and gives us the best chance to make term limits a reality.

I think we need to stand with Israel.

I am delighted to receive the support of Sheriff John Rutherford. Sheriff Rutherford is a dedicated law enforcement professional, a man of conservative values and one of the preeminent leaders in North Florida. His support carries great weight and will be helpful to me in my campaign.

If you look at Washington right now, we do not have a system that the Founding Fathers envisioned, where people go to Washington and be part of the servant class. Instead, we have a permanent political class that fashions itself the rulers of the people.

We must make sure that all of our returning servicemembers are honored and taken care of, no matter the wounds they bear.

There are some really wealthy hedge fund billionaires in San Francisco who have pledged a lot of money for Democratic candidates to argue for cap and trade and carbon tax and all these things.

If Congress adds 5 percent to the debt, then their pay should be cut by 5 percent.

We need to lower marginal tax rates and increase investment.

As we face an epidemic of veteran suicides, we must make sure that all of our returning servicemembers are honored and taken care of, no matter the wounds they bear.

The PAWS Act is a simple bill that could have a dramatic - and potentially life-saving - effect on the lives of many.

Washington was a swamp. It was not somewhere that they believed people would want to go, so the idea was that people got involved as a public service, not to make a career out of it.

If your goal is to destroy ISIS, there needs to be a ground force. It could be American or foreign.

My constituents support Israel.

The average person - if you had a situation that hit your family and you needed to do something, you would not just go and take a vacation, or you would not do something that's not related to the task at hand. But in Washington, that just seems to be par for the course.

The practice of passing bills to find out what is in them represents a Forrest Gump-box of chocolates approach to government in which the taxpayers never know what they are going to get.

Very rarely do firearms restrictions affect criminals. They really only affect law-abiding citizens.

The House Judiciary Committee is a great place to promote our core principles of constitutionally limited government, individual freedom and the rule of law.

Whatever shape my future service takes, I look forward to doing my part to help get our country back on track.

If we want to defeat Hillary Clinton and have a chance to change the trajectory of our country, we need to unite behind the Republican ticket this November.

It is crucial that the House exercises its oversight functions to ensure constitutional accountability of government agencies, especially as the bureaucracies associated with ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank flex their muscles and seek to expand their authority.

President Obama made far-reaching, unilateral changes to our nation's immigration policy despite saying on over 22 different occasions that he did not have the authority to do so.

The country's on the wrong track.

If you buy something online, you're supposed to pay a use tax.

If we reach the debt ceiling, we don't have to default. Getting to that point just won't allow us to reach new debt.

Congress cannot be allowed to impose burdens on the American people while relieving its own members of those burdens.

As it became clear that Senator Rubio was likely to run for president, I received encouragement to consider running for the Senate.

I'm running for Congress to reverse Obama's big government policies, to be faithful to the principles on which our nation was founded, and to make members of Congress play by the same rules as the rest of us.

The VA should use every tool at their disposal to support and treat our veterans, including the specialized care offered by service dogs.

There are hardly any private sector employees who get both a 401k and a pension. There's just no need that Congress should get both.

At tax time, people are going to say, 'Gee, if the IRS asks for documents from me, and I destroy them, I wouldn't get away with that.' But that's effectively what Commissioner Koskinen has been able to get away with.

We need to save the country.

Bringing accountability to Washington has been an important part of my time in office and an important part of my campaign.

I was always the kind of hitter that if you threw it 92 miles per hour at me, I'd hit it right back at you.

Serving on the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight allows me to play a role making government more accountable by investigating waste, mismanagement, and improprieties.

America needs a new generation of leaders to address the big issues facing the country: alleviating the middle class squeeze and promoting economic opportunity, confronting the significant national security challenges threatening the safety of our people, and reforming the culture of Washington, D.C.

If you want to look right now under Obama who our enemies are, just look at who he is nice to.

Patrick Murphy's decision to support a deal that infuses the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism with $150 billion, confers international legitimacy on Iran's expansive nuclear program, and even allows Iran to inspect its own military sites demonstrates a lack of judgment and inexperience in matters of national security.

Why would Russia care about chemical weapons in Syria? They have no incentive to care.

You can get elected to Congress without ever talking to black voters at all, and I think that's bad for the party.

Something different has to be done before we make another budget deal that increases spending and raises the debt some more. Our current course is not reasonable. Our current course is insane.

I haven't let Washington change me.