It's easy to sit in relative luxury and peace and pontificate on the subject of the Third World debts.

It's no good being talented and not being in the right place at the right time.

I don't want to be remembered, because I'm not planning on going. I'm staying!

I would love to be remembered as one of the greatest Lears or Hamlets.

I've not done badly for a boy from Stockwell, where I used to gaze at the silver screen in wonderment, little realising I'd be a part of this magical world.

You can either grow old gracefully or begrudgingly. I chose both.

I would have loved to study medicine, but I was lucky to have come into the profession that I loved. I may not have been very good at it, but I loved it.

My iPhone has become rather precious because of all my music on it; every night, we set it for 20 minutes before we fall asleep to listen to some Mozart.

I am privileged to be at the right end of violins: not the end holding it but to listen to it.

Selling your country's secrets is always wrong.

When I was playing James Bond, it was the best job in the world. I mean, it was hard work, all that filming and travelling and tedium on set, but I earned a lot of money, and it was not a taxing job. I just had to say, 'Shaken, not stirred.'

Of course I do not regret the Bond days, I regret that sadly heroes in general are depicted with guns in their hands, and to tell the truth I have always hated guns and what they represent.

No, I'm not at all adventurous. I'm terribly cowardly.

People are always reading things into the films.

Working with UNICEF made me grow up and recognize how fortunate I am.

Creating a character on or off the stage is an escape.

There is nothing glamorous about death.

My attitude about death is, going into the next room, and it's a room that the rest of us can't get into because we don't have the key. But when we do get the key, we'll go in there, and we'll see one another again, in some shape or form or whatever. It's not the end.

Bond has afforded me a great personal passport, which I use for UNICEF.

I spent my life playing heroes because I looked like one.

Sammy Davis Jr. was a real movie buff who loved nothing better than being around a film studio - whether he was working or not.

Rex Harrison could be a rather mean-spirited man, and he wasn't regarded very warmly by those who knew him.

My acting range has always been something between the two extremes of 'raises left eyebrow' and 'raises right eyebrow.'

The knighthood for my humanitarian work meant more than if it had been for my acting.

My parents adored me, and I had a very happy childhood, so maybe I just sort of expect to be loved.

I'm proud to be British.

Actors don't really sit around discussing the parts they've played - just in case someone says, 'That was crap!'

Over the next two years UNICEF will focus on improving access to and the quality of education to provide children who have dropped out of school or who work during school hours the opportunity to gain a formal education!

Learning a play is one thing, but to learn to play Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' without music: that's brilliant.

Kristina has been to the Maldives but never to Venice, and I have been to Venice but never to the Maldives.

Wait until the baby is born before you start criticising it, I say!

I was born in London, so going there is always a treat.

Maybe come to think about it, that is the sign of an extrovert, in any event I have always from the earliest of ages found it difficult to wander into a restaurant on my own.

I am a mixture of idealist and realist.

I said I did not know enough about UNICEF to handle a press conference and she said they would not want to talk about it they would only want to talk about films.

Whenever I'm asked who my favourite co-star is, I always hesitate in giving an answer.

I've been married four times and caused a great deal of hurt and upset around me.

I don't think I've ever made any good financial decisions.

It's wonderful to travel with somebody that you love and we never travel anywhere without one another.

Illness played a great - and unwelcome - role in my early life. Mumps were soon followed by a raging sore throat, and it was decided that I should have my tonsils removed and adenoids scraped at the same time.

We also have favourite place in France, called Charlot Premier in Nice, which does excellent oysters.

I was possibly shy. I don't know why some people are shy and some aren't. Some people blush very easily.

My father believed in toughness, honesty, politeness and being on time. All very important lessons.

Tony and I had a good on and off screen relationship, we are two very different people, but we did share a sense of humor, we now live in different parts of the world but when we find ourselves in the same place it is more or less as if there had been no years in between.

The wonderful thing about age is that your knees don't work as well, you can't run down steps quite as easily and obviously you can't lift heavy weights. But your mind doesn't feel any different.

I never stopped working.

I never really absorbed myself in a role like some actors do.

I was probably a little bit overweight as a child, being passionate about baked beans on toast and Cadbury's milk chocolate when I could get it.

I wouldn't like to meet Daniel Craig on a dark night if I'd said anything bad about him.