I hereby swear, in my name and that of all our descendants, that we will never act against the principle of equal rights, and we will never try and force someone from our land.

Direct talks is the only possible way to build trust and to resolve the conditions for a peace perspective between Palestinians and Israelis.

There is a conflict in the Middle East between two entities, and they're both right, each in their own way.

The Jewish journey started in the land of Israel, and it always strove to return there against all odds and all limitations.

When we come to the hospital to give birth, we don't come as a Jew or an Arab; we come as a human being.

My door will be open to everyone.

Our enemy is hatred - the hatred inherent in fundamentalism.

Jerusalem is the united capital of Israel. Since 1967, anyone can practice his religion according to his own conscience and complete free will.

Israel's foreign policy has three points: the relationship with the U.S., the relationship with the U.S., and the relationship with the U.S.

Learning the core curriculum cannot come through coercion. It must come through a recognition of the need to integrate with economic life.

Even if the Right says that Um Al-Fahm should be outside Israel, this is impossible.

There's no doubt that our hearts are with the residents of Gaza. We and the whole world are unable to get to a situation in which Gaza can be rehabilitated. There needs to be an international initiative with Israel's participation, in order to bring an end to the enmity against us.

We are living in a multicultural society. Our role as leaders is to enable grappling with this situation, even when multiculturalism is difficult.

The depth of this conflict, which is more than one hundred years old, requires us to find a way to communicate... so that the residents of the Middle East, Jews and Arabs alike, can live not as if they were forced to live together, but rather destined to live together.

Undoubtedly, a democratic state without an alternative is a danger to democracy itself.

There's no doubt we'd be very angry if the American president had come to the Knesset and argued against the government of Israel.

Terror is terror is terror, and it doesn't matter what nationality that terror belongs to.

Disagreements will always occur between us, but we all approach them wanting the best for each and every one of us, for the whole people.

As a Jew, even if you were not born in Poland, the very name, Poland, gives rise to a shuddering in your body and a longing in your heart. This country was the breeding ground for the soul of the Jewish nation, and unfortunately, also grounds to the largest Jewish cemetery.

I'm a utopianist.

I am not someone who will cancel plans because of personal danger, because I'm really not afraid.

I was born to a Likud which had light; there were no shadows.

There is no, and cannot be, any situation in which we don't respect the law and the judiciary. It is unacceptable to attack the courts; criticism is allowed, but attacks are not. It shakes the basis of our democracy.

The reality is that we only have one person whom the public sees as appropriate to be prime minister, and that's a shame. I think that if there were more, it would be better for everyone, including Netanyahu.

The relationship between the Jews and Arabs is necessary to help build a bridge between Israelis and Palestinians.

It seems to me that many of the belligerent Jewish movements that were built upon hatred of Arabs - and I'm not only talking about Lieberman, but within the Likud as well - grew out of the patronizing socialist attitude that said, 'They'll be there, and we'll be here.'

A friendship between Germany and Israel didn't always seem natural.

I don't see any possibility of peace if there won't be open borders between us and our neighbors.

We have always realized, as Israelis and as Jews, that we are not fighting Islam and thus avoided turning the Temple Mount issue into a war of Jews against Muslims.

In the end, Arik believes in security above all and is a salient pragmatist, a disciple of Ben-Gurion.

Today, there are those who hallucinate that a democratic and Jewish state is only democratic for the Jews.

The Knesset was right to limit the president's tenure to seven years.

We have many candidates, like in reality television, but we don't really have a leader.

No nation is immune to anti-Semitism and xenophobia.

Whereas, in the personal realm, Sharon is a very sensitive person whose eyes often grow moist, in the national realm, he is entirely without emotions.

Conflicts, even just ones, which in the end can come at the expense of the State of Israel, are things that we must be very cautious about and hold back on personally.

There are many Palestinians who believe there is no way to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. They call for the right of the return of refugees to Israel - something which is unacceptable for the consensus in Israel and which strikes at the very heart of this issue.

I see myself as a former politician, and in that capacity, I say to other politicians, 'Hold back.'

Israeli society is comprised of four principal tribes growing closer in size.

Many of Israel's Arabs, which see themselves as part of the Palestinian population, feel the pain of their brothers across the green line - a pain they feel the state of Israel is responsible for.

The ayatollahs are trying to unite the whole Arab world against Israel by saying that Israel is something that should be brought to an end.

Every opinion must be suffered. One must listen to what may be rousing, annoying, even shocking, but it must be done honestly, fairly and with equanimity, respecting the rights of every Member of the Knesset and each faction, guarding the minority in the face of the predatory majority.

Israel is proud to be Jordan's partner and to stand at Jordan's side in promoting stability and quiet to our entire region.

I ask the members of the Knesset to be very strict about maintaining the principles of democracy.

I pray that we learn to live together. That Jerusalem is one, with law and order.

Jerusalem should not tolerate any religious war.

We cannot keep the Jewish state without being a democratic state.

We are one family, and the connection between all Jews, all over the world, is very important to the State of Israel.

To come and say about me that I'm destroying Israel, that I hate Israel, that's a bit insulting.