For being in a relationship or to be linked up with somebody, you need to have time. I hang out with my friends just at my leisure, but there's no time to get into any link up.

Everyone gets a raise when they do well. No one asked me what I got for my initial films. There was a time I got paid Rs. 6 lakh. I charge what producers are willing to pay me.

Tollywood is where I made a name for myself, and it's all thanks to the love and affection my fans have showered on me. The least I can do in return is to learn to speak the Telugu language correctly.

I'm lucky to be getting a lot of good work in Tollywood. And I won't say I'm choosy, but of course, you have to select the best, and I'm trying to grab as many good films as I can. There was a time when I had to let go of some films which I regret now.

I was a filmy kid. I was two when I faced the camera for the first time. My parents realised it pretty early, and I'm really thankful to them for their support and help.

Before the release of my film, small or big, the feeling is always the same.

When I won't have work, say, after seven or eight years, or when I retire, I can't imagine leaving Hyderabad, because I love this city that much.

I learnt tennis, swimming, basketball and several others, but the sport I loved the most was golf.

I am the kind of person who is happy to be doing work. When I miss a 'Brahmotsavam' or an 'Autonagar Surya', I feel bad for a day, and that's all. I don't want to name the films I have missed, but it's true that those which I missed didn't do well.

I have an interest in languages and make an effort to learn.

Speaking in broken Telugu is one thing, and dubbing is another.

If I wasn't an actress, I'd never wear make up. I liked being ready in half an hour and arrive on the sets. Even for a no-makeup look, if one has a dark under-eye on a particular day, a little makeup is used. I had no scope for that as well.

I think there is an army clock ticking in me. I value time. I always want to be on time. I don't complain about things, saying, 'There is no caravan here,' etc. For example, they could only arrange a tent on the location of 'Pareshanu Raa'. I understand the importance of money. I respect my work a lot. Not that I am the only one who works hard.

I am blessed to have worked in big-budget films at an early stage of my career.

I did modelling for a year, but then I always wanted to be an actress.

I am a total beach person, and that's why I just love coming to Vizag. The city also reminds me of the peaceful defence colonies of my childhood.

I am always friendly with my co-actors and even other actresses, too.

People ask if success changes one overnight. I am just doing my job, and I worked way too hard to get here. I didn't get it easy.

When I heard the script of 'Loukyam,' I was laughing, as it was such a laugh riot. So all this made me sign the film.

If I am meant to do a Bollywood film, I will get it. If not, I won't. I really don't differentiate between industries. As long as I get roles that give me a high, I enjoy it.

I love being in Hyderabad, as I never get bored like I do in Mumbai.

Most of my work is based in Hyderabad, so it makes sense that I own a house here. Another reason I want a home here is because I want to have my own kitchen so that I can cook, since I hate food from hotels.

My mother often tells me not to drive back home late in the night. But like all youngsters, I suggest that there is nothing to worry. I tell her I have my driver, I have my security.

I am not looking for a life partner right now. But if I've to list out the requirements, I have a huge list. But the first requirement is he should be tall and should be taller than me; even I wear heels.

Boyapati is one of the few directors who can pull off a masala film like 'Sarrainodu'.

I don't get tired of my work because you can't get tired of something you love and enjoy! But, having said that, I wish to get a break of four to five days, or at least three days, switch off my cell phone, and do what I want to.

Walk up and down the stairs ten times a day. Do an hour's walking. Release toxins just so that you feel happy. Drink a lot of water; sleep on time.

I understand only three things - films, fitness, and food.

Growth is a sub-conscious activity, and I learnt a lot in this course, and I'm always open to learning and grasping new things from people. I'm learning with every film, and my confidence levels and technique is also getting better with each film.

I love to play golf and watch movies in Tamil and Telugu whenever I get time.

Working with Sukumar was amazing. He's someone who trusts his actors and allows them to experiment with dialogues and scenes. When you're working with him, you learn a lot subconsciously, and that helped me in discovering the actor within.

Sukumar comes from a very different school of working style. He never shoots with set dialogues and scenes. Most of it is improvised on the spot. He'd tell me, 'Rakul, if this is your character, how would you behave? Show me.'

I did the Kannada film when just out of school. I didn't know anything about the South Indian film industry at that time, and I did the film to earn some pocket money. I realised then I like acting.

I have a lot of love for nature, trees, animals and greenery, and I feel that if I did not exist, there'd be no greenery on the face of the earth.

My dad is from the army, and so we studied all over. I had done an Onida campaign at the age of two, as my mom always had this inclination for me to model, but my dad was clear that I could model only when I turned 18, so immediately after school, I started modelling.

In 10 months, I was replaced from three films. That's when I realised I need to take my work seriously. It's a blessing I didn't get things easy. If I had, I wouldn't realise the value of success.

My father will never say no to a character, as I never go to him and talk about a character for which he won't give the nod.

I always feel that I compete with myself.

I've seen 'Legend'. I like a different kind of cinema, but when done with conviction, anything looks good.

I like to work hard and complete my films one after the other.

Reviewers are entitled to say if they liked the screenplay, performance, and execution of a film or not. But when they say things like the film doesn't cater to a certain audience, it leaves people wondering if they should watch it.

I dubbed for 'Nannaku Prematho' because in that film, I was doing a London-based character, and even if some mistake happens with pronunciation, people would excuse it.

I personally do not drink. To drink or not to is one's own choice. So long as it doesn't affect others, it is okay.

A lot of people don't know that I had a special appearance in 'Keratam'; that was my first Telugu film. I only shot for four to five days. When they called me, I said, 'I can't give 60 days for a movie. If you have something for one week or 10 days, then I can accommodate.'

I wanted to greet people in Telugu, so I asked someone how to say 'How are you' in Telugu. In fact, I instructed my entire staff to speak to me only in Telugu. So, there were times when I would ask them to translate certain words for me in Hindi, but the effort paid off.

I believe in hard work, not luck factor. The best efforts will reap the best fruits. Nobody can take all the credit. We don't even talk about the efforts of the director, the writers, other technicians, etc. They all together take a film to another level.

Girls shouldn't drink because their bodies are not made for drinking and smoking.

I don't know whether they will give me a project just because I am cooperative and behave nicely, but it really helps. I never demand for anything or never throw tantrums at work.

I work out every day. My friends say that I became an actress by chance; I should have become a gym trainer. I am the most grumpiest and irritable person if I don't work out for two days. You cannot have a conversation with me.