Donald Trump will become president even after losing the popular vote in our November elections by a wide margin. To govern effectively, he must appeal to a broader base than what he campaigned on and avoid the divisive rhetoric that alienated so many Americans.

In the private sector, as the president of a small business, my focus has been on driving the growth of our business, not driving any partisan political agenda.

Each Dreamer in our country is more than a mere statistic; he or she is a proud American in everything but official documentation.

When a foreign adversary knows that an American official has deceived or withheld vital information from our government, it creates a fundamental counterintelligence vulnerability that can render that official irreparably compromised.

Cutting tax credits for education and training will result in more Americans working at minimum-wage jobs while U.S. companies go begging for the higher-paid skilled workers they need.

I'm a product of public schools. They are resource-challenged, and when you take those dollars away from public schools and send them to private schools, you're further starving the system.

Our country's history is a generation-spanning journey to effectuate the notion that 'all men are created equal' for the members of our ever-expanding national family: women, African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, gays and lesbians, the disabled, immigrants, and refugees.

One of the positives of the Illinois delegation is the congressmen and women work together on issues of local concern in a lot of different ways.

In the past, leaders of both parties have been able to reach across the partisan divide. They succeeded by retaining their own humanity and recognizing the same in their political opponents.

I think with the right leadership on both sides and the right president, we can get a lot done.

I believe the benefits of tax reform should flow to those who most need them most - hard-pressed working families struggling to reach or stay in the middle class.

I decided to run for Congress to get and keep people in the middle class.

It is time to investigate Russian interference in our democracy and to address it in a manner that will help restore Americans' trust in their government.

Ultimately, much of the dysfunction in Congress is due to the impact of big money, which drowns out the voices of working families and leads to the special treatment of special interests.

I have strong differences with Mr. Trump on a woman's right to choose and what kind of justices belong on the Supreme Court.

As an immigrant, I am grateful for the tremendous opportunities that this great nation has afforded me and my family. I am also aware of the ongoing challenges that immigrants confront, and understand that respecting law and borders is essential for keeping America strong.

I was always a little skeptical of how voters would react to my name.

There's a lot of good, bipartisan legislation that passes in committee and then gets bottled up. As a businessman, it surprised me.

In some ways, 'decency' is a hazy concept; we know it when we see it.

Working with a Republican co-sponsor, Rep. Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania, I introduced a bill to strengthen our nation's career and technical education programs and more closely align them with the needs of local businesses and industries.

The truth is that searching for our commonality instead of our differences could transform our dysfunctional politics.

I think it's so important we're a nation of laws but also a nation of immigrants.

Even people who have successfully obtained a visa are sometimes being turned back at the airport. Such incidents have never happened in the past but are increasing now because even low level officers of the border patrol department are being entrusted with too much discretion power on how they execute the laws.

Mail in our country serves as an economic engine.

A functioning democracy cannot stand when its people do not trust their leaders to uphold the law.

As the president of a cutting-edge research and development firm, I deal with the development of solutions to long-term national security and renewable energy problems every day and will bring this same perspective to Congress.

My parents climbed their way to the middle class.

When I was a young child, my parents came to America in search of a better life for them and their family.

We have numerous mandirs, gurudwaras, and mosques in my Congressional district and all across the U.S.

Our best path to economic growth and global competitiveness is to invest in our people - not to provide huge new tax breaks to special interests.

I strongly support screening all visitors and potential immigrants thoroughly to prevent bad actors from entering the country.

I will not stand for any tax increase for middle class or working Americans. There is no way I will support that.

The American people need to know if public servants are operating in the best interests of the United States or the Kremlin.

I think that what is really important is that, at the grassroots level, Indian-Americans really engage in the political process. That means voting and volunteering and assisting candidates who support the agenda that is friendly to their values.

There is too much blind partisanship in Congress, which has blocked progress on critical issues. Too many members view compromise as weakness rather than the essence of our democracy. This has to end.

When you encounter some form of discrimination or maybe even worse, I urge you to alert others. Regardless of how small the incident is, it has to be brought to the attention of people like me and also the law enforcement agencies.

We need to invest in our crumbling infrastructure to create jobs and remain economically competitive.

All in all, Trumpcare is a bad plan for older Americans.

There's another important reason not to send the Dreamers packing: they are essential to preserving the social insurance programs on which older Americans rely.

I believe you cannot survive in this global economy without some form of postsecondary education.

Voters should know what their representative is doing, what votes he casts, and who he pays, so my office will make this data readily available in a way which is easy to understand.

Every night at dinner, my father would say something about the greatness of the United States - and tell us to make sure the government is there for the next people who come along and need it.

China is eating our lunch with regard to renewable energy.

If I am elected to Congress, I plan to introduce legislation tying Congressional pay to performance.

When we came to this country, unfortunately, my father lost his job, and we were this close to destitution. We were put on food stamps. We were put in public housing.

In my experience, union leaders are respected by their members.

In my roles as Deputy State Treasurer and Special Assistant Attorney General, I strove to make government more responsive, transparent, efficient, and proactive.

Making Congress into a less crisis-driven institution starts with electing members of Congress who can take the long view.

In addition to skyrocketing premiums, Trumpcare also unravels protections that older Americans want and need in their health coverage.