Boko Haram, by itself, has destroyed large areas in Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, and Niger.

After the heavily politicized 2007 Iran NIE, many of us in Congress found it hard to take some intelligence analysis at face value.

America, at its core, is a country of strong and resilient people who are prepared to confront the challenges posed by those who seek to do us harm.

Clinton appears to be the sole holdout in the Obama administration in understanding the catastrophe caused by its foreign policy in Libya.

The Islamic State has proven that terrorists can seize and deploy modern military equipment on lesser-armed opponents.

The silence caused by politicizing speech is deafening.

Where the West has intervened in African domestic affairs, such as it did in Libya 2011, the country became a cradle of extremism that exports weapons, jihadists, and ideology to the rest of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Both Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama pursued policies of regime change after 9/11 - with Bush removing al-Qaida's safe haven in Afghanistan and the sadistic anti-American dictator Saddam Hussein in Iraq - but Obama took it a step further and disregarded regional stability as a guiding factor for U.S. policy.

Nobody walks away with everything they want in politics.

The world has devolved into a much more hardened and lethal place since that devastating September morning when Islamists assassinated nearly 3,000 Americans in the worst terror attack on U.S. soil.

Hard work, years of sacrifice, and dedication are necessary to succeed in the real world. Snowden's most notable accomplishment was lying about his military service, his experience, and education to procure a job with the NSA in the first place.

Complying with requests from Congress is not optional. It is mandatory.

It seems that whenever America faced a challenge, it faced it and overcame it.

The Obama administration notoriously refuses to acknowledge that Islamists commit Islamist terror, so it logically follows that a Christian victim of Islamist violence should not address the issue lest it challenge accepted political orthodoxy.

I will never forget standing with fellow members of Congress on the steps of the Capitol to sing 'God Bless America' on the night of 9/11.

Good governance requires working toward common ground. It isn't easy.

Gadhafi was a monster who ruled his country for 42 years with an iron fist and became an international pariah as a result. However, he found religion once he recognized his perilous position when the U.S. adopted an uncompromising response to international terrorism following 9/11.

Gadhafi opponents included many 'good guys,' but they never received the support necessary to govern a new Libya after he was gone.

The overall feckless strategy against ISIS in Syria and Iraq enabled the Islamist organization to expand its domain and drive out more religious minorities.

Just as sports teams recognize the potentially game-changing benefit of calling time-outs, failing to do so in matters of warfare is a surefire way to continue losing.

We can find common ground in agreeing that politics have no room in foreign policy.

Americans must step back and realize that an effective foreign policy is very difficult to devise, and we must present a united front to make it work.

The Eurozone allows for the largely unimpeded movement of people, goods, services, and capital across borders. It has also resulted in unprecedented cooperation on crime, security, and finance among its members.

The Panetta/Petraeus combo is a powerful tandem. I've seen both of them up close and personal at the CIA and in Iraq.

The media should probe and challenge candidates to help voters understand their views on foreign policy. Questions should include, 'What lessons have you learned from past foreign policy decisions? How will they shape your vision as commander in chief? What is America's role in the world?'

Consumer accountability drives quality and efficiency.

World leaders need to approach the problems in the Middle East and northern Africa with imaginative ideas such as those that created the E.U.

From my experience as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, if a congressperson is identified as a potential target by a foreign intelligence service, that individual is notified.

I'm not OK with clergy, students, and those of different opinions chanting and swearing, but it is their constitutional right.

Briefly after the 9/11 attacks, Republicans and Democrats were united in identifying the evil of the radical jihadists and fighting it.

Governing has always been hard.

I've got a lot of respect for Mike Hayden.

The U.S. should prohibit perpetrators and supporters of Islamist brutality from entering the country while embracing advocates for religious freedom. End of story.

House Speaker John Boehner and presumed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell understand the art of politics.

Europe and the United States are better off extending a helping hand to those who know best rather than dictating to them an unfamiliar future.

Radical jihadists hate Americans for who we are. They cannot be managed. They cannot be trusted. Engaging them is a tragic fool's errand. We need to realize that they are at war with us and that we cannot control their motivations. We instead need to confront them, contain them, and ultimately defeat them before they defeat us.

The danger of having the military take over intelligence is that the military has a very different perspective on the world.

Obamacare became the disaster that its detractors always said that it would become.

Yes, Gaddafi was a ruthless dictator and supporter of terrorism during his 40-year reign in Libya, but he had become an ally of the United States in the fight against radical jihadism after 9/11.

Obama's 'reset' with Russia and 'pivot' to Asia never materialized.

Accepting Syrian refugees into the United States is an emotional issue.

Sports are trivial compared to matters of war and peace, but some parallels apply.

Belonging to the Gang of Eight carries massive responsibility in representing all 435 members of the legislature in very sensitive national security exercises.

When I came to Congress in 1993, the traditional idea that all politics stopped at the water's edge was alive and well. Americans had been unified for the previous four decades against the threat from the former Soviet Union and communism.

The U.S. must remember - as the Gadhafi loyalists have and Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh are now realizing - that it cannot get into bed with groups affiliated with the jihadist movement.

Once the U.S. and NATO walked away from Libya, a chaotic, lawless state in the soft underbelly of Europe arose.

The Obama-Clinton administration gambled with America's national security by embracing radical jihadists, and the world lost.

The policies and laws executed by the grand mufti in Libya, the long-term agenda in the short-lived Morsi government in Egypt, and by ISIS in its ideal Islamist Ummah are incompatible with the Constitution, period.

An issue that really concerned me when I was on the House Intelligence Committee was the quality of analysis.