I behave myself, but it doesn't mean I'm not interested. Being faithful to my commitments doesn't mean thoughts don't cross my mind or that I'm foolish enough to believe I'm not capable.

Eddie Heath had come in naked with IV needles, catheter, and dressings still in place.

And are they consistent with the injuries inflicted by the electric chair, with.

Vulgarity is inversely proportionate to intelligence and facility with languages. Profuse swearing is generally associated with a low IQ, a limited vocabulary and uncontrollable hostility.

I remember how that used to piss me off as a kid," he recalled. "Get yourself a brand-new knife and 5 minutes later it's hung up in power lines or a fucking tree. That sure is life. One minute things are moving along good, the next, the wind blows your ass to ruination.

In the animal kingdom, lions, tigers and bears—the predators—have closely spaced eyes. Giraffes, rabbits, doves—the preyed upon—have eyes more widely spaced and oriented toward the sides of their heads, because they need their peripheral vision to survive.

The older I got, the more I was of the opinion that love can be experienced in many different ways. There is no right or wrong way to love, only in how it is expressed.

Work and play with them but never show your underbelly, he would say. And for God's sake keep your knickers on, Kay, or you'll find out the hard way it's a man's world.

In the first person, the readers feel smart, like it's them solving the case.

A dramatic public display, Kay. The dam began to crumble with Columbine. It's not new, just the classification is. People have become addicted to attention, to fame. Profoundly disturbed individuals will kill and die for it.

My fans want me to talk to them. And even if they want to be critical, I want to hear what they've got to say.

Charisma is something you have or you don't have. You can't manufacture it. You can't. She didn't try. It just was. - Matt Pettersen.

When you dine with the devil use a long spoon, and I’ve repeatedly preached that to him, too.

Has all the trappings of a mystery novel, doesn't it?

Being with someone who is smart and gives good advice adds tremendously wonderful elements to your life.

I didn't want her to be like me, robbed of innocence and idealism, baptized in the bloody waters of randomness and cruelty, the fabric of trust forever torn.

What the hell. You die. Everybody dies. So you die healthy. So what?

A search through Whistler's correspondence, now online at the University of Glasgow, paints a portrait of a relationship that at times was volatile, with Sickert swinging from sycophantic to offended and defensive. Whistler's.

I believe the root of all evil is abuse of power.

I feel something change in me... I feel a flat calm, a detachment, the way I get when something is too much and yet l must function and in fact function at the highest level. I know what I'm in for, only a fool wouldn't know that...

WALTER SICKERT was connected with Jack the Ripper long before I appeared on the scene. I'm not the first one to think of him. But I'm the first to investigate him the same way we would a suspect today.

Then I will myself to feel nothing at all. It's not helpful to react the way a normal person would. I banish what will interfere with my clinical discipline and reason, I run it off and far away from me. After all these years I'm good at emptying myself out.

You know what quotes like that are called in the real world? they're called bullshit. they're called perjury, hearsay, impeaching a witness, slander, dis-fucking-respect.

People don't really know what anything is really like until it really happens to them.

Marino routinely butchers clichés and thinks an idiom is a stupid person.

Even when I am writing I usually take a break around lunchtime and go for a little walk to clear out my head.

I am a fan of Botox.

The human capacity to be curious has always existed.

No, Lucy. Your mother doesn't really love men. They are a symptom of her obsessive quest of finding somebody who will make her whole. She doesn't understand that she has to make herself whole.

Aggression is about competing. Competing for the male, for the female, competing for the person most fit for breeding. Competing for resources such as food and shelter. Competing for power, because without hierarchy there can't be social order. In other words, aggression occurs when it's profitable.

As is true with everything else, whatever can be used for good most assuredly will be used for evil.

I dropped chemistry. I practically blew up the lab in college.

Like every other mortal who has ever been touched by suicide, I had the fallacious belief that I could have done something to stop it.

Some people simply want company.

Your aura has nothing to do with colors or foods you like. She smiled. Yellow can mean spiritual. And brown I associate with good sense, practical. Someone grounded in reality. I see your aura as being very spiritual but also very practical. Now mind you, that is my interpretation. For each person, colors mean a different thing.

Grief held on. It would not let go of loss, because to do that was to accept it. I told that to grieving families and friends all the time.

Engineering Research Facility in Quantico have not been foremost.

Strung himself up from the rafters in the barn, she went on as we worked. Was being treated for a drink problem and depression. More of the same. Unemployment, women, drugs.

I won't put myself in a position where I'm vulnerable.

That's one of the perks if you're sick. You already feel bad enough and then people make you feel worse because they don't want to bother you.

Certainly the Ripper liked to believe he was actually doing the world a favor by ridding it of vermin, as he put it. In his mind, his victims were whores who got what they deserved.

I like crazy shoes or unusual cowboy boots and I collect big belt buckles.

When you look into the abyss, it also looks into you.

Most of what went wrong in the Ripper investigation was due to ignorance.

We create our own worlds. We destroy our own worlds. It is that simple..

She was a tabula rasa when it came to appropriate behavior. To say Lucy was difficult is like saying lightening is hazardous. It's a statement of fact that will always be a given.

Gordian knot, a knot impossible to unravel, and Alexander the Great solved the problem by cutting through it with his sword, in other words by cheating.

I've had people turn up to book signings with knives, with guns.

In my forties, my optimism was boundless. I had really good health and tremendous success which allowed me to do anything I wanted.