One morning, just like 9/11, there's going to be a disaster. I have yet to see the United Nations do anything effective with either Iran or North Korea.

Trump has got to, I think, move to a new level. This is no longer the primaries. He's no longer an interesting contender. He is now the potential leader of the United States and he's got to move his game up to the level of being a potential leader.

Because I am much like Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, I'm such an unconventional political figure that you really need to design a unique campaign that fits the way I operate.

I have an enormous personal ambition. I want to shift the entire planet.

I will continue to find ways to help poor people find a job, get a job, and learn someday to own the job.

Is the purpose of free elections to allow the most clever and vicious person to aggregate power, or is the purpose of free elections to enable the American people to have a serious conversation about their country's future and try to find both a policy and a personality that they think will carry to them that better future?

Whether it's his beloved game of polo or his magical success in business, Norman Brinker simply does not know how to lose.

It's been one of the most painful things I've ever been through in my whole life: trying to understand the degree to which behaviors that I thought were totally appropriate were destructive.

I read 'Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them,' and I found frightening pieces that related to... my own life.

The fact is inner-city black districts are not the same as suburban Republican districts. That's a fact. And people need to go and learn about the whole country.

I'm a controversial guy.

Nazis don't have the right to put up a sign next to the Holocaust museum in Washington.

We have big ideas. I just think that's part of how you campaign. You talk to the American people about big things.

The values of the Left cripple human beings, weaken cities, make it difficult for us to in fact survive as a country.

I helped lead the effort to defeat communism in the Congress.

Part of why the Tea Party so deeply threatened the elite media is the tea party looked around and suddenly realized, there are more of us than there are of them.

I joined a Republican Party that was used to losing, used to being browbeaten by the Democrats. I represent a totally different style.

I think to close half of Magic Kingdom for the purpose of a White House invitation town hall meeting on a phony main street on behalf of a phony president just strikes me as weird.

This is about systemic, institutional corruption, not personality. To ask the Democratic leadership to clean things up would be like asking the old Soviet bureaucracy under Brezhnev to reform itself. It ain't going to happen.

The thing that shocks people... is that I mean what I say. I don't use hyperbole.

I pray before virtually every speech and virtually every major decision.

The Central Park Zoo is a little gem in the middle of the city. Its penguin exhibit is terrific, and the seals are a permanent center of attraction for children.

People need to hear what I have to say. There's no one else who can say what I can say. It doesn't matter what I live.

I believe most evangelicals know that defeating Obama is at heart of our country's future.

It may just be because I get homesick but I have concluded Washingtons cherry blossoms are just plain overrated.

By definition, the person who learns enough to become the nominee is almost certainly the best person for the general election.

Politics and war are remarkably similar situations.

The one period of glory in NASA was the first nine years when they weren't a bureaucracy yet... and they haven't gotten back to that excitement, that adventurism, and won't. So, I would take most of the NASA budget, and I would turn it into prizes for private sector.

You've got the North Koreans building weapons; you got the Iranians building weapons. You've got - the Pakistanis already have at least 100 nuclear weapons. Do you think there's any serious effort in this country to come to grips with that?

I got active in this business of politics and self-government in 1958 when my father, who was serving in the U.S. Army, took us to the battlefield of Verdun.

Philosophically, I am very different from normal politicians, and normal consultants found that very hard to deal with.

It is time we passed a balanced budget amendment and return this government to limited spending.

You know, modern liberals are just, I think frankly, totally off the deep end... their only answer is to yell racism and hide.

Both sides in Syria are bad. One side is a brutal dictator, and the other includes Islamists and terrorists who are dangerous already and who would be brutal in power if given the chance.

Surely the President can agree with us, that theft from government is not good. I know it's bold. It's out on the edge. I know from a Chicago-Springfield background it's hard to fully grasp that honesty could be part of government.

Whether you're talking about Chris Christie, or you're talking about Rick Perry or Scott Walker or John Kasich, there's more interesting evolution at the state level than there is in Washington.

I think you can write a psychological profile of me that says I found a way to immerse my insecurities in a cause large enough to justify whatever I wanted it to.

Congress was designed by the Founding Fathers to move slowly, precisely to avoid the sudden panic of a one-week solution that becomes a 20-year mess.

If you're not brave, you're not going to be free.

The courts have become grotesquely dictatorial and far too powerful.

The U.S. cannot be the policeman of the world. When we tried that in Vietnam, they beat us up.

Islamic extremism may well be the greatest threat to Western values and Western security in the world.

I would replace most foreign aid with a tax credit for businesses to invest. I think U.S. bureaucrats giving foreign bureaucrats money is a guaranteed failure. And we've had about 50 years' experience at failing with foreign aid.

Now, I know among the politically correct, you're not supposed to use facts that are uncomfortable.

So I'd be quite happy to have a three-hour Lincoln-Douglas-style debate with Barack Obama. I'd let him use a teleprompter. I'll just rely on knowledge. We'll do fine.

People have to render judgment. In my case, I've said upfront openly, I've made mistakes at times. I've had to go to God for forgiveness. I've had to seek reconciliation. But I'm also a 68-year-old grandfather, and I think people have to measure who I am now and whether I'm a person they can trust.

Only the elites despise earning money.

The genius of guys like Lincoln and Reagan and FDR - the great communicator leaders - is that they're actually educators, so they understand when they use a phrase that they have to explain it, because, by definition, you won't understand it or they wouldn't need to be using it.

Nixon had this remarkably effective, deeply intense will to power. Reagan and I have a will to ideas.