The reason why I wear gold - I wear gold for three reasons. One, when Jesus was born, three wise men came from the east: one brought frankincense, one brought myrrh, the other one brought gold. The second reason I wear gold is I can afford it. The third reason I wear it, it's symbolic of my African heritage.

You know, T can stand for anything. T stand for working hard. T stand for loving thy neighbor. T stand for feeding the hungry. T stand for just working, working, working, being happy on the set, you know, lifting everybody's spirits. T stands for just a nice guy.

I was being trained because I wanted to be a preacher like my father. I wanted to talk about Moses; I wanted to talk about God... I wanted to talk about the apostles, the disciples and all that.

I am tough, but deep inside my toughness, I like to let people know I'm an old-fashioned mama's boy.

They used to call me 'Touchdown T.' I remember in high school, we had homecoming, and I got in front of the pep rally, and I told them, 'I'm going to run for three touchdowns.' I ran for three touchdowns, kicked the extra point, and took myself out the game.

I'm a mama's boy because everything I do is with respect to my mother. I won't do a movie or a video that would bring disrespect to my mother.

God didn't make me to make movies, flex muscles, buy gold. What you love the most becomes your God... If I never make another dollar, my life is complete.

If you get knocked down - setbacks in life, like applying for a job if they don't hire you - keep trying, keep getting up, keep doing it.

If you can't read, the only thing you can do is enjoy the pictures, not the whole story. Reading is the key to knowledge. Knowledge is the key to understanding. So read on, young man! Read on, young lady!

If people are cool, then they are not stressed. I pity the fool that don't be cool.

All I ever wanted out of my life was to buy my mother a house. By 1995, I have achieved all I wanted materially in life.

I am a Christian, and the Bible teaches me to forgive.

I go down the street, people see me: 'Hey, I pity-' right on, man, that's a compliment to me.

I take a lot of pride in the work I do, because people pay to see me. They've got to get babysitters, park their car, get popcorn and candy. I've got to be conscious of that.

As a kid, I got three meals a day. Oatmeal, miss-a-meal and no meal.

I used to carry my father's Bible and put it on the pulpit so he could preach.

Why am I here? I'm not lucky. That's God.

I love performing, you know, because, like I say, I'm a ham for this stuff.

I'm not really an actor, I'm a reactor; I'm a pitchman. That's what I do best. Nobody can do it any better.

I serve God.

I was a straight-A student. But I was a bad lad.

When I was growing up, my family was so poor we couldn't afford to pay attention.

I'm pretty clean, hygienic and all that, but sometimes when I come home, I throw my coat over there, take one shoe off here, one shoe off there, but I'm not dirty.

I listen to my mother, and that keeps me out of trouble. I'm a good son.

I answer only to God.

The most violent show on TV is the six o'clock news.

I was baptized by my father when I was 4 years old.

Whatever role I play is a positive role; it's a strong role. Never negative.

I get up every morning and say, 'Father, give me strength today, not strength so I can lift 500 pounds, but give me strength, Lord, so when I speak, my words might motivate, might inspire somebody, Lord, when they see me, let them see you. When they hear me, Lord, let them hear you. In your holy name I pray.'

When I was nine years old, living on the south side of Chicago, my father was a minister and my mother used to scrub floors. I had seven brothers and four sisters. I told my mama, 'One of these days I'm going to be big and strong and buy you a beautiful house.' That's all I've ever wanted to do with my life, is to take care of my mother.

To the women and children, T stands for tender. To the bad guys and thugs, it stands for tough.

I used to bodyguard for some celebrities and other people, and when I wasn't doing that, I used to work at a disco as a doorman or a bouncer.

I didn't watch 'The A-Team' movie. I'm an artist. You can't re-paint a Rembrandt. You can't duplicate that; I don't care who you get.

I believed in God when cancer come to me. Now when I speak, I speak with authority because I've been there.

I am a tough guy.

You pity the fool because you don't want to beat up a fool! You know, pity is between sorry and mercy. See, if you pity him, you know, you won't have to beat him up. So that's why I say fools, you gotta give another chance because they don't know no better. That's why I pity them!

I tell everybody, I get so much because I give so much. I give freely, I give all my time, give all my money, give all of my soul. I try to motivate people. I try to inspire them.

Life guided me to being a bodyguard, protecting people, then in the movies, so I'm happy with everything because basically all I ever wanted to do was be a good son and take care of my mother.

When I was little, I used to adore gold. It was something special.

I was one of the wildest Santa Clauses they ever had.

I would never do a commercial if I thought it was offensive to anyone.

I'll never have a wedding. I don't want to marry just to do what everybody else is doing.

I'm so tough and so bad, I can be humble and lift another guy up.

I go to cancer wards, and I tell them guys, 'I've beaten it. You can, too.'

My mother told me, 'Son, nobody else but God knows.' And that's what I'm about - reaching out to the people, crying with them, giving them hope. Visiting the hospital, visiting the kids with cancer, visiting the adults, and stuff like that. That's what I do.

My mother is a strong, wonderful woman. I could never be anything she didn't want me to be.

I do watch some TV. I like the History Channel and National Geographic, and old shows on TV Land like 'Sanford and Son,' 'The Jeffersons,' and 'Benson.'

I used to bodyguard for Muhammad Ali, Leon Spinks, Sugar Ray Leonard. I used to bodyguard a lot of diamond merchants; I would travel with a suitcase full of diamonds and take them from point A to point B. My reputation grew because I was a professional. I did my job, and I was courteous - a no-nonsense guy.

To be a bodyguard is to be a kamikaze pilot. Dedicated.