My personal favourites include J. J. Cale, R. D. Burman, Mehdi Hassan, and Ghulam Ali.

If I had planned to be a singer, I would have got trained. In fact, I was more into theatre and plays while growing up.

The power and reach of music should never be underestimated.

In a way, Delhi has contributed in my journey to become a successful singer.

I am getting to work with some good musicians, artistes, and composers.

It never occurred to me that I'd be a musician. I was just drunk on music, jamming with friends, chilling out with lot of music around.

When you sing for a film, you are not in control, because somebody else is directing it; somebody is doing the lyrics.

I don't do any special preparations before recording any number, nothing like deep breathing or meditation.

I want to visit Moscow again and again in my life.

I try to sing every number to the best of my ability, and I am glad people like it. I believe every number is special with a soul of its own.

Classroom singing is common in India, but no one gives you marks for that. My idea is to introduce music and singing as full-fledged subject so that talent can be polished at an early stage. Also, it will help alleviate stage fear.

I finished my university, was part of NSD, and did full length plays on stages.

I firmly believe the way forward for our nation is to have a robust democracy.

Marriage is definitely a very comforting feeling.

When you are travelling, there's romance, and there's music.

Music, to me, is something that connects to the soul.

The whole basis of conserving is not about nature - it is about people. If we don't look after the people surrounding the place, and if they don't have the value of preserving it in their pockets, then they are not going to preserve it.

I do agree that when a singer sings all the songs for one actor in a film, the impact is much better.

I have a great liking for the Chamba folk music, which depicts the beauty of women and the mountains with a touch of Indian classical music.

In schools, if you go to teach kids with less interest in music the nuances of music, they feel deviated, as it is very technical. But teaching them songs, to begin with, creates a natural desire in them to know the other country, their eating habits, the way they dress up, how they look, and other things.

I started my journey with 'Dooba Dooba.'

After a song comes out, it doesn't remain yours.

Friendship formed in the glamour industry comes with mutual benefits, which is nice, but it is not the real deal.

Music has no borders, which is most important.

I'm just fortunate to get to sing songs composed by such great musicians. It's a bonus that the songs have been received well.

I have always loved singing.

I would love to compose for an entire film because it will be a different experience.

One has to create music with mass appeal and not something which is niche. With niche music, you will only go a small distance.

When I sing, I try to make the song my own and sing it my way because, in my mind, I am not following any school of thought. I just make myself free.

Being in smoggy Delhi was a gloomy feeling.

In 'Boondien' I worked with a band where everyone had their own instrument to play.

For an artiste like me, it was very difficult to focus on studies with a beautiful campus around me.

Acting was always there in my mind, but I never tried too hard to take it up. I had to pay my bills, so I did whatever came my way. Music happened first, so I took it up quite passionately.

I was born and brought up in Himalchal Pradesh, so I have bond with mountains and love being surrounded by them. So I love Nepal.

After Silk Route disbanded I came on my own, and through the years, I have sung a few film songs while writing songs for my album.

I was making music simultaneously while studying B. Sc. and M. Sc.

I would take my guitar to college and sit for hours in the hills humming to myself.

I still like to play songs from my Silk Route days at concerts.

'Fitoor,' in a way, signifies my journey through the years. It's a collection of 10 songs that I have written. It's basically about what I have been experiencing.

The one sure way of participating in the process of nation-building is to vote on the election day.

It is good to have competition because that helps you survive in the long run.

One of the most iconic films ever made was 'Sholay.'

I used to spend a lot of time dreaming and writing poetry.

I can't take credit for the success of my songs.

My own experience suggests that where there is tourism, there are tigers. And that's the reality.

The great tradition of Delhi can be seen through its cuisine.

In terms of creativity, both are equally satisfying. Music album is for yourself, where you compose songs and stuff like that, and in films, you have a story, characters, and songs penned by someone else.

Kishore Kumar was multi-talented and original, so I really respect him.

I grew up in the hills and studied in college in Himachal Pradesh.