Our friends on the other side decided early on they didn't want to engage with us in a serious way, a serious way to help those suffering under Obamacare.

Are we still a country that takes risks, that innovates, that believes anything is possible? Or are we a country that is resigned to whatever liberty the government decides to dish out?

Mitt Romney has never been resigned to what someone else said was possible. He cut his own path. That's why he believes in his heart that America has a future full of opportunity and hope. And that's why when Mitt Romney looks down the road, he sees a country that's ready for a comeback.

We need to strengthen and save Social Security for today's workers. If we don't act now, this system, born out of the New Deal, will become a bad deal.

The Frist fairness rule guarantees up-or-down votes for every circuit court or Supreme Court nomination, regardless of which party controls the Senate or the White House.

The Senate is not the sort of place where instant gratification, I should say, is very likely.

If the administration wants cooperation, it will have to begin to move in our direction.

What I have said is, when the American people elect divided government, what are they saying? I think they're saying we know you have differences of opinion on big things.

I always think a debt ceiling is a good tool to carry something.

The greatest way to ensure stability in our laws is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate in some way in the passage.

I only talk to the press if it's to my advantage.

Don't fall in love with the map. The map doesn't win elections.

It is a president's constitutional right to nominate a Supreme Court justice, and it is the Senate's constitutional right to act as a check on a president and withhold its consent.

The fact is, if our primary legislative goals are to repeal and replace the health spending bill; to end the bailouts; cut spending; and shrink the size and scope of government, the only way to do all these things it is to put someone in the White House who won't veto any of these things.

The country is yearning for a change. I'd rather take my chances on somebody new, particularly with regard to the Supreme Court.

If there's any country in the world that doesn't deserve sanctions relief, it's Russia.

After adding trillions to the debt on big-government policies most Americans didn't ask for and which we couldn't afford, Democratic leaders say they need more money, which they intend to take from small business, even though small businesses create the majority of new jobs.

Almost without exception, President Obama begins serious policy discussions by explaining why everyone else is wrong. After he assigns straw men to your views, he enthusiastically attempts to knock them down with a theatrically earnest re-litigation of what you've missed about his brilliance.

Everybody has barriers to overcome, some more than others. I don't want to act like I'm all that unique. America's full of stories like mine. This is a special country with enormous opportunity for those who don't quit.

I think I'd like to be an owner of a Major League Baseball team.

Putin is a former KGB agent. He's a thug. He was not elected in a way that most people would consider a credible election.

I just want to remind everybody that this is an extraordinarily resilient country we live in.

It is time to move away from advise and obstruct and get back to advise and consent.

The money that goes into Social Security is not the government's money. it's your money. You paid for it.

Mitt Romney has spent his entire life finding ways to solve problems.

The majority in the Senate is prepared to restore the Senate's traditions and precedents to ensure that regardless of party, any president's judicial nominees, after full and fair debate, receive a simple up-or-down vote on the Senate floor.

More young people believe they'll see a U.F.O. than that they'll see their own Social Security benefits.

I certainly would like to see the war on coal come to an end.

No matter what a candidate for president may say during the campaign, once someone is sworn in, they are constrained by the Constitution - about what the Constitution allows and doesn't allow, what the law allows and doesn't allow.

We did the two-year extension of Bush tax cuts in 2010. We negotiated the Budget Control Act in August of 2011 and the fiscal cliff deal at the end of 2012, which saved 99 percent of Americans from a tax increase.

While other state governments stiff their vendors, close parks, delay tax refunds, and ignore unacceptably poor service levels, Indiana state employees are setting national standards for efficiency.

We need to bear in mind that we don't have religious tests in this country, and we also need to remember that some of our best allies in the war against Islamic terrorism are Muslims.

Americans don't think we should be raising taxes on anybody, especially in the middle of a recession.

Today, Democrats not only have the White House; they have the Senate too. So we have to be realistic about what we can and cannot achieve, while at the same recognizing that realism should never be confused with capitulation.

I don't think it's all that unusual for a new president to want to get along with the Russians. I remember George W. Bush having the same hope.

Our nation has a regrettable history of drawing down our forces and readiness after each conflict, only to find ourselve ill-prepared for the next great struggle.

The administration still wants to govern from the far-left and that's going to produce kind a partisan result here in the Congress.

Diplomacy is important, extremely important, and I don't think these reductions at the State Department are appropriate because many times diplomacy is a lot more effective - and cert cheaper - than military engagement.

America's a land of second opportunities.

NATO is the most important military alliance in world history.

It's time Congress got its priorities straight.

Back during the campaign, there were a lot of questions: Is Trump really a conservative? A lot of questions about it.

I don't want to sound like a whiner here, but if you get beat up all the time, it affects you.

The worst day of my political life was when President George W. Bush signed McCain-Feingold into law in the early part of his first administration.

It is time for a leader who will lead.

Bolton's exactly what the U.N. needs at this point. The president's right on the mark in picking him.

I don't think there is any equivalency between the way the Russians conduct themselves and the way the United States does.

I think it's a big mistake for our party to write off Latino Americans. They're an important part of our country.

America being a force is a lot more than building up the Defense Department.