I started at HSN in May of 2006, and by October, we had rolled out a new brand image, a new tagline, a new vision statement, a new customer manifesto, and new advertising.

We are continuing to collaborate with Disney on future films and other opportunities.

I've worked for some amazing leaders, and I've worked for the opposite, and that gave me the perspective of what I knew I never wanted to be, and the perspective of what had lasting, sustainable impact.

I firmly believe in the old adage 'Actions speak louder than words.' This means proactively seeking women for roles within boards, identifying opportunities for diversity within teams, and finding ways to use your platform to mentor women - and then encourage them to do the same.

When we are caught up in the nature of our work and are asked to take on another job or position, rarely do we step back and ask ourselves, 'What do I really want to do? What is it at this point in my career and life that is important to me?'

My parents were like, 'Oh my God,' when I said I was going into fashion - they pictured me with a rolling rack on Seventh Avenue.

I spend all day thinking of shopping. I love the thrill of finding that wonderful, perfect thing, the feeling of your heart racing because it's so right.

HSNi Cares was established in 2010 with a mission to empower women and support children and families in need locally, nationally, and globally.

If you go up on a mountain and scream about change, you better make sure you're ready for people to come.

My first Weight Watchers meeting was when I was 14 years old on Long Island, and I went there with my mother. I'd gained that adolescent weight and wanted to try out for cheerleading... I lost the weight, tried out, and made the cheerleading team.

The proof is in the results, and the proof will be in the ongoing ability to execute.

Our partnership with Disney included a two-hour Cinderella list takeover that features supermodel Coco Rocha's first-ever fashion collection, which incorporated behind-the-scenes footage and interviews to support her HSN debut.

At HSN, entertainment has quickly become a core part of who we are and is a key differentiator from others in the retail landscape.

Women must do a better job of supporting each other. However, real change will happen when both men and women unite to demand diversity.

Ultimately, the ability to inspire people to live healthier and happier lives is what excites me both personally and professionally.

I believe that if you don't disrupt yourself, you will be disrupted by someone else.

I love hidden things. When you buy something with quality, you like the inside to be as beautiful as the outside. Nobody's going to see it, but you know it's there.

When I first started at HSN, I knew that retailers would have to be poised to take advantage of technology and the rapidly changing ways in which people shop. It was one of the things that drew me to the company.

It seemed like I woke up one morning and had an epiphany. I thought, 'I cannot do this. I do not want to get married. And I'm not going to law school - it just doesn't excite me. I'm not wasting anybody's money. I'm going to move to New York.'

As women, we can over-think things so much that we silence our intuition and only focus on the reasons something won't work.

We need more enlightened women in senior ranks, and we have to insist that companies are more diverse.

I think that the CEO is responsible for setting the vision, for articulating the mission, and for building a team of powerful evangelists that share that mission and that passion, because no one person can do anything by themselves.

I get as excited walking around a CVS as I do walking around in Bergdorf's.

You have to understand who your customer is and her motivations and marry it to what's happening in the outside world.

We are increasingly using social media to drive both engagement and commerce. And because we are a commerce platform that integrates content, we believe we have a unique opportunity to make up a high button, a relative factor in social.

There's three things that are never good for a consumer mindset: uncertainty certainly, concern, and discordance.

Value can mean a price. Value can mean exclusivity. Value can mean, 'I can't get it anywhere else, and this is really something I want.'

I've learned not to let people judge me in how I want to live my life. Every single woman is an individual, and there's no one path. You just have to take the path that you think is right for you.

In addition to showing our customers what to wear, we also educated them on how to wear it by launching The Closet and utilizing the beauty bar, where our style experts provided videos with tips to educate and inspire.

The ultimate goal is to give somebody something that they didn't know they wanted, but once they saw it, they had to have it.

When I got my first VP title at 26, my parents finally stopped asking when I was going to get my law degree.

Fear is not a motivating factor. You might be able to get a little bit more out of someone in the short term, but you will completely erode your business and your culture in the long term. You're going to lose all your good people. You're not going to have people tell you the truth, and it becomes the tradition.

I never want anything to be too predictable.

I find out as much from the guy in backstage TV as I do from my C.F.O. Anybody can e-mail me. I do town halls with employees at least once every eight weeks. I'm out there, and it makes a huge difference.

HSNi's performance gained momentum throughout 2014 as we executed on our strategic priorities across our business, by strengthening our customer file, optimizing our digital platform, and differentiating HSNi and our brands at content-rich, immersive commerce destination.

People don't follow a leader but follow a vision - a vision of what the future looks like and how their work helps them along that path.

I'm a love-it-or-hate-it person. I don't waffle.

HSN is uniquely positioned to present the seamless connection between media and commerce.

I've always been a risk taker; I've never believed in following the expected path.

We have to focus on what we can do. It has to be about experience; it has to be about unique product. It has to be about delivering our content as broadly as we can, and that's been a huge effort on our part.

If you think about a business where uncertainty is an anathema, it's around consumer spending, and it's around retail.

Throughout my career, no matter what I've done or what decision I've made, I've made it with my family first. My priority was taking care of my family while I was taking care of business.

I've not been afraid to take risks, be resolute and passionate about purpose, and inspire people to do things that maybe they thought weren't possible.

Our destination programming allows us to put a stake in the ground and create a showy tweak that is story driven, with products that are inspiring to our customers, and the content doesn't expire at the end of the show but continues to live on in various formats on multiple distribution platforms.

I've always had a philosophy that position doesn't define power. Impact defines power. What impact are you making on people? What impact are you making on business?

Through our effective campaign-management strategies, we're seizing opportunities to capture additional insights on customer behaviors, allowing us to reach and communicate with them more effectively.

We are always focused on how can we differentiate ourselves. In today's world, where people are gravitating toward experiences, it is even more important.

I believe you have to get rid of toxicity in any company. Don't care how smart, how talented, how long they have been there. If someone is going to create a toxic environment, you have to make a change.

Everybody is talking about cord cutting. It's not about the cord. It's the content.