Some opponents of GMO labeling claim that disclosing genetically modified ingredients will increase food prices. But every shopper knows food companies routinely change their labels to make new claims and highlight innovations.

Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei and Assad are two sides of the same terror coin. Letting Assad continue to wield lethal power means that Tehran's terror network - from Hezbollah to the Houthis - will persist in threatening the West.

Sometimes I think people live in a parallel universe when they say all we need are a few more regulations.

President Barack Obama talks about the need to 'invest' in alternative energy sources. But the reality is that he is not investing his money - he's spending yours.

It would be extremely naive to conclude anything other than the following: America's most vital secrets are in the hands of our adversaries because Secretary Clinton intentionally avoided using official government communication systems.

I have run two small businesses in Kansas, and I have seen how government can crush entrepreneurism. That's why I ran for Congress. It just so happens that there are a lot of people in south central Kansas who agree with me on that.

We now see hacking taking place by foreign governments and by private individuals all around the world.

Unfortunately, instead of standing up to Iran, the Obama administration is giving in to the Iranians' bizarre tantrums and illogical arguments.

CISPA permits, but does not require, entities that have been attacked to voluntarily share their knowledge of a cyber threat with each other and with government.

We must not allow last year's mistakes to cloud our judgment today.

I think Secretary Clinton tried to hide every one of her emails. She destroyed 30,000 of them.

The Democrats' obsession with the Kochs as a political target is, indeed, additional evidence of a truly Nixonian approach to politics.

It speaks to the incredible risk of doing business with the Islamic Republic of Iran if American companies have to turn to federally guaranteed funding mechanisms to support their business there.

As a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, I know that the CIA, Treasury Department, National Security Agency, and others work closely to keep tabs on the IRGC's operations.

I'm not sure that too many Americans would choose the president to manage their retirement accounts.

As we have seen both in healthcare and energy, passing reckless, ill-conceived massive bills usually create more problems than we solve.

Secretary Clinton should be denied access to classified information. Congress must also hold the State Department accountable for fixing the culture of lax handling of classified information.

In many cases, an expansion of Medicaid will not only drive taxpayer costs but will deliver lower-quality care than what they have today.

Charles Koch and David Koch, co-owners of Koch Industries, are U.S. citizens, taxpayers, entrepreneurs and employers.

Federal policy should not block those who are prepared to risk their own wealth to create an enormous energy export industry here in America.

The unmerited fear of genetically modified organism crops threatens scientific advancements in biotechnology needed to meet the growing global demand for safe and affordable food.

Through a voluntary national certification program, SAFLA will create uniform rules and definitions for foods carrying a GMO-free label, allowing consumers to understand and identify those products that fit their food preferences.

The Islamic State has apparently gained control of several dozen kilograms of radioactive material from research institutions in Mosul, Iraq. It cannot be made into a nuclear bomb, but it could be used in a 'dirty bomb' to contaminate a wide area with radioactivity.

To the degree that we can demonstrate support for the Ukrainian government, we can change Putin's calculus and increase the risk to him and to Russia for moving combat forces closer to Kiev.

Russia continues to side with... rogue states and terrorist organizations, following Vladimir Putin's pattern of gratuitous and unpunished affronts to U.S. interests.

As a member of Congress, I am part of a large group of elected officials who remain clear-eyed about the threat emanating from Tehran.

The Medical Society of Sedgwick County, the Kansas Hospital Association and doctors have really done some remarkable work on wellness-related issues.

Old ideas of not trading because 'they won't open their markets to us' miss the entire point of allowing goods to be imported into the United States - because we want and need them and because someone here believes that the good or service received in exchange for our dollars creates value for them.

It's much too easy to come here illegally and very, very difficult to become an immigrant through lawful process. I think we need to reverse those.

I still remember the first acronym I learned, BLUF: Bottom Line Up Front. I still try to communicate that way. No reason to dance around getting to the point.

The responsible choice? Steer clear of business with Iran.

I am a West Point graduate and an Army veteran.

GTMO has been a goldmine of intelligence about radical Islamic terrorism.

Advocates of GMO labeling aren't seeking a warning label. We're simply asking for a factual, non-judgmental disclosure on the back of the package.

Every single day, agents of certain foreign governments are relentlessly and methodically trying to hack into our corporations' computer networks and steal blueprints for next-generation equipment and products from some of America's largest exporters.

My goal in getting rid of tax loopholes is not to raise taxes. Our problem in Washington, D.C. is not a revenue problem, it is a spending problem.

The military tribunals currently underway at Guantanamo Bay create a clear legal process, as affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, for adjudicating the cases of these terrorists, when possible. Those efforts would be severely undercut by moving the detainees to the United States.

I am convinced that the steps contained in H.R. 624 are reasonable, acceptable, and valuable. The vast majority of members of Congress who take the time to study this legislation will agree.

Secretary Clinton was warned repeatedly about her duty to secure classified information and that her unsecure server did not meet that standard.

We stand for getting government out of the way, letting people make good decisions for themselves, in education, returning power to school boards and to teachers and to parents so they can educate the children.

I do not want to put U.S. companies in a position where their competitors are behaving in a way that is inconsistent with the way they are required to behave. That is neither fair, nor will it solve the problem.

It should surprise no one that I'm out arguing for small government, reduced spending and getting our financial house in order, along with reasonable regulations and no more.

Whether Congress decides to block GMO labeling is about more than the right to know what we're buying and eating. It's also about consumer confusion.

GMOs play a central role in meeting the challenge of providing affordable and nutritious food to consumers all over the world.

To reap the benefits of GMO technology, the U.S. must ensure that decisions about our food system are made based on science, not innuendo.

At some point, an industry has to either succeed or fail on its own merits.

It would not be permissible for you to build a home and not let law enforcement in if they had a search warrant. If they think there's a crime ongoing, they go to court and get a warrant, and they're permitted to come in your home under the Fourth Amendment.

No one has ever escaped from Guantanamo Bay. It is by far the most secure detention facility in the world.

As conservatives, we support free market principles and believe the private sector provides solutions that the government cannot.