I never wanted to be in a gang. I didn't want to follow anybody's orders.

'Spider-Man' seems to have a different tone to the pure Marvel stuff, but I really enjoyed the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' and 'Iron Man' movies. I love the special effects and how it seems very real, but at the same time, it still lives within the realm of Marvel. That's got to be a lot of work.

When you finish a drama, you go, 'I can't wait to do a comedy.' When you finish a comedy, you go, 'I want to do a dramedy, dark humor.'

When I started wrestling, I sucked. I hated losing, so I started doing pushups and more squats, and then I did summer wrestling and learned different styles.

There are certain people you don't have to worry about on set.

I used to tour with this band. I was a drummer. I would tour a bunch for about 10 months out of the year and act for about two months. I would make what I needed from acting and would stretch it out.

I've been seeing superhero movies as long as I can remember. I don't think they're going anywhere.

I think writing is the most underrated thing in Hollywood.

I usually joke around, especially on set.

A shootout is a shootout. You go in and get the bad guys.

I loved WWF as a kid.

Regardless of whatever job you do, you want to see the importance of it or how it can be important. I think by inspiring the people that I come from - if I inspire anyone - would be worth it.

It was an event whenever 'CHiPs' would come on in my house. There wasn't a lot of Latin people being hired to star in TV shows or movies back in the day. Not only was it a fun show, there was a Latino starring in it - so we thought it was extra cool.

Paul Rudd has a very specific brand of humor.

There's something about coming up with something out of nothing. I work with somebody else's creation already, and I just try to make it better.

All the guys at Marvel are really passionate, and they love entertaining folks, and they really think about the story, and there's a lot of thought that goes into that.

As a kid growing up in Chicago, I've been shot at before. I remember I very calmly went down on the ground. Afterwards, you're like, 'Omigod.' You just don't have time to think.

Some of my favorite actors are Gene Wilder and Eddie Murphy back in the day - that's mainly what me and my brothers watched when we were kids.

I thought of myself as an individual ever since I was little.

It's so interesting to watch Ben Stiller work because he just knows what's funny.

Every script always goes through rewrites so that everyone loves it.

I've been an actor for 20 years, and I think the first 14 years, it was all struggling. At first, it was all gangsters.

I'm living in Hollywood, and I'm making movies, but it goes beyond me. If my family is not doing very well, or even OK, you want them to be better.

The reason I love Lollapalooza is because it's a great music festival.

There are not too many times when a movie's not cynical, you know what I mean?

I feel lucky. I feel blessed. If you get blessed with some ability, I think you have to work hard at it. Michael Jordan was a great basketball player, but he wasn't the best shooter, even though he had the skill, and he had to work and work at it.

Marvel just does things differently.

There's a certain weird something. I'm always nervous when I spar. You learn it's going to hurt, but it's only going to hurt for a little bit. It brings out the animal in you to an extent. You learn what you can take.

I think nerves stop you from doing things. Make you stop and maybe make you withdraw. Then there's excitement where you can't wait to do it.

Kicks to the legs, they're not very cool. They're brutal.

I don't think people are experiencing superhero fatigue. Do you hear people complaining that there are too many action movies? I think it's good entertainment.

The only time that I really go on Twitter is to promote, because what sucks is there's some weird trolling going around. Even if you are well-intentioned, there's some mean people behind a keyboard.

I wouldn't say I have comedy chops. I guess you get lucky with good writing because I don't think I'm a comedian by any stretch of the imagination.

You can think you know somebody. But when they're trying to punch you in the face, you really know somebody. You learn their tendencies.

For me, when I do my best acting, it's mainly imagination. Then I really have a lot of fun with it.

I feel really comfortable with going for the reality of the drama, but I'm not much for the comedy of it. You have to make people laugh, or you have to be true to the character in such a way that makes people laugh. It's a whole different thing.

I used to live off of nothing.

I want to become more successful.

I've tested for I-don't-know-how-many pilots, and I didn't get any of them. I would always try to go off the top and make it as spontaneous as possible, but acting in sitcoms is such a skill set, and I didn't have it. I wish I did back when I was younger.

I'll do anything to make my kid laugh.

My brother and my father both got laid off around the same that I was starting to do this movie 'Chavez.' And at the same time, it was when all the bailouts were happening.

Actors love the big speeches and love to be the center of attention. I mean, that's why we do it.

I think about where I grew up and how I grew up: my dad was making $25,000 a year. Taking a chance wasn't really taking a chance. It was like you were going for something better. To me, there wasn't that much risk involved.

When I was a kid, I lived in a poor part of Chicago, and I remember my brother and me using towels as capes. My son does it, too.

I have really good managers and agents who are very selective in what they send me.

Seth Rogen told me to read 'Preacher,' and 'Preacher' was amazing.

I saw Gosling just kill it in 'Blue Valentine.' I thought he was just amazing at that, and I wouldn't mind maybe doing something like that.

You have to make your choices however you see fit and just keep your integrity as best you can.

The joy of 'Crash' was that it was all about the work. It was my first real part. Before that, it was a line here and there, maybe a scene. 'Crash' was five scenes, a beautiful arc, a little vignette of my own. It really meant something.