Unless you're flat out dead, you have to think of some other questions like: what's on the other side? It brings up issues of God, or no God. How does he play into this? Or he, or she, or it? How does it all play into this?

All actors are my brothers and my sisters. It ain't cool to compare or disparage them. It ain't polite.

Historically, I'm not a great patient when it comes to slowing down.

My first manager, he had left Germany when he was five, but he would joke about the Nazis. And I'd laugh, but I'd look at him, and he was the first one who told me, 'You know, funny is a powerful thing; it's a wonderful weapon.'

There's this thin line between knowing something is going to be really hard and saying, 'Yeah, you know, but I still gotta see if I can pull it off.'

There're only a few photographers I've ever felt really comfortable with.

No, I don't see many movies. I don't even see my own movies.

My limited theater experience was when I was a kid starting out: two or three plays. I was good in one and mediocre in the other. My problem is that I have other interests.

I was raising a child full time, sharing the responsibility with his mom. He lived with me half the time, so I chose not to go away and make certain movies.

The vast majority of Pittsburghers don't come from any kind of serious dough.

I can't sleep the first night in a hotel room.

If you look at what I do, there's no consistency. The consistency is that there is no consistency. I do projects that are good and not so good.

I used to say no to almost everything because I thought, 'I've got enough dough, I know what I want to do, and I know what I'm capable of.'

I'm usually pretty good in front of a live audience. I usually like that.

I choose not to be at the whim of others. I want to be at my own whim.

I was an altar boy, which I loved and am very proud of. It was strict, but also really nice.

There are very few jobs where you're held up to public scrutiny.

Chris Nolan is great, but I've never seen any of the 'Batman' movies all the way through. I know they're good. I just have zero interest in those kinds of movies.

I'm the seventh child of George and Leona Douglas, and I don't ever remember a time when my father didn't work two jobs. When my mother was going to the grocery, or going to Mass, or trying to take care of seven kids in a run-down farmhouse.

My brothers were tremendous shack builders. My shacks were horrible. My brothers once built a two-story shack from the ground up that was awesome!

I think one reason I really like women and like working with women is because of my sisters.

When I was in improv workshops or doing stand-up or writing comedy with others, or just doing comedy, I just laughed. Funny was funny; I loved to laugh. I always liked people I found generally funny.

'Beetlejuice' was a romp, man. 'Beetlejuice' was fun. I've never had so much fun in my life.

I played a lot of sports when I was a kid so I get in that ballgame mindset of being really, really respectful, but at same time saying to yourself, 'Don't back down a single inch, hang with these guys if you can.' If they throw it high and tight you have to stand in there, you can't take yourself out of that moment.

If you're a dope like me, you get every sports channel you can get. I'm watching, you know, Netherlands soccer.

I've got a statue of St. Francis in my front yard, and I'm not even a practicing Catholic.

I've proven I'm courageous. I'm gutsier than anybody; I've got a better imagination than anybody; I'm essentially more creative than any other actor I know, and I've proven I take risks. I don't think I need to prove anything to myself any more.

I try to not be or associate with elitists.

There just is not one person in my family who is not funny.

Colbert makes me crazy: he's so funny. Plus, he seems like an extraordinarily decent dude.

I have some tremendous, tremendously loving, generous friends all over the world.

I used to work on a survey crew, because my dad was an engineer, but he was also a surveyor.

It's great to make your own choices, but there's a price to pay. I could've made more money or been more famous. I could be the current groovy guy.

I've got six wonderful brothers and sisters.

There are certainly producers I hang with and directors I hang with and actors I hang with.

My first day in grade school, I was plain scared. I left the comfort of my run-down house, which I loved, and went to school where it was cold, it smelled, the lighting was bad.

Weirdly, for someone who wanted to be funny, I didn't like a lot of attention.

I'm just shocked at how blatantly shallow people are sometimes.

Unpredictability means what it means. I don't know how you define it. It is what it is.

I watch 'Morning Joe' occasionally. I used to watch a lot more than I do now, but I watched it, and all of a sudden, there was this love fest, for crying out loud - this inexplicable love fest one morning - for The Donald.

If you get a good comedy once a year, man, that's pretty good. I may be pickier than some, but still, there aren't that many movies that are really, truly, honestly that funny.

Sometimes I don't feel like an actor. Sometimes I speak about it like it was another job, and then I go, 'Wait a minute - I am one!'

'Birdman' has kinda... changed things. I'm not saying you won't see traditionally made movies any more. But I've had meetings with directors, and they've said it makes them rethink everything. You can hate this movie, but you have to talk about it. It's going to go down as one of the most interesting movies ever made.

I'll always stand by the first 'Batman'. Even for its imperfections, people will never know how hard that movie was to do. A lot of that still holds up.

Actors don't get to be well-known if they're horrible.

My work is distinct and definitive and specific, and hopefully it is so that every single character is different, and they are - but there's probably an underlying element that's me.

I find there are a few places where I like to meditate more than in other places. There's a little Catholic church that I go to, and there's another temple I go to - there are certain places where I just feel more comfortable.

Westerns were always my favorite things when I was little. And it always bothered me when cowboys were too clean in movies, or when they wore their guns like they had an outfit on. It always worked better when a guy looked sweaty and smelly; I hadda believe, I hadda believe that.

I read that John Hughes script for 'Mr. Mom,' and I thought, 'This guy is a funny writer.' I went: 'You ought to stick around and direct this thing.' But he didn't; he left, and look what he became. A really legendary comedy director.