I try not to dwell too much on a bad marriage.

Retiring gives the impression that you're relieved that your job is over.

The quality of health care in Canada is excellent.

I'm impressed with the people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work.

Actors, I have to say, most of the time, they elevate things; they don't screw things up most of the time.

I grew up on the East Coast and was going to go to an Ivy League School, but at the last minute I decided to be a hippy. It was the protest movements on the war, peace movements were going on at our university. It was a fantastic time.

My daughter is a horseback rider, so I try to watch her ride; we take holidays together.

The people who work in Wall Street still look up to Gordon Gekko. He's sort of a guru.

There is something about seeing rhinos and lions running free that excites you. It's not that you feel afraid; it's more like you're liberated by seeing them.

If your work isn't exciting, doesn't stir the emotions, where's the challenge? Where's the progress if you always play it safe?

I never really look at my movies.

I've been dying to do a Marvel picture for so long.

My father did 90-plus films. He was Spartacus!

I tell my kids they are going to live to over 100.

Of course it's important to make mistakes, as long as you grow from them.

'Wall Street' was a very important movie for me in terms of my career. I won an Oscar, and then the film 'Fatal Attraction' came right after it.

I went into rehab to save my marriage, but I wound up saving myself.

My dad was a movie star. Having that name was good and bad. People think it's a silver spoon. It's not.

My mother and father met at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He was a senior and she was a junior, and their marriage didn't last very long.

Sometimes art imitates life.

The message from national security experts and citizens around the world is clear: The only way to eliminate the global nuclear danger is to eliminate all nuclear weapons.

I have nothing against her, and in fact I'm very fond of my first wife. But we should have ended that marriage eight or 10 years earlier.

Directing talent is very nebulous. You know, it's not in front of you like an actor's performance.

The so-called 'last golden age,' in the 1970s, most of those movies were independent films.

I enjoy provocative things that are questionable.

To me, Bermuda is a real family spot.

I had a great stepfather.

My mother is Bermudan, so I had a lot of memories when I was a kid, used to go down to Bermuda a lot.

Chemotherapy takes its toll; the more you keep doing it, you lose your energy, and it gets more difficult to swallow.

In the movie 'Wall Street' I play Gordon Gekko, a greedy corporate executive who cheated to profit while innocent investors lost their savings. The movie was fiction, but the problem is real.

With 'Black Rain,' I spent a lot of time with homicide detectives, and I spent a lot of time with different brokers on 'Wall Street.' It helps get the rhythm of the piece and the tone, and how overplayed or underplayed it might be. That's also the magic of movies: You get to hang out and live these different lives.

I've taken blame about being a bad father - if being a bad father is working your butt off trying to create a career at one time.

When you've accomplished a certain amount in your career, you're not so focused on your ambitions.

I come from a tough stock.

Religion has certainly been shoved down my throat.

My memories of Las Vegas were all with my father when I was, like, a teenager. He was best friends with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and we'd come up and see the shows and go backstage afterwards and have dinner together. It was one of my first educations about stars and how they really are back stage.

Peace Day should be everyday.

Every empire eventually falls.

For a long time, I can't say I was one who really enjoyed acting. I was always censoring it, or editing it, or analyzing it, rather than just going with it.

Learning patience was not an easy lesson.

I don't think tongue cancer is the best cancer for an actor.

Everything's so repressive now - it's the No generation. You can't do anything, you can't eat anything, you have to abstain.

I've always been somebody who, when I started a picture, never knew what the next picture would be.

'Five Easy Pieces,' 'Easy Rider' - those are indie pictures; those were not studio pictures. They had relationships with studio distribution, but they were indies.

I think the quality of television, given the amount of time you have, how short you have, is proportionally so much better than most movies.

I don't know if likeable, pleasant characters have enough conflict for me to want to do them. I admire those people, but I've never been that kind of screen presence who can do nothing. I need to do something.

Capitalism is part of our system, but it's not for the faint of heart.

I'm an optimistic guy.

It took me too long to realise that if you go to a marriage counsellor to resolve problems, it's in his interest to keep the marriage going.