Maybe the girl would get strong enough to withstand an ink exchange with one of the chosen faeries. If not, he could always give her to one of the weaker fey. It seemed a shame to waste a lovely broken toy.

I was thinking it was worth the risk if it meant forever with my faery girlfriend.

One hundred eighty days, Aislinn. Seth's been gone for one hundred eighty days, and I've watched you try to pretend it doesn't hurt for every one of them. Can't I try to make you happy?

He didn't slam the door, didn't rage, didn't weep, he simply left.

He would, in essence, be the person that he was assigned to embody as his cover—and he'd enjoy it. That was the trick, finding the pleasure in it.

You are the one who gives me reason to wake in the mornings, who infuriates me, who enrages me, who enthralls me. You are my passion, my fury, my soul. Shall i explain further?

Love is a mistake when we're all going to die any day now.

As a lifelong romance reader, it's always satisfying to get to talk to other romance readers!

I watch comic book movies. Give me 'The Avengers,' give me 'Thor', those are my area. But I don't watch comedies.

The problem is, no matter how far or fast you drive, you can't leave yourself behind. And if you can't feel at home in your own head, where can you?

And sometimes you meet someone who doesn't see you any differently if you tell them. That is everything.

Love makes you foolish. It makes you throw every bit of logic away, do stupid things, dangerous things.

Some mortals--like you--are already half in love with death. It is who you are, and I'll not make it harder on you by telling you things you don't need to know. Ask me again when you die. Then I'll tell you everything, anything, nothing.

If he took her into his arms, he would keep her. He wouldn't let her suffer the way the other mortals had when he'd left them. He would keep her, with his court's permission or without it. Irial wouldn't take her, and Keenan wouldn't stand between them.

Seth gave her that: a private space to believe in the illusion of normalcy.

It's not just guys like those today. Even the pretty ones can be awful. Don't trust them just because they're pretty.

A person can't un-know the truth.

For this mortal I would disobey my queen, abandon my king, the court that has protected me all these years. All of it.

They've been stealing mortals away for centuries, but they can't have you.

Rejoice as summer away sorrows by living.

I'm still yours, though. That won't ever change, Shadow Girl.

It wasn't the tattoo that had changed her, had given her repossession of her body. It was her actions, her choices. It was finding the path when it looked like there weren't any paths to be found.

Love ans desire aren't the same.

You need to face what you're running from.

I need to check in with Seth before I--" he burrowed his face into the side of her neck, his breath almost painfully warm on her throat--"give in to my unconscionable desire to put my hands on you properly.

I was very afraid to write a novel - it was a dream for a very long time, and it was one of the few things that I was afraid to try.

You are the single most amazing person, faery, woman in this world or the other. Because of you, I am a part of this strange new world, have a second mother, and . . . eternity. I have almost everything I could want.

Do you like it? Bananach whispered. How they want to eat you alive? You took away the last king's mortal. You make the new king mourn for both his mortals.

He'd given her his vow: to take care of her, to keep her from hurt or pain, from wanting for anything. Her leaving didn't negate his promises; they weren't conditional.

Sleep well, and stay where I put you.

I didn't drown. I didn't break.

Going backwards is never an option.

Being home always made her feel like she was walking on a high wire, waiting for a gust of wind to knock her to the ground. The.

I have amazing kids, an amazing husband, a fabulous career, wonderful parents. If I had to go through some rough spots to get to this amazing place, so be it.

Then she was alone- with only a wolf for companionship- waiting to tell the next girl what a folly it was to love him, to trust him.

She stretched up on her tiptoes, tilted her head, trying to get even closer. Seth slid a hand around her waist and kissed her like she was the air, and he was suffocating. And she forgot about everything: there were no faeries, no Sight, nothing €”just them.

Do you remember those days? Back porch, sunshine, mason jars" - she paused at remembered sweetness - "we were so foolish then...thinking there was a big ol' world out there to conquer.

You're killing me here, Ash. Good, she said. She'd bend a few rules, but they both knew she wasn't going to push him beyond where he chose to go. Love wasn't to be based on trickery. But reminding him what he's refusing isn't trickery.

I was the girl in the black leather jacket with the black fingernails, picked up after school by guys with loud cars and motorcycles. I carried straight-A grades, but I had a little trouble with rules. I tended to have a bit of an authority problem.

Talking won't change it. But sometimes it was what she wanted most, to tell someone; often, though, she just wanted to escape those horrid feelings, to escape herself, so there was no pain, no fear, no ugliness.

I'm not bloodthirsty, but...seriously, she killed you. She needs to be dead.

Life is too short to read books that I'm not enjoying.

It was ridiculous that things outside a person's control could make others hate you. The nature of your blood wasn't a choice, but humanity had a long history of killing, imprisoning, or fearing others for their race or religion.

You are my queen. I've spent nine centuries seeking the mortal who would free this court, who would save my best friend's son, who would save the lives of the rest of the girls who were not you. I'd die before I'd allow harm to you. He bowed his head.

Pride goeth before the fall....but you've already fallen, haven't you?

The reality was that while they might have eternity, there was violence on the horizon. And in the present. She wasn't intending on ignoring it. She couldn't. But she wasn't going to ignore them either. Just kiss me, ---.

He looked good, like sin in a suit.

Trust your instincts, trust your judgment.

She might scream when the nightmares found her, but not by choice, not when she was awake.