When Roger Ailes hired me, he knew I was the daughter of a college professor and a nurse. There was nothing in this resume that would telegraph, 'She's a secret conservative.'

We have to ask the tough questions.

I was a big Jay Leno fan, so I was sorry to see him go. But my number one person that I watch, she's not late night, but in terms of the comedian genre, is Ellen DeGeneres - love her.

I see it as this: I send my kids to school not only to learn how to read and write and do math, but also to develop socially. So if there's a negative interaction between my child and another child, what I want to know is, how was it handled, what lessons came out of it, and, of course, is my child okay?

I'm the worst tweeter ever. I don't know what I'm doing. I really don't.

I don't want to be an opinion anchor.

I wasn't a shrinking violet when I joined Fox News. I didn't have any power at Fox - I had no power in the TV industry - but I had been a lawyer for nine years who had practiced employment law.

I think we have gone too far into the PC culture, but there's a limit to how far we can take that.

What should matter is whether I stand for female empowerment, and I don't think there are many women out there who have any doubts about that.

I didn't have a lot of the advantages Donald Trump had, but I had the most important ones you can get, which are loving parents who cared about me and helped me develop a sense of self.

You will never catch me in a dress without a pair of Spanx and a bra.

I was popular, and I enjoyed that, and my mother kept telling me I better take typing so I'd have something to fall back on. I didn't know what the future held, but once I got my law degree, I started to feel like, 'OK, I'm a serious person.'

If I were Sarah Palin, would I want to sit in an interview with someone who was secretly out to get me? Probably not.

This is the U.S.A., and it's the most glorious place to live in the world.

I keep my head down, my mouth shut and work hard.

I knew Andrew Breitbart very well, and he was great. I loved him. He was a true provocateur who would be fun about it, you know.

You know, I was not an attractive child - I never had a cute face.

There have been so many times when I challenged Republicans on air - in big moments.

I think my viewers want smart, honest programming. They don't want to be told what makes them feel good.

In another life - and as I like to say, another body - I used to teach aerobics.

I believe that I can do more for women by being the best at what I do in the role that I have than going out and just talking about how women are awesome and you shouldn't mess with them.

I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth.

A woman can be harassed and then go on to have a good working relationship with the man harassing her.

I had more sexist encounters as a lawyer than I had as a journalist.

When people talk about fake news, you know, a lot of folks just roll their eyes, like 'Oh, you know, whatever; people will figure it out.' The truth is, they don't always figure it out.

Oftentimes it feels like Fox stands alone in the media on certain stories.

Donald Trump and the First Amendment, it's not a beautiful match; it's not a match made in heaven. Between the free speech rights that he has not defended and the freedom of the press, which he has not defended, it's problematic.

I don't like the women who stand up for the empowerment of women at the expense of men. They try to demonize men, and they try to suggest men all want to keep us down, which is one of the reasons why I don't like that label 'feminist.'

Print reporters have the opportunity to go so much more in depth in certain stories than television reporters do because they're working on stories for months at a time.

The truth is I don't watch a lot of news, except for when I'm here at the office watching Fox News. I get my news online primarily when I'm not watching the channel.

The people, as much as it's fun to hate us, they need us. They need good, strong, skeptical journalists to be covering whoever it is - whether it's Barack Obama or President Donald Trump.

I still don't consider myself a fashion girl.

While I don't think Trump wants to target any particular minority group, I understand their fear because he spent many months stoking it.

You have to understand that Roger Ailes was a king. He was on the cover of multiple industry publications as the most powerful man in news. And at Fox News, there was no one else with power. So you didn't want to get on the wrong side of him because he was actually beloved inside the building and very well-liked in the industry.

Once I found professional happiness, it gave me time to think about other areas in my life in which I wasn't happy. The next obvious candidate for introspection was my marriage.

The relative lack of power of certain minority groups, and the fear they're feeling in the wake of Donald Trump's election, is something I think we really need to take a look at.

There are lots of people who are red-carpet types, but that's not me.

It's not that I'm a 'Let's hug and be joyful all the time' boss. Or that I don't, quote, 'own my own power.' I just never want to be that big, swingin', rule-by-fear person.

I'm a struggling guitar player.

I have respect for my fellow journalists at the other networks, and I wish them all well. This is a tough business, so good for them.

The most powerful people in my town were the doctors and the lawyers. I didn't really have any experience dealing with really powerful people until I started practicing law.

Somebody saying something offensive to you or insulting to you is not pleasant, but it's part of life.

In TV, a woman helping another woman break in? Not that common.

I felt the call to this industry because I enjoy broadcast journalism. I'm steeped in the news because I enjoy the news - I like reading papers; I like reading the blogs. I love talking to newsmakers and pundits, for that matter, about their opinions. I'm an information gatherer by nature, so that's what attracted me about this industry.

What people don't realize about Donald Trump - and I don't even know if Donald Trump realizes it - is that every tweet he unleashes against you... creates such a crescendo of anger.

Television can be a very fickle place.

There are women who literally squeeze a baby out of their bodies or get cut open in major surgery, have a human being, the next generation of the human race pulled from their bodies, and within a couple of weeks have to go back to work, because if they don't, they can't pay their bills. Something's wrong with that.

Obviously, I'm in a visual business, and people will talk to me about my appearance.

In law, especially back in '95 when I was breaking in, it was much more of an old boys' network.