I absolutely disagree that it was an illegal annexation: a referendum was held, and residents of Crimea chose to rejoin Russia.

There's a number of journalists and politicians who are interested in the rise of the National Front and the huge nationalist gathering, the movements that refuse the E.U. and want to go back to a Europe of nations, free and sovereign countries. I'm here to re-educate.

It is right for us not to want our country transformed into a mere corridor, a giant railway station.

Israel is not a European country and doesn't consider itself as such.

If I don't manage to negotiate with the European Union, something I wish, then I will ask the French to leave the European Union. And then you'll be able to call me Madame Frexit.

Islamist terrorism is a cancer on Islam, and Muslims themselves must fight it at our side.

Brexit wasn't the European people's first cry of revolt. In 2005, France and the Netherlands held referendums about the proposed European Union constitution. In both countries, opposition was massive, and other governments decided on the spot to halt the experiment for fear the contagion might spread.

We cannot let ourselves be infantalized. We cannot let ourselves be stereotyped.

I am sure 2017 will be the year the people of continental Europe wake up.

The United States cannot have the image of warmongers, with all the potential consequences it could have for our respective countries.

It's not racist to say we can't take in the poverty of the world.

For the higher interest of the nation, you've got to be capable of hurting yourself.

France can certainly accommodate foreign people on its soil long-term, those with foreign citizenship... as long as they respect French laws and French values, which is often a problem on the immigration issue. It's not really a problem with Israel on this topic.

The European Union has become a prison of peoples. Each of the 28 countries that constitute it has slowly lost its democratic prerogatives to commissions and councils with no popular mandate. Every nation in the union has had to apply laws it did not want for itself.

I will be Madame Frexit if the European Union doesn't give us back our monetary, legislative, territorial, and budget sovereignty.

Women can better perceive injustice.

I am against the policy which would promote the entry of immigrants into Europe, which cannot accept them.

The United Kingdom has committed the heresy of breaking the chains of the E.U. This is a signal victory for democracy. It is a slap in the face to the European system which was increasingly based on fear, blackmail, and lies.

Those who came to France came to find France, not to turn it into their country of origin. If that's what they wanted, they should've stayed in their country.

I think that the elites have lived too long among themselves.

I have never tried to bear a judgment against my own father because I consider that, in our European culture, one does not judge his parents. Now, I have expressed my disagreements with my father on certain points, disagreements related to the way one should express things, something that has also to do with a difference of generations.

Voila, we're all molded by our personal paths, which forge our sensibilities.

I keep wondering who defends Quebec identity: who defends sovereignty, the right of the people to express themselves freely.

What is the point in punishing a country?

I consider that France and the Republic were in London during the occupation and that the Vichy regime was not France.

I'm in favour of a multi-polar world. I believe that every country has the right to defend its own interests.

The people must have the opportunity to vote for the liberation from slavery and blackmail imposed by technocrats in Brussels to return sovereignty to the country.

The Catholics will never like me because of my divorces.

I call for the awakening of our people's ancient soul, capable of opposing a bloodthirsty barbarism.

We are not going to welcome any more people. Stop - we are full up!

Let's close all the Islamist mosques.

I'm against the Right of money and the Left of money.

I see particular commonalities in the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

I think that in France, we should do like the French people.

I think 2017 is going to be the year of the grand return of the nation-state, the control of borders and currencies.

The struggle against radical Islam should be a joint struggle, and everyone should say, 'There - we are sacrificing something.'

I notice that freedom of expression of an E.U. member of Parliament who denounces the actions of ISIS allows the French government to take her to court.

We, the French, are viscerally attached to our laicite, our sovereignty, our independence, our values. The world knows that when France is attacked, it is liberty that is dealt a blow.

The reality is that Islam is facing a phenomenal rise with regards to fundamentalism. It cannot control it, but what is sure is that neither can European states control and monitor the development of fundamentalist networks in their own territory.

The euro ceases to exist the moment that France leaves.

Immigrants are illegal, since once they set foot on European soil, they have violated the law.

I am opposed to those who have an ideological vision of immigration, and I think that, given the situation in France, it must stop.

I am opposed to a multicultural France. I think that those who have a different culture and who arrive in France have to submit themselves to French culture.

I do not have the slightest bit of racism in me. I do not judge people with regards to the colour of their skin, their origin, or their religion. I defend them all, because I defend French people. And, of course, I defend the interests of France, the interests of French people.

The French are overwhelmingly convinced that the euro is a burden. Returning to an adapted national currency will create millions of jobs and give us back our freedom.

Saying... 'Come as you are, keep living like you do, keep your culture, and we will add all that together,' doesn't work.

Multicultural societies are multi-conflict societies.

When the National Front was created, its main goal was against communism.

Money is one of the elements of sovereignty.