I would like the thrill of making a new project every time.

In fitness, there are no short cuts. It involves immense discipline and hard work.

Once I finish shooting, I head straight home and spend time with my family. It's only when I have to promote my films that I make public appearances.

'Selvandhan' is my first dubbed venture, which will release simultaneously with the original. It is a family drama. It has familiar Tamil faces, and I hope it does well.

People used to say I'm weak in comedy. But, with 'Mahesh Khaelja' and 'Dookudu,' I have proved that I am good at comedy.

My father is an amazing person.

I eat right and stay healthy as much as possible.

True, I was born and raised in Chennai, fluent in Tamil, but essentially, I am a Telugu guy and a Telugu actor.

I work out every day - and my daily routine is a mix of functional and strength training.

Who cares and remembers if my last film was a success? I need to work harder.

I believe in content, and I go accordingly.

My father is my inspiration.

We were five kids at home, and my mother and grandmother ensured that we all had a very grounded upbringing in Madras. Even in school, I never used to tell anyone that my dad was an actor.

I'm very happy to co-produce a film like 'Srimanthudu.'

Siva is one of the best writers in the industry, and 'Srimanthudu' is a great script.

On the clothes front, I have a designer who sits with the director for each film to chalk out a look for me based on the script.

Fortunately or not, expectations are always high for all my films.

My father is my idol, and I have grown up watching his films. He is my biggest influence and inspiration. I have learnt a lot from him, and I am who I am because of him. I'm extremely grateful to him for that.

Even after marriage, our home is important for us.

For a Tamil debut, I wanted to make sure the script is the right one. We are hopeful 'Bramhotsavam' will be that film.

Everyone should change; otherwise, you can't grow as a person in life.

I believe children's blessings are very powerful.

Over the years, I've learnt from co-actors, directors, technicians, and even from junior artists.

From my childhood, I am like this. I never go parties and attend functions.

Pressure is there with any release of mine. It's more my own, as I need to surpass my own expectations.

When I am shooting a film, and it has a big schedule, I make sure that I take a week off with the family. It gives you new energy.

I'm not a party person.

When people say they take hits and flops in their stride, I personally feel that they are just lying. Of course, I'm upset when my movies flop. I take it very personally.

It's better to do a film that works.

Our entire film fraternity should be proud of 'Baahubali.' These are the kind of films that are not made very often.

A hit film is what we work for as actors, as that goes to show that we have managed to entertain our audiences who shower us with their love and affection throughout the years.

If the home is good, all will be good.

When I am not working, I am home. I love spending time at my house.

Whenever I deliver a hit, I can see a glow on my father's face. Sometimes, I think he turns 10 to 15 years younger when I deliver a hit.

I prefer to believe it's my responsibility if a film of mine works or doesn't work.

'Bramhotsavam' is a celebration of families, life and togetherness. It's a film I hold close to my heart.

You have to be a little commercial, and that's what I learnt over the years.

I am very close to my brother Ramesh Babu. When my father was away for shootings, my brother would take care of me, and I am very close to him, and yes, Dad's always special. He used to call me and enquire about my film's progress. Whenever I deliver a hit, I can see a glow on my father's face.

Whatever my father did were great films. I don't want to remake any of them.

I'm under pressure with all my films. And the reason we are always under pressure is because it's only in our profession that months and even years of hard work is judged by the first show on Friday.

'Baahubali's success augurs well for the Telugu film industry as a whole. It has opened up new markets.

My father is an amazing person. While he was a huge star, he never carried his stardom home and always remained simple and just our father at home. I have four siblings, and we were all very grounded. We lived a very simple life: would go in an auto rickshaw to school, played with normal boys.

Stress and looks are directly connected as far as I am concerned. If you are happy, you look good.

In modern life, we tend to forget family values because of the hectic schedule.

When my film flops, I believe it is my mistake. There have been times when I didn't come out of my house because my films didn't do well. I lock myself in for months. I don't talk to people. I feel bad for producer, director, for those who lost money. It's never about myself or my career alone.

I grew up in Madras and did my schooling at St. Bedes and college at Loyola.

Since my father was a superstar, without me knowing it, I became a child star, as my father's entire fan base liked me, and I can't thank my father enough for this, as it was so effortless.

I'm extremely particular how my look should be in a film.

I have been very pleased at the response we have got for 'SVSC.'