Because of the very nature of the world as it is today, our children receive in school a heavy load of scientific and analytic subjects, so it is in their reading for fun, for pleasure, that they must be guided into creativity.

Goodbyes are not easy, but I'm ready to move on. I'm not reluctant, Emma, not holding back. I don't have answers to the questions, but I have some good questions. I have loved life, but I believe that life is to be loved, it is a gift.

The best way to guide children without coercion is to be ourselves.

We want nothing from you that you do without grace or [...] understanding.

Like all great fantasists, he has taught me about life, life in eternity rather than chronology, life in that time in which we are real.

But when the world is, indeed, in chaos, then an affirmation of cosmos becomes essential.

We are suspicious of grace. We are afraid of the very lavishness of the gift.

Truth is eternal. Knowledge is changeable. It is disastrous to confuse them.

The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been.

You feel things too deeply to bear them unless you can get them out of yourself through some sort of art.

If we accept that we have at least an iota of free will, we cannot throw it back the moment things go wrong. Like a human parent, God will help us when we ask for help, but in a way that will make us more mature, more real, not in a way that will diminish us.

It's my worst trouble, getting fond. If I didn't get fond I could be happy all the time.

Embracing her now would have been like trying to hug a sunbeam.

It does not matter that we cannot fathom this mystery. The only real problem comes when we think that we have.

The discipline of creation, be it to paint, compose, write, is an effort towards wholeness.

Love. That was what she had that IT did not have.

He's nothing but a deformed emanation of energy.

You see, though we travel together, we travel alone.