I am on medication - I've talked about that before - just to help my anxiety, so I'm not depressed all the time.

I'm not going to sit here and go to college for something that I don't care about.

High school was difficult for me because I was in the thick of dealing with my depression and anxiety.

It's always been something that I'm so able and willing to talk about that it's kind of foreign to me that people hide their depression and anxiety.

There came a point when I called my mom, and I was like, 'I need to come home. I'm not OK. I'm not good right now. My mental health isn't good.'

Why aren't we talking about it in health classes in school? That's just as important as learning about physical health and nutrition. Why aren't we learning about our minds and our mental health and mental illnesses? I just think that it's something that very much needs to go hand in hand.

When my skin is breaking out pretty bad, I try to leave it alone as much as I can. I don't want to pack on product after product, I think that makes it worse and kind of overwhelms your skin.

My everyday look is casual, and I try not to wear makeup if I don't have to. I'll cover a zit with a little concealer, but I don't wear foundation on a daily basis. I maybe fill in my eyebrows.

I was making myself a hotdog and pulling some curly fries out of the oven, and I got the call from manager, and she said, 'You got it. You're Betty Cooper.' It felt so unreal.

I was always a performer kid - like, annoyingly so. I would put on shows for my family and direct my friends in little plays, and my little sister, I'd make up dances with her. But when I was 12, that was when I started taking it seriously, and my mom for some reason believed in me and helped me find an agent in Cleveland, which did nothing for me.

It's just a matter of finding the styles, finding the fabrics, shapes, that accentuate your own body. You can't be altered, but the clothes can.

I use an acne cleanser because I do get breakouts, especially when I'm filming, and I use a toner to kind of help keep my oil under control with oil.

For teenage kids, they feel a pressure to sweep things under the rug because they feel like they're not important enough to have problems.

Everything I'm thinking in my head goes onto my face, so you can see right through me.

Our Betty Cooper is still the girl next door - she literally lives next to Archie. And she's the blonde all-American girl; she's so sweet and forgiving, gives people the benefit of the doubt and second chances, wears her heart on her sleeve. But she's also incredibly broken on the inside, for many different reasons.

I really would like to be on Broadway someday.

I've had social anxiety forever - I don't thrive in social or party settings.

When you meet your best friend in real life, or you meet your soulmate, you just know it, and you feel it.

I think, growing up, the female friendships that I saw on television were portrayed as catty and vicious.

I really look up to Ashley Graham and how she promotes her body and flaunts it. She's beautiful and stunning, and I'm not going to say I love her body on Instagram and talk about it poorly in my personal life.

A man in a position of power over me used that said power to try and take advantage of me.

I have cystic acne, and sometimes when I have a breakout, it triggers me back to that time when I was a teen and I feel so self-conscious - like the whole world is looking at my bad skin. I've definitely not gone out of the house because of a breakout, which is horrible.

I have money in my bank account. I have my own apartment. I have friends. I still go through and experience depression. You don't have to be ashamed of it.

I think people who are destined to be friends, that are best friends, that genuinely, truly are invested in each other as human beings - a fight won't separate you forever. I've definitely had fights with my best friend, but it has never made us sever ties.

I don't think any one 'ship' - like a Bughead or a Barchie or Varchie fans - should give up hope at any time because you never know.

I have anxiety.

I use an acne cleanser. I've always had that St. Ives apricot scrub. But I have bad skin sometimes.

Some people say the things I do are annoying because I'm intentionally trying too hard to be relatable, but I'm really not.

I love to apply my foundation with BeautyBlenders - I just think it gives the most natural kind of glow, but I've learned from being on set that you should use a damp BeautyBlender but that you should dampen it with rosewater. It just kind of brings your skin to life a little bit more.

It's called a private life for a reason - it's mine, and it's special and sacred.

I just hope to keep doing film and TV and eventually Broadway. It's definitely what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I never had had a large group of friends, so I often felt a little out of place and like I was in a different mindset from everyone else around me because I was so focused on my acting career.

I grew up one of three girls, and none of them were into comic books, so I wasn't exposed to that world.

I'm not grateful for depression, but it honestly made me work harder and gave me the drive that I have to succeed and to make it work.

It's weird how much social media affects someone's career. Deals and jobs are sometimes based off how many followers you have, which is a little sad. I would rather that not be the case, but I understand that it's important.

I hate wearing too much makeup or caked-on foundation.

Yes, we as actors are so appreciative of our fans, but there comes a point where, if we've been working all day, we don't owe 100 percent of ourselves to anyone, and that shouldn't be expected.

I order pizza a lot to set.

I actually didn't go to prom. I didn't have the chance.

I think it's refreshing that it's not called 'The Archie Show.' It's called 'Riverdale,' not 'Archie,' which is good.

I can't say I've watched 'Twin Peaks.' I feel like I wouldn't be comfortable doing so until after I'm done with 'Riverdale.'

I think there's something about going on a hike and looking at a city view or looking at the ocean that brings you back to earth and kind of reminds you that your problems are quite small in retrospect.

I moved across the country when I was 16, so I left my high school and finished school online in order to pursue my acting more.

I'm a picky eater, so, often, if I can't find something to eat at catering, I order pizza.

I journal a lot for nobody but myself. Just to get my thoughts out and to clear my mind. That's very therapeutic to me.

It takes a good 35-40 minutes to do my iconic ponytail every day.

You don't need to ever justify the way you feel.

Actors devote a lot of our time and energy to the work that we do, but there shouldn't come a sense of entitlement from fans that we owe them every second of our lives.

Taking ownership of your feelings is so vital to getting better.