I'm for anything that teaches consideration and kindness. If one can teach one's son to dance with the ugliest little girl in the room, that's the best lesson they can ever learn.

Make people have a smile when they finish your e-mail.

The Kennedys tried to avoid using the big U-shaped table, but when they couldn't, they had several tricks - including keeping the flowers simple - to keep it from appearing overly stiff and formal.

That's how a nation's manners are going to be taught - from watching others' behavior and learning from the effects of that behavior.

Eating American-style, you put the knife down and clang. Continental is silent and efficient.

I never made any money, but I had the best jobs in the world.

What the bride should do is call guests who have young children and say: 'I'd love to have the kids at the wedding, but we won't have room. Would you get a baby sitter, and when we get back from our honeymoon, we'll have you guys over?'

I'm all for Hillary Clinton. I want her to avoid the barbs of women who hate women who work. But I'm known as a Republican in Washington. I'm probably the last person she'd call.

The best thing we can do to save the planet is set a good example for our kids at home.

I was considered the luckiest of all the female gypsies since I landed the job as social secretary to Ambassador and Mrs. David Bruce at the American Embassy.

Nothing ruins the flow of conversation more quickly than refusing a compliment you have just received. Never disagree with something nice that is said to you or about you.

I think that what we should do is have short, clipped conversations on the telephone so someone can always get us, not talking about inane stuff and having someone trying to get you. I also think we've just got to be more sensitive toward other people and not call them at night if you know they've been working.

We need grace in our lives, and I'm not talking about heavenly grace. I'm talking about human grace. We should try and be warm and friendly.

If you're making a social call, don't call past 8 P.M. The evening is a time when people need a respite from their work - a time to unwind, uninterrupted.

I have grandchildren who are going to need every cent I make.

I'm a businesswoman, and Ms. is an appropriate form of address.

If you are someone's guest on a corporate jet, the most important thing to remember is not just to be on time, but to be early. If you hold up the departure of the jet by as much as 10 minutes, you may cause the plane to wait in line for another hour or two before obtaining new clearance.

Nothing gets on other people's nerves at the office more than a whistler. And the sad part is, these whistlers don't know they're doing it. Someone should, tactfully, tell the whistler how much it disrupts the office environment.

Chivalry isn't dead. It's just no longer gender-based.

Doubleday is used to my talking about manners because I am, after all, known for that, and that's my persona.

Before the Kennedys were elected, there had been older Presidents. Then here was this devastatingly attractive young couple with two beautiful children. They were so intelligent, graceful, gracious and funny. They enjoyed life so much. That's what caught America's eye.

I believe in teaching manners without causing fisticuffs.

If golfers know they look good, they will play better. I think that is valid for men and women.

It's nice to compliment people on what they're wearing, but don't make insincere compliments.

Politeness decrees that you must listen to be kind; intelligence decrees that you must listen to learn.

When you pass 70, you forget your enemies. You think about the nice people instead.

Writers on etiquette receive a continuous flow of questions on subjects such as 'When is it too early in the season to wear white accessories?' and 'What is the proper gift to send to a family in mourning?'

Knowing when and where to sit is something every young executive should learn. A junior person who comes barging into a room and takes any seat he wants catches the disapproving eye of senior management.

To have people to the White House and worry about the price of things is laughable.

Everybody forgets names and faces, and it's just inconsiderate to expect someone who isn't your boss or your sister-in-law to know exactly who you are.

We ought to be vigilantes for kindness and consideration.

I don't ever knock anybody; that's bad manners.

The custom of going to a party only when we have been invited is a necessary, attractive, decent way for a party to evolve.

I saw an e-mail from one guy who's about 23 to one of peers. His parting sign-off was 'Don't let the bedbugs bite.' Now that's really poetic.

An excellent wine, someone's best attempt at cooking, and the candles and flowers on the table can turn the simplest dinner into an unforgettably romantic event.

At home, we're listening to TV or playing with our computers, so our entertaining is rusting. We don't know how to be good hosts and guests in business situations.

One cannot reject an entire nation because of the politics of its leader.

A bride is a bride the first time around. The white dress and the white veil are symbolic. So many people are breaking the rules that people don't know what the rules are.

I've had a charmed life.

Look at all those unattractive people talking about depraved things all day long on TV talk shows. People can talk about themselves, yet the art of conversation, which has to do with sharing, is disappearing. I feel as though I am chasing a runaway locomotive.

The polished executive is ultimately the happy executive who can walk gracefully through life.

Go to any bookstore, and you'll see thousands of books on etiquette, which suggests there's a lot of self-help going on. There is hope.

Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings.

I've become a master of the apology.

Manners are nothing more than thinking about somebody else.

We're a nation of latchkey children. Manners start at home, and no one is at home teaching manners so that children have respect for others.

People are less grateful than they used to be.

When in doubt, look at what everyone else is doing.

All of the First Ladies were good, creative and strong. I've always said they should be paid.