I'm proud of myself, and I'm going to continue to grow.

You can't use the fact that I'm bisexual against me if that's something I'm proud of.

I am a bisexual Cuban-American woman, and I am so proud of it.

I do feel like the blogs that I follow share an aesthetic and draw a lot from '90s influences.

We're all really passionate, and we voice it in our own way, and we all come from a loving place and see from the same perspective, which is why I feel so blessed to be part of this group.

I feel like art has been at the center of change since the beginning of time.

When I was in fifth grade, I got bullied really nastily about my appearance.

There's this notion that artists are supposed to be dumb and frivolous. I completely disagree with that.

I love music; I love performance. I love everything revolving around art. But I also am really passionate about politics and human rights and science and the environment. Those are things that fascinate me.

I feel like people make such a big deal out of sexuality. It's so weird to me, because at the end of the day, it's just about soul connection. It's just about who you connect with.

Growing up in Miami, being Cuban is integrated into our culture. When we greet anyone, we give them a kiss on the cheek.

We had so many of our fans tell us how worthless they felt before they found out about us and watched our interviews and listened to our music.

I needed our fans to know they're loved and accepted, and fear isn't the way to go.

Don't lose your love for yourself and how much you've grown and how far you've come.

I'm so proud of my girl Kehlani. She and SZA are killing it.

I really, genuinely don't look at my schedule too often, because when I do, I get a little overwhelmed by how much is going on.

It's cool to be able to give each other that space to really explore ourselves individually and grow.

This country was built and continues to survive off the backs of immigrants and refugees.

My theory is the spectrum: there's a spectrum of sexuality.

I like to dress in edgy black leather and denim, but I like a wide range of things.

We are screaming battle cries against those whose political and personal agendas threaten our lives and sanity.

I've always had this sense of justice - I get that from my mom, for sure. When you see stuff that's wrong, it's just wrong, man. You gotta point that out.

For me, honesty is a huge thing, and loyalty, when it comes to relationships.

I think Ed Sheeran would be a great collaboration.

I feel like a lot of people disregard the scrutiny that people like us are under.

I feel like all four of us are really powerful in our messages, what we speak about, and what we are about.

If you love women, and you want to sing about love, don't feel the need to say 'he.' Don't feel the need to adapt to the society or the culture.

When we auditioned for 'The X Factor,' we were five individuals going into the show. That obviously means we are five solo artists in our beings, so we have our own creative ideas, of what sounds the best music-wise, because we are all artists.

A bunch of my fans have come up to me and said, 'Because of you, and because you came out, I have finally begun to accept myself.' That is infinitely incredible for me. I didn't expect to get to the point where I would own up to it within myself.

I want to give the girls who admire us everything I can. I don't want to just fill them with selfies and crap. That's not what I'm about. I'm about, 'Be aware of the world and that you're not the only one in it.'

I have a lot of people in my life who support me.

That messed me up, growing up in the public eye when I was a teenager. That's when everyone is trying to find themselves.

Two powerful women making art together is always really cool.

It's truly disheartening to me to see so many beautiful women who have no idea what their potential is.

We know how hard we've worked, we know how our choreography makes us feel empowered. We have our voices, which are incredible and kind of surpass anything else.

For me, coming into my own and being comfortable with myself really changed me as a person and made me more confident and vibrant.

Read your contracts. Up and down, left and right.

Honestly, like, I fall in love with souls, and I don't really even see anything but that, to be honest.

Kids would tell me I was fat and say other mean things about my body.

I don't know if anyone should do anything that's not authentic to them.

I'm marching for women; I'm marching for the LGBT community. I'm marching for immigrants. I happen to fall into all three categories, so I'm marching for myself at the end of the day and for my family and my friends. And for whoever else deserves it.

I've been outspoken forever about everything.

My grandparents and my mom came from Cuba back in the '60s because they were fleeing from communism and Castro. I wouldn't be here otherwise.

Women are super-dynamic. I can be whatever I want to be. I can have interests in so many different kinds of things.

I'm everywhere; I'm just a soul that's floating around here on earth.

We like that when girls look at us, they don't see perfect little blond-haired, blue-eyed Barbie dolls.

It's good to be an anarchist and just love yourself.

When someone like me, who is in the entertainment industry, which is a huge falsity of its own, tries to talk outwardly about politics, especially as a woman, I receive a lot of 'Shut up - just sing and dance for us, you idiot.'

If I could tell every Trump supporter two things, it would be to travel and read a history book. Look beyond yourselves; look at how petty the morals you uphold seem when you realize we are not the only ones.