I'm with you, my angel.

War and hunting and chasing-that's all there is. That's life, Jenny-no one can escape it.

I am what I want to be," he said. "You forgot that— and that was your mistake.

Honesty is occasionally the best policy," she said yawning. And then she added, "By the Black Staff of Beldar, I am tired. If I can find a usable bed in what's left of my house I intend to collapse on it. And Elwyn, if you disturb me before dawn, I promise, I will turn you into a train of thought, and lose you.

We who are so lucky as to be born into the light - who see it every day and never think about it, we're blessed. We could have been born shadow souls who live and die in crimson darkness, never even knowing that somewhere there is something better.

She wasn't afraid of him anymore. They weren't a centuries-old hunter and a seventeen-year-old human girl, sitting here at the edge of the world. They were just two people, Damon and Bonnie, who had to do the best they could.

I'll fight dragons, just like any knight for his lady. I'll prove myself. You'll be proud of me.

Wherever her feet pass, white flowers part the grass.

It was as if the normal veil that separated two people had melted.

Julian said the world was evil and horrible - remember? But then he proved himself that it wasn't.

It cast an unholy glow all around him - which was entirely appropriate, because Julian was as seductive as mortal sin and as haughty as the devil.

I won't feel. . . But that was impossible. She couldn't help feeling.

I am the only one who can decide what will happen to me," Kaitlyn went on very quietly. "No one else. Me. And I've already made my decision. I'm going back to that place and I'm going to try to stop them any way I can. Whether you give me the shard or not is your decision, but I'm going back anyway.

And you know," Jeanne said, looking down at Sylvia with her hands on her hips, "that's how I want to go. Taking my own way out... and totally pissing everybody off at the end.

I've thought that 'Soulmate' in the 'Night World' series would make a really nice TV-movie or just a movie.

And then it was all so simple and natural. As if they both knew what to do without thinking-as if they'd always known what to do.

Yeah, tell me I'm a bottle of single malt scotch, she thought. That's the way to my heart.

I don't feed on humans. It's a choice I made years ago. I'm only weaker physically. The urge is still there. I didn't like who I was. Things I did, people I hurt. The part of you that feels remorse fades, it's easy to give in to. If I don't allow myself to feel remorse, or the pain of hurting somebody else, then I don't deserve to feel anything.

That was the problem with having walls so hard and high and unscalable....When they came down, they crumbled completely, shattering into nothingness.

It doesn't matter if you can't say it right now. I'll say it for both of us. And someday you'll learn.

They had been a couple for so long that everyone thought of them as Tom-and-Jenny, a single unit.

I've been in love. It's painful, pointless and overrated. - Damon Salvatore.

Elena smiled and he had to smile back, at first just a quirk of the lip, and then a full smile. She was…Damn it, she was everything. Witty, enchanting, brave, smart…and beautiful. And he knew that his eyes were saying all that and that she wasn't turning away.

She stood slim and proud as some medieval witch princess against dawn.

Because I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun.

Nothing really dies as long as it's not forgotten.

Maybe it just means that love can be stronger than fear.

Everything he was, he gave to her.

You know, you've never really cared about anyone," he said. "But someday you will, and it's going to hurt. It's going to hurt a lot.

Damon's voice was no louder than before. Get away from my brother. Bonnie could feel it inside him, a swell of Power like a tsunami. He continued, Before I tear your heart out.

We belong to 2 different races, races that hate each other. There's no way to get around that.

Oh, all right, you big baby," she said. "If you really want it. I should have gotten you a rattle and a pacifier, too.

You don't love a girl because of beauty. You love her because she sings a song only you can understand.

Gabriel was trying to smile, but the expression kept breaking apart. He was looking at her as if he hadn't seen her for years and years of searching, and had just now walked into a room and come upon her unexpectedly. As if he wanted to look at every part of her, now that he could do it honestly.

The dark emotions everyone hid in their depths weren't all of who they really were. They weren't their true selves.

And just then Damon stepped out of the coat closet, and at the same time Aunt Maggie tripped him neatly and said, Bathroom door beside you, and picked up a vase and hit the rising Damon over the head with it. Hard.

I'm as cruel as life. As cruel as love.

He was the smell of winter rain and the sound of his predator's heartbeat.

Insulting a bunch of dead witches not smart...

She belongs to me, he sent out on a heavy wave of Power and on all frequencies, including the one the scream had come on. It might not be obvious, but she is mine. Touch her again and die.

And if he left me of his own free will, then he should get ready for the bitch-slapping of his life.

'Shadow Souls' pushes probably every border that you can.

Very touching. Do you want me to imitate a violin?

Don't you just hate that, you meet a girl she seems pretty nice, you tell all your friends and before you know it she turns out to be a vampire, don't you just hate it when that happens?

Wasnt it Startre who said hell was eternity spent in a room with your friends?

But Thierry was shaking his head. "It doesn't matter." His voice was still quiet, but it was filled with the authority of absolute conviction, a kind of bedrock certainty that held even Hannah mesmerized.

It means that there's only one love for everyone who exists. And when you meet that love, you know them. You know you were meant to be together, and nothing can keep you apart.

I am just two and two. I am hot. I am cold. I'm the parent of numbers that cannot be told. I'm a gift beyond measure, a matter of course, and I'm yielded with pleasure- when taken by force.

Wait. Stefan's voice was hard suddenly. Bonnie and Elena turned back and froze, embracing each other, trembling. What is your—your father—going to do to you when he finds out that you allowed this?