As the American people have discovered, soaring rhetoric is no substitute for effective leadership on the key issues facing our nation: jobs, runaway spending, and an exploding government debt.

Whole communities have been devastated as good-paying jobs continue to leave the U.S.

We're going to have to find a way to serve our constituents and our taxpayers better and quicker and more accurately with fewer workers. I'm convinced we can do it and we don't have a choice.

We want to deliver tax relief all across the country, no matter where you live.

One of the most offensive actions by the IRS is its continued unlawful seizures of money and assets of innocent Americans, called civil asset forfeiture.

The global boom in commodities fueled by a debt-financed infrastructure and real-estate bubble in China is over.

South Dakota, like a lot of rural states, small states, there are small cities with a very big work ethic, very common sense approach. That has certainly shaped me.

Under Obamacare - which placed 159 federal agencies, commissions, and bureaucracies between patients and doctors - patients not only face dramatically higher health care costs, they've also lost the power to choose the options right for them.

American jobs are being lost to foreign countries, and U.S. companies are urged to move their manufacturing plants, new technologies and headquarters overseas.

America's real national security interest in the region is protecting our friend Israel.

Tax reform is the legislative challenge of a generation for America. It hasn't been accomplished since 1986, when President Reagan and Congress delivered the most sweeping overhaul of our nation's tax code in American history. 2017 is the year to change that and make history of our own.

I stopped - just killed - President Obama's $10-a-barrel gas tax.

Whether you are pro-choice or strongly pro-life, as I am, there should be common ground that abortion ceases to be an option when a baby can live outside the mother's womb or experience excruciating pain from a procedure.

Americans have seen the value of the dollar slowly decline due to the steady erosion of inflation.

What we lack is a good, strong business climate with lower taxes, fairer regulation.

And again, President Obama's health care plan really is another drag on the economy. Until we get Washington out of the way, this president's recovery is going to continue to rank dead last.

Tax reform for the 21st century means rewarding hardworking families by closing unfair loopholes, lowering tax rates across the board, and simplifying the tax code dramatically. It demands reducing the tax burden on American businesses of all sizes so they can keep more of their income to invest in our communities.

The world has changed. It's not enough to simply buy American; we have to sell American, sell our products and goods and services throughout this world.

I want to give consumers way more choices in health care. Choice and competition always drive down costs better than central control.

Voters have figured out Republicans want to save Medicare for the long term, and they know that those who say everything's just fine with it aren't leveling with them.

We must move aggressively in Asia-Pacific because our competitors like China are moving very swiftly to tie down a regional trade agreement that leaves... our farmers and our workers and our businesses out.

The people now trapped in Obamacare did what the government mandated them to do - they complied with the law. They should not be left out to dry.

Americans deserve a simple, fairer, and flatter tax code that jumpstarts our economy, helps create jobs, and makes America a leader again.

In 2012, I helped lead the successful effort in Congress to allow states to conduct drug testing of people receiving unemployment benefits.

A stronger global hub at Bush means a stronger economic future for Houston.

This turbulent world is far from a perfect place.

As chairman of the tax-writing House Ways & Means Committee, I continue to be inspired by President Reagan's 1985 national address to the American people as he challenged them to join him in boldly reforming the broken, complex tax code.

Given a choice between President Trump with more freedom for Americans and ObamaCare with more government, I chose to stand with President Trump and freedom.

We cannot allow American taxpayers to foot the bill for tax revenue grabs in Europe and elsewhere.

Congress must build on the success of the Budget Control Act.

There is a difficult leap between talking about balancing the budget and actually doing it.

I'm a strong-and-stable-dollar advocate, and the Fed has been moving dangerously away from that mission.

America's tax code is beyond repair. Tinkering with it won't work. The only hope is a bold tax-reform plan that will liberate our nation from the slow-growth status quo and jump-start a new era of American prosperity and growth.

Soaring rhetoric will not restore the American people's confidence in their government.

I'm absolutely confident - in fact, I'm optimistic that by focusing on quality and innovation in Medicare - that we can save that program for the long term in a very positive way.

The Reagan tax reform delivered real fairness, closing loopholes for Washington special interests so that all Americans could keep more of their hard-earned paychecks.

For years, people have begged Washington for a tax code that is simple and easy to understand.

One of America's best investments in peace and security is our special relationship with Israel.

Full and immediate expensing is widely recognized as one of the most pro-growth tax policies around.

We must cut federal spending - every wasted dollar, every low priority program, and every unconstitutional overreach - every day.

I firmly believe Americans are far better off under tax reform than they ever were sticking with this old, messed up, outdated tax code.

When we don't unite, we do a terrible job.

Our broken tax code is one of the main reasons the United States lags behind when it comes to economic growth, job creation, and competitiveness. Without pro-growth tax reform, our workers and our businesses will continue to suffer.

We think Medicare Advantage is a key part of healthcare and is bringing some of the innovation - I think a lot of the innovation - back to that marketplace for seniors.

I think it's important, especially in health care, to take this step by step, whether it's the replacement of the Affordable Care Act, how we make Medicaid work better, how we save Medicare for the long term.

Houston is a dynamic, international city shaped by leaders who dreamed big and acted with an eye firmly focused on the long term.

It's time to permanently lower America's tax gate so that the $2 trillion in stranded U.S. profits can flow back into America to be invested in new jobs, research and growth.

Inflation destroys savings, impedes planning, and discourages investment. That means less productivity and a lower standard of living.

For decades, American companies, large and small, have been competing with one hand tied behind their backs thanks to our unfair, outdated tax code.