When I was 15, my mom and I packed everything up and moved to Nashville so I could pursue my dream in music.

My first artist bus was Jason Aldean's old bus, with deer antlers over the lights and cowhide on the back of the couches. It was such an absolute dude bus.

'The First Time' is a song that I wrote by myself on my front porch, in real-time, as that situation was happening to me.

Always wash your face before you go to bed - skin care is key.

I'm not super traditional at all.

I love that on country radio, you can hear a George Strait song, and the next is Sam Hunt. I love that there's such a variety.

I feel like it's been so crazy to get to open for people like Rascal Flatts, Lady A, Billy Currington.

My songs are my stories... good, bad, ugly, beautiful.

My favorite festival beauty look is definitely braids and hats: a messy fishtail braid and a cute outfit, and I'm ready!

I love when an artist can stand by themselves and play their guitar and hold a crowd, but I also love bells and whistles.

My biggest dream is to headline an arena tour.

I have a huge appreciation for music in general, but my roots are country.

Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum is like my big sister.

There's a YouTube video of these two kittens that just fall over and pass out. My blood sugar's crazy, so I would pass out sometimes, like the fainting kittens.

I've always been drawn to strong women in every genre, people who push the boundaries because they're just epic.

As a young woman, I just think there's something really confident and empowering about being able to flirt back.

I've studied live shows and artists for so long. I got the tour documentaries and all that and watched them. I love a show. I love an artist that can do all of it.

I feel like if you just walk with a purpose, people will think you're supposed to be there. That's my life theory.

I want to stay where I am. I'm stoked to be a country artist.

My life is truly pop country.

The first album is an introduction, and when people listen to it top to bottom, I want them to know me.

I try to be a good person. I love Jesus.

Even though there are incredible songs floating around Nashville, it's important for me to have my voice heard.

Music videos, to me, are like an extension of a song.

Songwriting was a gift that came to me when I needed it the most.

I feel a loyalty to my favorite artists, and to have my fans feel that, for me, is a special bond because I've been there for so long.

I just want to be real and who I am. That's something I'd feel comfortable with any little girl looking up to, so that's who I try to be.

'Peter Pan,' I think, was a game-changer. That was the first song that really had some heartbeat to it... I think that's the song that got people's attention.

I also grew up on a farm in east Tennessee, so my roots are just naturally super southern, so I've always had that southern country lifestyle.

I was writing country songs, but I wasn't listening to country yet. I grew up on a farm in East Tennessee, so my roots are country, you know? But I didn't know where those songs came from or where they fit.

I went to my first CMA Music Fest when I was 14 and waited in line for two hours to meet two people: Taylor Swift and Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum. It's very ironic but not accidental that those two people refer to me as their 'little sister' now.

I starting writing when I was about 13 or 14 years old.

Me and my mom made a deal that if something would happen to help me get my start in music, I could get out of college.

I did ballet, jazz, and all that, but I think hip-hop is really where I learned rhythm and groove, which has helped me in music.

I really like food. Honestly, anytime I have time off, I binge-watch Netflix and eat chicken tenders. That's my guilty pleasure. Separate or together!

I share so much of my life on social media, and I love the honest connection with the people that follow me.

I think that every time a country artist steps outside of the country boundary, it just brings more ears to us.

As a young girl, there are pressures that come with any career, but I decided when I got into this I didn't want to be perfect.

There's this misconception out there that at any level of celebrity, you have someone to do hair and makeup when you're out touring, but no, it is just not the case. I do it all myself.

I'm a talker.

The Grammys are just the pinnacle of music.

I listen to everything. I sing country music, but I listen to different stuff.

In my opinion, it's all about the song and the performance, not the gender.

As a fan, I connect with realness. Whether it's strong or vulnerable, if it's real, I can connect with it.

I wanted to be a vet. I really thought that's what I wanted to do.

It's been really cool to me to watch someone like Sam Hunt, whose lyrics and roots are in country but you can hear that he listens to Drake and Justin Timberlake - and that's OK. It allows songwriters to be more honest because it's like, 'This is who I'm listening to.'

The artists that I relate to and love the most are the ones where I can listen to the record, and I can know them better, and for me, that's writing it.

It took a while to learn to eat healthy on road. It's really hard. Really, really hard. But on the bus, I can use the stovetop in the morning to make a veggie scramble. And have lots and lots and lots of coffee. I try to have protein for dinner so I have energy for the show.

I am such a girly girl, and I love not playing it safe. I'm so new to this world, so it's fun to establish myself as a fashionista.