I think of women as an all-being creature.

I'm not the best auditioner.

The moors have this weird energy. They trap you.

I can't wait to take my son to see 'Wonder Woman' - I can't wait to show him all the female characters can be well-rounded people.

Who doesn't want to shoot for 'Vogue?' I remember updating my Facebook status to say 'Doing 'Vogue' today', it was so exciting. I thought it would be really intimidating, and I don't like photoshoots, but that was the most relaxed one I've done.

I find it easy to act being in love. I've experienced that and analysed it.

We come from a very humble background. A lot of my paycheck from 'Skins' went to paying the bills and getting us a new sofa.

The thing you think is going to be huge ends up not being huge at all, and the most minute thing you do is talked about for the rest of your life, so I try not to have any expectations at all. I think that helps, if you're just focusing on the project at hand.

My hair was always frizzy. I always wanted to be blonde with lovely straight hair. I was very skinny. I was quite tomboyish, just very quiet. I always wanted to fit in; I just couldn't.

I'm lucky to have fallen into this trade, and I'm still fighting to stay in it.

'Skins' has been such a great thing for our generation - I don't want it to become a parody of itself.

Clothes are my drug. I love Camden market - I have so many vintage pieces from there it's unbelievable. Clothes are really important to me, they give me that feeling of happiness. I love being a bit free with it all and not giving myself rules.

I do have a lot of respect for the girls in 'Hollyoaks.' It takes a lot of effort to look like that constantly. I couldn't do it.

It's very strange: I watch a lot of interviews with other actors that I know saying, 'Oh we had a great time; we're best buddies,' and I know for a fact that they didn't, and they actually hated each other.

The fight for equal rights or pay has become this thing where people expect actresses to talk about it. Why they feel that a man is worth more is an important issue to discuss - we are moving in the right direction, but we need to continue to talk about it and continue to label it as an issue.

I think if someone was really rude to me in an audition, even someone quite important, I think I'd be, 'What are you doing? Don't talk to me like that!'

I'd love to find a really good Brazilian project, an up and coming director or something. I wouldn't want to do the typical favela story, Brazilian cinema has a lot more to offer than just that.

Do the little things that make you feel normal and happy, even if that's just getting in your pyjamas and watching 'X Factor' at the weekend.

There are so many things that you're supposed to conform to as an actress. Keep your mouth shut. Look pretty. Be a fashionista. I'm not stylish. I don't want to become this character.

When I'm at work, I do try and embody it as much as possible.

I'm not a girly girl. I don't brush my hair.

It's nice to know that a studio is willing to put a female in a film without expecting the character to have a love interest.

I love my job every day. So whether it's for four years or for two weeks, it's still... And when you're working on a set, it feels like a family straight away.

It's important to enjoy the moment.

I consider myself a Londoner first, and then I consider myself Brazilian before I consider myself English.

I think really good drama comes down to real human emotion. That's what makes us all tick, and that's what I've always been drawn to when it comes to scripts is real human emotion and dealing with that.

Everyone asks, 'What's your goal? Do you want to win an Oscar? Do you want to work with Meryl Streep?' No! I want to buy my mum a house. I want to make her proud.

I'm a Londoner, so I'm a bit feisty.

I really take a lot of influence from London style.

My mom raised me on her own, so I decided to take her name 'cause she was my mom and my dad.

It was really cool to work with Dakota Fanning. I've watched her grow up and I've always loved her films, loved her. It was amazing working with someone who was American as well, because obviously it's going to be a different energy straightaway. We got on really well; she's so professional and hardworking.

I played American when I was, like, fourteen, and I was awful. I cringed the whole way through.

I've wanted to produce for a long time. I'd love to get a bunch of my girlfriends together - a female writer, a female director - and create something. Creatively, it's a different dimension. Why wouldn't people want that?

My mum has told me that I have to work with Antonio Banderas just so that she can meet him and try and marry him.

People don't realise how dyslexia affects your confidence and how brutal it can be. People think you're dumb, and you know you're not. it's just how your brain works.

'Skins' was the university for me. It was the best years of my life, really. We were all just a bunch of friends.

Acting's such a good job in that you're stimulating and pushing yourself constantly. I'd never want to do anything comfortable.

'Skins' was never about sending a message. It was showing you everything there was and letting you make a decision.

I had no confidence as a child; I still really don't. Acting is the only thing I've ever felt comfortable doing.

The way I work, I didn't hold the accent all day.

I wanna make my mark, and I wanna be part of something!

Most people think of 'Wuthering Heights' as romantic; it's really not about that at all.

On 'Skins,' we only ever filmed for a couple of months in the summer. When I wasn't on set, I was doing my normal things.

I like movies because I've been getting leads, and TV is more about ensemble casts.

I'm the unhealthiest person in the world. I'm not fit at all.

I think, like every actor, you've just to pick what you're interested in.

I've always had confidence issues; I just get scared of doing things wrong.

I love dressing up, but I do find the red carpet thing quite stressful. When I went to Venice Film Festival last month to promote 'Wuthering Heights,' I told my boyfriend beforehand 'I will be a nightmare, I will cry, I will be nervous.' Actually once I was there, it was fine.

I had to learn to jog because I run like a fish. All my friends found the thought of me running on screen hysterical because I do absolutely no exercise.