Anyway, here. He handed me a bag. Thought you might be hungry. Since you're our guests, it would be impolite if we didn't share our food with you. That's your rations for the week. Try to make it last. At my surprised look, he rolled his eyes. Not all of us live on oil and electricity, you know.

And in the stillness before dawn, on the brink of a war that could tear us apart, our auras danced and twined in the darkness, coiling around each other until they finally merged, becoming one.

I swear there must be like some secret code. All mysterious ancient temples must have a minimum of at least seven thousand steps to the front door.

Excuse me a moment, princess. I have to go play with the puppies.

Silly me, here I was thinking we needed big neon signs that said Here We Are, Shoot Us Please on top of the roof.

As I studied the remians of book pages, scatered among the ashes, my heart sank.

Drag you back if you do not wish to go. Though... the prince consort did mention the phrase, throw away the key, at one point.

What she did to me was bad enough. Ash's silver eyes glittered as he turned back, cold as the moon overhead. What she made me do, I will never forgive.

Believe it or not, Princess, I don't want Ash dead, any more than you do". He sniffed. "Well maybe a little more than you but...

Big giant insect thing holding me several hundred feet in the air? What's there to be nervous about?

What we had was a dream, and it was beautiful, but it was just a dream. It's time for us to wake up.

Bad kitty!" Razor buzzed again from Keirran's shoulder. His huge ears flapped as he bounced up and down. "Evil, bad kitty! Shave off fur! Throw kitty off mountain! Burn, burn!

Without St. George, that balance would tip. Without the Order, there would be nothing to stop Talon and the Elder Wyrm from achieving what they wanted from the start: complete and utter dominion.

I would not suffer anyone to endure the path I walk. My road must always be traveled alone.

Puck rolled his eyes. Holding out his hand, he gave me an encouraging smile. Come on, Princess. Don't want to get separated in here. I clasped his hand, and he curled his fingers around mine. Let's go, then. Rusty can bring up the read. That way, if we're jumped from behind, we won't lose anything important.

If you two do not stop, Kanin said without turning around, I am going to find another road to Eden without you. James, it has been two days. Let it go.

Sarren is one vampire (...) No matter how deadly, how terrible plans, even he cannot wipe an entire city from the face of the earth in a few days. Humans are ever resilient, and their will to live surpasses everything else. Do not lose hope, Allison (...) Your hope is the reason we have a chance to stop this.

It means putting up with my fiercest and most annoying rival, Robin Goodfellow, who - despite all his attempts to hide it - is in love with my queen as well. I don't know why I haven't killed him yet. Maybe because Puck is Meghan's closest friend and she would mourn him terribly if he were gone (though I can't imagine why).

It's not the physical scars that are the most painful.

Now we're going to save a bunch of dirty meatsacks from a bunch of dirty cannibals? Why don't we rescue some orphaned kittens and put food out for stray puppies while we're at it?

And sometimes, hope is the only thing that gets us through the day.

So," he murmured, grinning as he tilted my chin up, "Before I march off to battle, how 'bout a kiss for luck?

The fight's here, ice-boy. Don't worry about your boyfriend, worry about yourself.

The organization likes to do their dirty business where no one can see it.

I could handle goblins and bogeymen and evil, flesh-eating horses, but giant freaking spiders?

I'm going to kill you one day, I told him as we hurried after Grimalkin, back into the swampy marshland. It was not an idle threat.

Strange how a few short hours could change your view of the world.

And if it gets you killed? She shrugged and looked away. No one lives forever.

Ash shook his head, but I saw the shadow of a smirk on his face. You know I'm probably going to kill you soon, right? he muttered as we headed off into the trees.

You tell the false king he doesn't have to send anyone to get me, I said in the firmest voice I could manage. I'm coming for him. I'm coming for him, and when I find him, I'm going to kill him.

As cities grow and technology takes over the world belief and imagination fade away and so do we.

Grimalkin sighed loudly, causing me to look back and Razor to hiss at him. Am I the only one here who has any insight at all? he said, looking to each of our faces. We stared at him, and he shook his head. Drawing a blank, are you? Think about what you just said, human. Repeat that last phrase, if you would.

I know that spot, Puck said, standing several feet back from the Iron knight. A woman with crazy long hair used to live on the top floor, but it's empty now.

Even Sarren can't take out a whole city of armed, bloodthirsty minions.' He curled a lip in disgust. 'And if he can, then you'll have to excuse me, because at that point I'm going to say the hell with you both, you can chase after Sarren without me.

Ash looked at me. I saw pain in his eyes, and a little regret, but they shone with such emotion I felt breathless. 'I already have.

The only thing necessary for evil to conquer is for us and those like us to do nothing.

Tough guy, if brooding was a sport, you'd have gold medals with scowling faces lining the walls of your room.

You're not a lumberjack trying to hack down a tree. You're a dancer, and the sword is an extension of your arm. Move with the blade and keep your eyes on your enemy's upper body, not their weapon.

Whatever you've done, or think you've done, it's over now. You can't go back and change it. What you do about it, right now, from here on out, that's the important thing.

There is a difference between killing while in the throes of Hunger or Blood Frenzy, and giving in to the monster. Once you fall, once you willingly cross that line, it changes you. Forever.

We thought Red Lung was as bad as it could get.

So, either you say, 'Sure, I'd love to have you along,' or you have a big bird dropping things on your head the whole trip.

Why? I whispered. Why do you hang around? You and Ash could've died.

Long ago, he began, someone told me that I would be cursed in love, that those I came to cherish would be torn from me, that as long as I remained soulless, I would lose everyone I truly cared for.

Ah. Puck's emerald eyes sparkled with glee. And so they come crawling back for Puck's help after all. Tsk tsk. He shook his head and took another bite of the apple. How easy it is to forget grudges when someone has something you need.

How predictable, Grimalkin sighed, appearing in the doorway. We gaped at.

So that left me. To save my hatchlings and my underground, even if I couldn't be there anymore.

Did I ever mention how much I hate cats?

I've always wanted the IQ of a rock. No, wait. That would be an insult to the rock.