In football, we tried each week to come up with the best game plan for every opponent. Some were tougher than others.

From the standpoint that you try to adjust your offense to your quarterback, you try to adjust your football team around your players. You do the best you can with the hand that you have, and you've got to add some parts along the way.

I like being with the quarterbacks. I like calling the plays.

I love Olivier Vernon, and I wish he knew how much I appreciate him by just watching him.

Does the draft really matter? At the end of the day, at the end of your career, at the end of time, does it really matter?

If you aren't winning, we are not going to be happy.

I got kicked out of the league because I had a hard time sustaining at the quarterback position.

I feel a lot of unfinished business and loyalty and responsibility to get the Raiders going again.

Eli Manning is the one man I just don't want to see in the playoffs. He is a flatliner.

Mariota is special in a lot of ways. He's a dynamic dual threat on the field, and he is humble - no-nonsense, full of character - off the field.

Anytime a guy gets traded at midseason - a young player - it's surprising.

There are not a lot of things that Andrew Luck can't do, but the thing I like about him is his work ethic. He's a workaholic, and that's what impresses me the most.

I hate to predict my future. I never really thought I would be a head coach at 34 years old. I never thought I would be traded to Tampa. I never even really thought I would be fired, even though I probably deserved it. I try not to predict things.

When I got fired from coaching, I started coaching high school because my son played. I realized real quick that high school football is in trouble. There's no budget. A lot of kids have got to pay to play, and every year, coaches are getting out of the profession. Kids aren't playing like they used to. It bothers me.

I kind of like to be one of the guardians of the game.

Some of the best tape that I've ever studied was Mike Shanahan and John Elway in Denver, back-to-back Super Bowl win teams.

We've got enough issues in this country without worrying about some of the things we're worrying about. It's unbelievable to me. And as long as I'm alive, I know what football gave me. It taught me my work ethic. It gave me a sense of discipline.

If I ever come back and coach, I'm never huddling again!

The Gruden-McVay relationship goes all the way back to 1970. John McVay and my dad are best of friends. My dad continued to work with McVay as a 49er. When John McVay became the general manager, he hired my dad to be one of his scouts.

When it comes to football, I'm more of a traditional guy. I love going to Green Bay.

If it wasn't for football, a lot of the best times of my life, my brother's life, my dad's life, wouldn't exist.

I compete with myself. I try to get more done than you. I don't know why.

I learned a lot from Al Davis, and I got a lot better as a coach.

You have to keep trying to get better.

I draw plays every day.

Simon Cowell is a pretty rough guy.

I don't want to look at myself like I'm some superhero. But I'm not going to let people wipe their feet on football on my chest.

I love finishers.

You either have the charisma, the knowledge, the passion, the intelligence - or you don't.

I think there is a huge ceiling in Derek Carr. I think he has proven that.

You have to be able to recognize defenses on your own in pro football. You can't look to the sideline and read some board. You've got to recognize the defense on your own, and then you've got to communicate to your offensive teammates what you want them to do.

This whole social media scene makes me sick.

I've been hitting up Hooters since 1983, and I can assure you nothin' says football season is here quite like watching the game on wall-to-wall flat screen TVs with the smell of Hooters world-famous chicken wings in the air and an ice-cold beer in your hand, served up with one-and-only Hooters hospitality, of course.

There's a lot of things I could've done better, and I regret not doing better. I do know I always gave it my best shot.

Julio Jones doesn't drop wide-open touchdown passes.

I don't know what's going to happen in the future; I just know this: I'm going to continue to give my best effort to the game, stay prepared.

I love that Mel Gibson.

I'm a backup quarterback at the University of Dayton. I was a one-year starter in high school. I think I got the job in high school because our quarterback left and went to another school.

I only live one time.

We used to tell our receivers, 'If you want to run an inside breaking route, and you want to fight for yardage after the catch, you better be careful, because these defensive players, they're on the hunt.'

I get excited when we make a play. I get excited when we make a first down.

This stereotype as Marcus Mariota as a spread quarterback that just runs read options all the time, that's ridiculous.

I miss high school football.

When the season ends, it's all about the next season.

I've always coached energy, hustling, rushing to the pile, and if it is wiggling, you do hit it because guys are fighting for yardage, and sometimes, you've got to give up the ball because of one inch.

I really get excited when we win. I get really upset when we don't, and I hope that still has a place in the NFL.

You don't want to read about your quarterback in the newspaper every day of the week.

I love the AFC West.

I think when you get Robert Griffin, one of the most explosive quarterbacks to ever play the position, in a Mike Shanahan-type system, the possibilities are very exciting, I think, with Mike Shanahan's imagination.