Some people need a command-and-control environment.

I think, as time passes, people will come to see that the United States' credit standing is really not quite the same level as the ones that we rate AAA.

You have venture capitalists. We view them as experts who also help finance your company and give directions and also some pretty candid discussions about what you have to do better.

As a country, we must come together to provide the training, certifications, and jobs that our veterans have earned and deserve.

Do you have the same vision of where industry is going as the target of your acquisition? If visions differ, you might get together economically for a while, but then you are going to have problems.

The window was open for us to play in the consumer as data, voice, video came together. This is where you have to have the courage to take good business risks because if you don't, you never win.

The start of 2016 offers great promise as the world awakens to the power of connectivity and increasing digitization. The new Digital Age is upon us, and it is unlike anything we have experienced before.

Since I became CEO, 87 percent of the companies in the Fortune 500 are off the list. What that says is that companies that don't reinvent themselves will be left behind. I also think that's true of people. And I think it's true of countries.

I learned another lesson from Jack Welch. It was in 1998, and at that time, we were one of the most valuable companies in the world. I said, 'Jack, what does it take to have a great company?' And he said, 'It takes major setbacks and overcoming those.'

The definition of success is that the company doesn't miss a beat. Do I love what I do? Oh yeah - I love it more than ever. You've got to have that energy level 24/7. But you've also got to make sure the transition is smooth. Being realistic, most high-tech companies haven't done that well.

Every company, city, and country is becoming digital, navigating disruptive markets, and Cisco's role in the digital transformation has never been more important.

It would surprise you how many government and business leaders with dyslexia. Some people view it as a weakness, and maybe it is. What dyslexia forces you to do, you don't go A, B, C, D, E... to Z. I can go A, B... Z with speed.

I had an issue with dyslexia before they understood what dyslexia was. One of my teachers, Mrs. Anderson, taught me to look at it like a curveball. The ball breaks the same way every time. Once you get used to it, you can handle it pretty well.

We changed the world many ways with the Internet.

Digital is going to have five times the impact than the information era. Just because you led the first transition as a company or country, that doesn't mean you will lead in this one.

We know that veterans have valuable skills and experiences that are highly sought after in today's workforce.

There is no secure data center in the world; they have all been broken into. We can help you prepare for it and minimize the damage when it does occur.

Wearable technology will tell us how well we are sleeping and whether we need to exercise. Sensors in the street will help us avoid traffic jams and find parking. Telemedicine applications will allow physicians to treat patients who are hundreds of miles away.

The political gridlock in Washington leads us to conclude that policymakers don't have the ability to put the public finances of the U.S. on a sustainable footing.

Our next CEO needs to thrive in a highly dynamic environment, to be capable of accelerating what is working very well for Cisco and disrupting what needs to change.

In September 2014, the USIBC members indicated an investment figure of $41 billion that was likely to be invested over a 2-3 year period.

What NDS did is allow us to move into video capability with large service providers or cable providers - and the ability to do this out of the cloud. And that allows you to do it faster.

Never ask your employees to do something you wouldn't be willing to do yourself.

Today's world requires a different leadership style - more collaboration and teamwork, including using Web 2.0 technologies. If you had told me I'd be video blogging and blogging, I would have said, 'No way.' And yet our 20-somethings in the company really pushed me to use that more.

If every company becomes a technology company, business models and transitions are going to occur. From a CEO's perspective, this is going to be the biggest technology transition of all times.

I had two parents who were doctors, and my mom was valedictorian in multiple classes.

I am a proud moderate republican. But I like democrats as well.

Almost every move in the market is either a move to align with where Cisco is going or to align to compete against us or to utilize that technology.

I hope that the new leader, whoever they are - and I hope that it will be Hillary - will bring our country back to participation by all groups and will talk about how technology will enable not just 10% of our population, but all of our population.

The industry has to learn how to do CEO succession well. If your definition of success is Intel or Microsoft or HP or IBM, that's not a good track record, and yet they are the most successful ones.

The Internet will change the way we work, live, learn, and play.

It's easy for me to see how a business proposition is going to play out, or who our next-generation competitors are, from taking this data point from this customer and another data point from another customer... and jump to Z.

A well-run organization turns over 10% of their organizations, including senior leadership. I don't have the heart to do that.

If you agree with everything I have said, then I have failed.

This will be the first time in my lifetime I'm voting for a Democrat. I'm going to vote for Hillary Clinton. I've already voted.

Our success at Cisco has been defined by how we anticipate, capture, and lead through market transitions. Over the years, I've watched iconic companies disappear - Compaq, Sun Microsystems, Wang, Digital Equipment - as they failed to anticipate where the market was heading.

Cities, too, are embracing digitization. Barcelona has installed in-ground parking sensors and launched connected public transportation as part of its Smart City strategy.

Understand what you are acquiring and protect it at all costs. You are acquiring people and next-generation products. You are making an investment that together you can grow faster, make more profits, and take more market share.

I don't enjoy politics. I like to get things done, and I like Republicans and Democrats, and that doesn't always work well.

Government leaders need to ask themselves if they are positioning their country to reap the full potential of the digital economy.

We're going to become the number one security company.

The business community is very comfortable with Romney.

When a leader doesn't do his or her job, it isn't just a problem with the person. They take their whole organization down.

The 'No.1 IT company' isn't by volume, it's in relation to business customers because those are my customers, not the consumer. Who do they view as their most important partner? That's my definition of the 'No.1 IT company.'

I support both Democrats and Republicans on many issues. I'm more interested in where they are on technology.

If you asked would I have done a startup in India, the answer is yes.

My mistakes are always around moving too slow or moving too fast without process behind it. And it's something that, if we're not careful, we'll repeat again and again.

We want a culture where it is unacceptable not to share what you know.

I don't make fun of people. I call people by what they want to be called. What does your best friend call you? What does your spouse call you? It helps you emotionally connect to people.