Politicon should be applauded for recognizing the increasing impact of technology, not only on American social and economic systems but on the very structure of our system of politics.

There will be an electronic currency, and it will be universal, and we must accept that fact.

I, perhaps wrongly, assume that people actually read articles that interest them rather than just headlines.

Libertarian principles are very simple, but you can't violate any of them and still call yourself Libertarian.

There is dissatisfaction in all of us. Some of us take out that dissatisfaction by attempting to ruin whatever you are attempting to do. This is a fact of life.

When you're standing in line at the airport, and your shoes are off, your belt is off, and your personal belongings are being closely scrutinized, and you're standing with your hands in the air, waiting to be patted down, do you feel protected? I don't. I feel like I'm the enemy.

The most promising privacy thing is stupid phones. I'm dumping all my smart phones.

A hacker is someone who uses a combination of high-tech cybertools and social engineering to gain illicit access to someone else's data.

Social engineering has become about 75% of an average hacker's toolkit, and for the most successful hackers, it reaches 90% or more.

I do not donate to any political party.

I don't know much about technology anymore.

I am looking at opening a school of social engineering. The McAfee School of Social Engineering has a nice ring to it. Beyond that, it is hard to say what life will bring my way.

I've been called 'paranoid,' 'schizophrenic,' 'the wild child of Silicon Valley.'

To say what your disguise is would be foolish.

Belize is not ready for self-government.

I simply would like to live comfortably day by day, fish, swim, enjoy my declining years.

Private communication systems have been around since the beginning of human culture.

I think that it's when we step out of the road, step outside the box, become our own person, and we walk fearlessly down paths other people wouldn't look at, that true progress comes. And sometimes true beauty as well.

Limit use of shareware and public domain software to systems without fixed disks. If you do use them on fixed disks, allocate separate subdirectories... Public domain or shareware software should never be placed in the root directory.

The Deep Web contains shockingly valuable information. Can you imagine how cancer research would blossom if every researcher had instant access to every research paper done by every single university and research lab in the world?

We live in a very insecure world with a very insecure communications platform.

Steve Jobs was a friend and mentor whom I miss more than I can say.

The most astonishing subset of the Deep Web is a collection of dark alleys called the Dark Web. The Dark Web is generally thought of as a collection of criminal elements intent on subverting the law, stealing our money, and possibly kidnapping our daughters.

Corporations understand the value of security because the leakage of their competitive information could be the end of the corporation.

Let me tell you what the truth is... I have learned one thing in life: there is no such thing as bad press. There is not. That's a fundamental truth. The more bad things said about you, the more power they give to you.

I have started many companies now worth more than $100 million. So I know a little about business.

The gig economy is empowerment. This new business paradigm empowers individuals to better shape their own destiny and leverage their existing assets to their benefit.

Belize is still a pirate haven and is run more or less along the lines established centuries ago by the likes of Captain Morgan, Blackbeard, and Captain Barrow.

As the economy goes south, petty theft begins. And then grand theft. And then muggings.

I think the thing that our government lacks - just about more than anything else - is technological competence. We have some of the greatest white-hat hackers in the world here in the U.S., but the government seems to be technologically illiterate.

Corporate competition is fierce, viewed by many as economic warfare where all is fair. But politics... now, this is something unique.

Liability is being assessed against companies who inadvertently have shipped a virus to another company. Rather than risk the incredibly bad PR, these companies fork over.

These 'free' applications ask for permission to read your emails, your text messages, listen to your phone calls, record video from your phone. Why else would someone spend millions developing an application which they then give away? Kind-hearted, maybe? Get real.

Security is a human problem.

My relationship has never been good with the government.

Dwight Eisenhower warned American citizens at the end of his presidency about the implications of the military-industrial complex and its influence over government. We have now gone well beyond any of the wildest imaginations that could have entered Eisenhower's mind.

The FBI and our entire government has become a bureaucracy. Sick, tired, and old as far as technology is concerned. This has to change.

I was one of the first practitioners of social engineering as a hacking technique, and today it is my only tool of use, aside from a smartphone - in a purely white hat sort of way. But if you don't trust me, then ask any reasonably competent social engineer.

In America, we have bible-reading applications: every single one of those applications asks permission to turn on your microphone, your camera; it wants permission to read your e-mails and the right to send e-mails wherever it chooses.

Our mobile phones have become the greatest spy on the planet.

My most heartfelt thank you goes to Impact Future Media and Cartoon Monkey Studio. Their dedication to the truth is very uncommon in the world we live in today. I am now, and will always be, grateful to their organizations.

My well-discussed 'paranoia' urges me to believe that some tiny segment of the NSA's parsing algorithm is finely tuned to my voice.

There's not a single flashlight app that's not spying on you right now.

Steve Jobs would have wanted his words to change not just technology but politics itself.

Making money is easy. It is. The difficult thing in life is not making it, it's keeping it.

I have the best habits in the world, and I cannot keep my phone secure.

I had disagreements with all my neighbors about my dogs. I had a disagreement with myself about my dogs. They were noisy.

There are no secrets.

I'm a paranoid person. I really am.