Good is never accomplished except at the cost of those who do it, truth never breaks through except through the sacrifice of those who spread it.

Evil has no substance of its own, but is only the defect, excess, perversion, or corruption of that which has substance.

Doctrine without its correspondent principle remains barren, if not lifeless, of which the Greek Church seems an instance; or.

To holy people the very name of Jesus is a name to feed upon, a name to transport. His name can raise the dead and transfigure and beautify the living.

A great memory does not make a mind, any more than a dictionary is a piece of literature.

We can believe what we choose. We are answerable for what we choose to believe.

Providence has delivered me of every worldly passion, save this one; the desire to acquire books, new or old books of any kind, whose charms I cannot persuade myself to resist.

Growth is the only evidence of life.

And this one thing at least is certain; whatever history teaches, whatever it omits, whatever it exaggerates or extenuates, whatever it says and unsays, at least the Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth, it is this.

Boys do not fully know what is good and what is evil; they do wrong things at first almost innocently. Novelty hides vice from them; there is no one to warn them or give them rules; and they become slaves of sin, while they are learning what sin is.

Living movements do not come of committees, nor are great ideas worked out through the post, even though it had been the penny post.

It is almost the definition of a gentleman to say that he is one who never inflicts pain.

A development, to be faithful, must retain both the doctrine and the principle with which it started. Doctrine.

A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault.

Animals have done us no harm and they have no power of resistance. There is something so very dreadful in tormenting those who have never harmed us, who cannot defend themselves, who are utterly in our power.

The present is a text, and the past its interpretation.

In this world no one rules by love; if you are but amiable, you are no hero; to be powerful, you must be strong, and to have dominion you must have a genius for organizing.

Ability is sexless.

To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.

From shadows and symbols into the truth.

We must make up our minds to be ignorant of much, if we would know anything.

It is very difficult to get up resentment towards persons whom one has never seen.

The heart is a secret with its Maker; no one on earth can hope to get at it or to touch it.

If we are intended for great ends, we are called to great hazards.

Ten thousand difficulties do not make one doubt.

Certainly a liberal education does manifest itself in a courtesy, propriety, and polish of word and action, which is beautiful in itself, and acceptable to others; but it does much more. It brings the mind into form,—for the mind is like the body.

But one aspect of Revelation must not be allowed to exclude or to obscure another; and Christianity is dogmatical, devotional, practical all at once; it is esoteric and exoteric; it is indulgent and strict; it is light and dark; it is love, and it is fear.

If we insist on being as sure as is conceivable... we must be content to creep along the ground, and never soar.

Let us take things as we find them: let us not attempt to distort them into what they are not... We cannot make facts. All our wishing cannot change them. We must use them.

Mary became the window of heaven, for God through her poured the True Light upon the world; the.

Its home is in the world; and to know what it is, we must seek it in the world, and hear the world's witness of it.

Nothing is more common in an age like this, when books abound, than to fancy that the gratification of a love of reading is real study.

The world is content with setting right the surface of things.

Judaism, again, was rejected when it rejected the Messiah.

There is such a thing as legitimate warfare: war has its laws; there are things which may fairly be done, and things which may not be done.

I shall drink to the Pope, if you please, still, to conscience first, and to the Pope afterwards.

Doing is at a far greater distance from intending to do than you at first sight imagine. Join.

Virtue is its own reward, and brings with it the truest and highest pleasure; but if we cultivate it only for pleasure's sake, we are selfish, not religious, and will never gain the pleasure, because we can never have the virtue.

From the age of fifteen, dogma has been the fundamental principle of my religion: I know no other religion; I cannot enter into the idea of any other sort of religion; religion, as a mere sentiment, is to me a dream and a mockery.

Fear not that thy life shall come to an end But rather that it shall never have a beginning.

With Christians, a poetical view of things is a duty. We are bid to color all things with hues of faith, to see a divine meaning in every event.

Calculation never made a hero.

Let us act on what we have, since we have not what we wish.

It is often said that second thoughts are best. So they are in matters of judgment but not in matters of conscience.

Slang surely, as it is called, comes of, and breathes of the personal.

God has created me to do some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. I have my mission. I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons. He has not created me for naught. I shall do good; I shall do His work.

Here below to live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed often.

Of all points of faith, the being of a God is, to my own apprehension, encompassed with most difficulty, and yet borne in upon our minds with most power.

On the whole, all parties will agree that, of all existing systems, the present communion of Rome is the nearest approximation in fact to the Church of the Fathers, possible.