Aren't you glad you didn't marry him? You'd be working at a gas station. No. If I would've married him, he'd be the mayor.

God can do in a split second what might otherwise take you many years.

To me, it's OK to have differences. But we don't have to be mad about it. You know? And I think that's where sometimes we get so passionate that we - you know, it turns into anger.

The marriage partner is not really the problem. No other person can ultimately make you happy. You must learn how to be happy within yourself.

Sometimes when you take strong stands, if you're not called to do it, you're dividing the audience you're trying to reach.

I wouldn't ever say if you're having tough times then there must be something wrong with you or your attitude. Life's a fight. It's a good fight of faith. I encourage people to stay up, stay hopeful, stay faith-filled.

The difficulties you face are not there to defeat you. They are there to increase you. Just.

The main rule to me is to honor God with your life. To life a life of integrity. Not be selfish. You know, help others. But that's really the essence of the Christian faith.

Hold on to that new, enlarge vision of victory that God has given you. Start expecting things to change in your favor. Dare to boldly declare that you are standing strong against the forces of darkness.

I try to look on all the great things God's done, and not focus on the negative. It's a perspective.

Develop the habit of getting daily direction from God...When you do, He will lead you down the best path for your life.

When you go through a disappointment, when you go through a loss, don’t stop on that page. Keep moving forward. There’s another chapter in front of you, but you have to be willing to walk into it.

You cannot expect victory and plan for defeat.

My message is that God is a good God.

Keep a smile on your face. Keep a spring in your step.

The death of my father is probably the biggest thing that I ever faced. Daddy and I were best friends.

Gays are some of the nicest, kindest, most loving people in the world.

Isn't it funny how babies laugh a lot? I read a toddler, a young child laughs 300 times a day. The average adult laughs, like, four times a day. God put it in them. He put the laugh in us, but I think sometimes we let life get us down, you know, have bad breaks, and we lose our breaks.

It's our faith that activates the power of God.

In difficult times, we're not supposed to quit believing; we're not supposed to quit growing.

No disappointment. No setback. No injustice. No person. No hater. No jealousy can stand against our God. When you believe, all the forces of darkness cannot stop God from taking you where He wants you to go. Be a believer and not a doubter.

You have treasure in you. There is talent and skill that will cause you to be noticed. Proverbs 22:29 says, Do you see a person skilled in their work? They will stand before kings and great men. Keep sharpening your skills. Cream always rises to the top.

Don't dwell on how big your mountains are, but instead remember how big your God is!

Every time you resist temptation you are winning for your children.

If you can't be positive, at least stay quiet.

One touch of His (God's) favor can put you fifty years ahead of where you thought you'd be.

Don't just accept whatever comes your way in life. You were born to win; you were born for greatness; you were created to be a champion in life.

Too often we talk ourselves out of God's best. We allow doubts, fears, and discouraging things people have said to limit us and convince us to settle where we are. Negative voices always speak the loudest.

Your challenge is to live in such a way as to cause others to win.

Too often we judge people based on our own backgrounds and experiences, but when you understand people's stories, it's easier to understand their demeanor.

You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.

Dream big. Believe big. Pray big. Make room for God to do something new in your life.

The Scripture says that God wants to pour out His far and beyond favor.1 God wants this to be the best time of your life. But if you are going to receive this favor, you must enlarge your vision. You can't.

I think faith is incredibly important because you will become overwhelmed with what's happening and you will have waves of grief, but when you turn to your faith, I believe God will give you waves of grace to get through it.

The Bible says, See that none of you repays another evil for evil, but always aim to show kindness and seek to do good to one another and to everybody.

Quit questioning God and start trusting Him!

God wants us to live consistently, He wants us to enjoy every single day of our lives.

God has already done everything He's going to do. The ball is now in your court. If you want success, if you want wisdom, if you want to be prosperous and healthy, you're going to have to do more than meditate and believe; you must boldly declare words of faith and victory over yourself and your family.

God wants to use you in spite of your weaknesses. Of God chose to use perfect people only, He'd have no one to use.

You've got to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have what it takes. God created you to excel, and He's given you ability, insight, talent, wisdom, and His supernatural power to do so.

You're not being responsible with what God gave you if you're hanging out with time wasters who have no goals and no dreams.

I am not who people say I am. I am who God says I am.

What you tolerate you can not change.

You may have made a lot of wrong choices, but you've also made a lot of choices that were right. Focus on your good qualities. Focus on your victories. Get off the treadmill of guilt.

If we say it long enough eventually we're going to reap a harvest. We're going to get exactly what we're saying.

You've probably heard me say that God wants to take us places that we've never dreamed. When you keep Him in first place, are your best each day, and take steps of faith you will see His goodness in new ways.

To find happiness, quit focusing on what's wrong with you and start focusing on what's right with you.

Yes, the Bible should be taught in our schools because it is necessary to understand the Bible if we are to truly understand our own culture and how it came to be. The Bible has influenced every part of western culture from our art, music, and history, to our sense of fairness, charity, and business.

I'm not looking to exclude people, I'm looking to include them.