Stress is something that is sort of out of your control. You get stressed out over looking at the finish line. Stress is something that is an outside thing. Stress is an anxiety.

Scott Boras, I've known for a long time. We were both in the Cardinals organization. I'm a lot older than Scott. He's a very tough man, very tough agent.

If a club is winning, you never pay attention to a guy who's 0-for-10. If a club is losing, all of a sudden you'll find that he's the main reason why you're losing, which is absurd for me.

Golf is the only game I know where you call a foul on yourself.

My wife accuses me - and she's probably right - that I'm sometimes oversensitive.

When we lost, I couldn't sleep at night. When we win, I can't sleep at night. But, when you win, you wake up feeling better.

I don't think there's any player that's more talented than Alex Rodriguez. He cares very deeply about doing well. Baseball is his life. He puts a lot of pressure on himself.

My 12 years in New York were very, very special, the fans were very special, and it's something I will take with me wherever I go and into retirement.

You have to fix something when it first appears.

You could have the bases loaded, and you bring up the best pinch-hitter in the world to pinch hit, he hits into a double play, and then all of a sudden: 'How could you do that?'

You know, Mike Milken, the money that he has raised for cancer research has been remarkable.

I have no problem with cheating. Whatever you can get away with.

Whatever sport you're looking at, it's usually the team that makes the least mistakes that has the most success.

I played for 18 years, but the only thing that meant anything to me was the World Series.

I can understand the fact you don't want the ball slipping out of a pitcher's hand because someone can get hurt.

Major league baseball is about the history of the game. Baseball history is so important. It's so much more than money.

One thing you have to realize is that cancer is not something you necessarily cure, but you want to just take care of yourself and extend your life as long as you can.

I felt there was a lot of love in my house. And my mom was, you know, the basis of all that.

Home-plate collisions are something you cannot ignore.

I was always a little hesitant to accuse people of loading a bat to hit a ball farther. I was always very hesitant to approach people because I never had any evidence that I had firsthand knowledge of.

At 7-1, your pitching has obviously controlled that other team. At 16-10, I'm not sure when it's safe.

I believe anybody who is not afraid to fail is a winner.

In regards to steroids, I think we're all to blame, all of baseball. I never realized how far-reaching this problem has been.

'Million Dollar Arm' touches on many of the Safe At Home Foundation's core values, such as children, teamwork and family.

When I was a player and hit into a double play, I felt as if I was letting everyone down.

Baseball, while you're doing it, you think it's going to last forever.

When I was 16 years old, my brother Frank said, 'You'd better become a catcher, because you're too big and fat to do anything else.' Well, I took his advice. It was a quick way to get to the big leagues, and I've never regretted it.

Even though I was never a Yankee fan until I put on the uniform, when you think about the deep history of this organization, you always knew what the Yankees represented.

Competing at the highest level is not about winning. It's about preparation, courage, understanding and nurturing your people, and heart. Winning is the result.

It just feels good to beat the world champs to be the world champs.

I just don't like to dwell on stuff.

The Dodgers to me are the Yankees of the National League.

When I was coming home from school as a youngster, and I saw my dad's car in the driveway, I would go to a friend's house. I connected my dad being there with fear.

We've got to decide, how much replay do we want? Because if you start doing it from the first inning to the ninth inning, you may have to time the game with a calendar.

I've been very, very fortunate. I never had to work for a living.

As a member of a competitive team, you want to make sure you have yourself ready to play. You don't control anything but what you do.

We've beat up our umpires. They're now allowed to be human.

TV is not accurate.

It's nice to be in first place. But just because you're not on a winner doesn't mean you're a loser.

I've enjoyed my time in the American League, the fans of Southern California and other friendships.

I am deeply saddened and shocked at the loss of umpire Wally Bell.

When I became the manager of the New York Yankees, it was an opportunity to realize my lifelong dream of winning the World Series. We were fortunate enough to succeed in our first season in 1996, and in the years that followed, we wrote some great new chapters in Yankee history.

St. Louis has always been special to me.

People are proud of their players.

Respect is the word I want. You have to earn it. You give, and you get it in return, that's how I see it.

That's what I'd like to think that my reputation is - being honest.

Jerry Coleman was the kind of player who made me proud to wear the pinstripes.

Baseball has changed dramatically since I began my tenure with the Yankees.

If I intimidate people, that's not my intention.