Ground zero for me is audio.

What we feel, especially in the streaming area, especially in the services area, is that you need curation.

When I was a label head, I didn't think I was greedy. I've always run my own race.

Dre's from Compton, I'm from Brooklyn, and we both wanted to make a better life for ourselves, right? And we both - somehow, we're both recording engineers, that's how we got our break.

You shouldn't take a customer who's buying an album, who's happy buying an album, and try to tell them that what they're doing is wrong.

You should try and fail and not be afraid. Get up again.

If you tell a kid, 'You've got to pick music or Instagram,' they're not picking music.

Interscope is run more like a rock band than a record company. It's run in a very spontaneous, heartfelt way.

The good news is in the record business, they only count your successes.

We're trying to make the music service a cultural point of reference, and that's why we're making video. We're making video for our Apple Music customers and our future customers.

I was very insecure. I figured the only thing I can do is just work harder than everybody else and be useful. So I would anticipate when a client would need a cup of tea. I would anticipate when they wanted to rewind the tape. I would anticipate when they were going to do a vocal.

I always say, 'I love chocolate, but I'm not Willy Wonka.'

To get people to pay for something that you built, it has to be of service. It has to make somebody's life better.

Every system I have in my house or my car, they're all tuned exactly the same.

Labels need to work with artists to help them achieve their best work, not to jam records out that are half-baked or three-quarters baked.

I learned how to do absolutely nothing - I didn't learn one thing in high school. If I had to get a job at the A&P, they had to teach me how to sweep.

If you're looking for a quick hit, that means you're looking for something disposable.

A chart that weighs some ad-supported streams the same as a pay stream... encourages artists to promote free tiers to have a No. 1 record. That's great for the tech companies, but not for artists.

We at Interscope put projects out with anyone we believe has a great idea and is a true talent, whether it's a musician, photographer, software developer, or technology innovator.

That's how I grew up - it wasn't cool to not have a good system.

If you're great, that means you're freaked out that the next day you're not going to be great. You keep trying.

I learned everything about business and about music and stuff from being a second engineer.

You try to do the best with what you've got and ignore everything else. That's why horses get blinders in horse racing: You look at the horse next to you, and you lose a step.

I make my world chaotic. It's like a whirlpool.

I always knew that women, some women, at times find it very difficult to find music.

Girls are sitting around talking about boys, right? Or complaining about boys, when they have their heart broken or whatever, and they need music for that, right? And they need music for that. So it's hard to find the right music. Not everyone has the right list or knows a DJ.

I'm happy with studio infiltration, but I'm thrilled when I see 12- to 20-year olds walking down the street with Beats and not two-dollar earbuds.

People need service - great service where music is concerned.

Those athletes are not going to wear my headphones because I asked them.

I didn't feel comfortable as an executive. I felt comfortable around artists and record producers... and then I found my niche: I gotta find great producers, and I produce them.

My relationships are helped because of all the success I've had, but I'm only as useful as the idea I have today or tomorrow. Otherwise, I'm just a trophy.

Just because you like something, that doesn't mean that you have a feel for it.

The lousy guitar player in any band is the bass player.

Everything Dre and I do is completely on feel. We don't prepare for anything... we only work on instinct.

Seeing young people caring about sound again and realizing that it's not cool to not have good sound, that means a lot.

Just because you did something once doesn't mean anything. You have to be willing in your heart to begin again every day. The minute I'm not willing to do that, I will retire.

I'm most proud that I thought of Beats at 55.

Music industry's a fragmented mess.

Apple Music is a big idea, and it's going to take some time to fulfill its overall dream.

I feel open to anything.

No one repeats a word I say without imitating my voice; it drives me out of my... mind.

I'm good at snap decisions. But if you let me, I will chew something to death.

We want PC makers to have better audio because these things are used as home stereos by a lot of people, and that makes it suck.

Those folks at Death Row were the Rolling Stones of their time.

Dylan captured what was on a million minds and turned it into poetry. With 'Blowin' in the Wind' or 'The Times They Are A-Changin',' he set a whole new standard.

I never say someone is powerful.

Apple is a company that understands music.

I'm not going to be the guy who sold the last CD.

The sound of my voice is more famous than me.