I always knew I was going to be a mommy, and because I came from a family of three kids, I always assumed I would have three!

I watched 'Newlyweds' - that was my favorite reality show because I love Jessica Simpson. I'm obsessed with her.

I moved all the time as part of a military family, and I just really did not have very many friends. I remember having these feelings of walking into a room and feeling that nobody likes me, or thinking, 'I'm going to have to sit alone at lunch again.'

I'll be honest: I naturally have a pretty good eyebrow shape. I always have. I would get made fun of when I was younger because they were so thick.

I work really hard, and have had many opportunities to give up and throw the towel in. But I never did.

My mom is a beautiful, amazing woman. We didn't have a ton of money growing up, and even, at one point, we were living on food stamps. But my mom still managed to make sure we ate healthy and were always fed nutritious meals!

I'm not perfect, but I do my best.

If I'm in a hurry, I will have the South Beach Ricotta Muffins. Some mornings, I'll just have turkey bacon and scrambled eggs.

Being a mom has made me feel more like a grown-up. I was always a kid at heart. It makes me feel like I did my purpose in life.

I'm just a little energizer bunny. I just have a lot of energy.

I've never been a label-obsessed person. I indulge in shoes, but I rarely will ever buy full-price.

For me, I feel like I'm slowly accomplishing what I've always wanted to do. I've always dreamed really big, and my mom planted that in all three of my siblings: 'You guys can do anything.'

I do have some songs where it is about my relationship with my husband, and it does get very personal.

For the most part, I keep it true to who I am with Southern, trendy, and comfortable looks. I like to bring that element when I go to places like Los Angeles and New York City because I know a lot of people have a set look there, and I like to be different, and I am still going to wear my Daisy Dukes and my denim overalls.

If anything gets in the way of me being a good mom or wife, I simply say no.

What does get hard is when I'm put in the box of, 'Oh, she just woke up one day, did a reality show, and decided she wants to be a singer.' That's offensive, and it's not the case with me.

I wanted to design clothes to help build confidence.

I love nursing my babies. It's such a special bond for me.

I'm going to be that little old lady that's just, like, walking around and just, like, full of energy, probably with bright red hair or something crazy.

I do voices. I can sound like a man or cartoon character. I also have very believable Spanish and English accents.

I think we're such great parents together - I could not have picked a better partner to have kids with.

I haven't gone hillbilly rich, where you spend everything you have.

'Gold' is about being appreciative and grateful of your life, your family, and the love in it.

I think that people can have their hand in as many different things as they want. You've just got to put your mind to it and just do it.

I love being a mom. It's my favorite thing. If I had to give up everything and just be a mom, I would.

I think the one I'm most proud of as a songwriter is 'Breaking Your Heart' because it was just a different style for me. It was very - I feel like it was very old-timey Patsy Cline. It's got a very '50s feel to it, and I pushed myself to write those lyrics very intimately with my co-writer Ted Bruner.

I look back at pictures of myself in high school, and I was a cheerleader, and I had hair just as thick if not thicker and long - down to my hips.

When you're pregnant, make sure your husband rubs your feet - and your neck and your back and everything.

I would have to say my favorite thing about hosting 'Redneck Island 4' was the cast. They were the most genuine, fun, and down-to-earth Southerners. They just reminded me of the kids I went to school with.

I have always loved fashion and feel it's another way to express my creativity. It's art and beauty combined.

Even if I didn't know Eric, I still think he would be my celebrity crush. He's so freakin' gorgeous.

They say pregnancies can differ depending on whether you're carrying a girl or boy, so for me, I think having a little boy is definitely easier on my body - or I'm just better prepared!

I keep it very no-makeup whenever I'm home.

I hate those unrealistic goals that people place on women. It's just not right. It took us nine months to have our babies and put on this weight. I gained 55 pounds with my daughter, so I get it. It's tough. But you can't just pop out a baby and expect to be the size you were before. It just doesn't work like that.

For me, the best way to unwind at the end of the day while I'm pregnant is to take a nice, long soak. I get in my bathtub, download a show onto my computer, prop it up on a chair, and just lie there watching and relaxing.

If I'm not feeling so hot during the day - maybe I couldn't sleep, and the kids are wearing me out, and I'm not feeling very cute - I might go and curl my hair and put on some lipstick and put some fun music on. And that builds my confidence. It's the small things. You have to find out what works for you.

I'm really in tune with my body and what it needs.

I love our country so much. And we should all love and respect each other because this is the greatest country in the world. I see the love. I see the unity in all walks of life on a daily basis and It makes me so proud to be an American.

For dinner, I'll grill chicken with asparagus and call it a day.

My mom did this in the '90s. She'd put a bandana in her hair, cutoff jeans and throw flannel, and I just remember looking at her thinking she was the most beautiful supermodel ever.

I'd rather look like a hobo and be super comfortable than wear something not comfortable.

I just love Italian, and I think, from being Italian, I just love Italian food.

Sometimes, men just need a little push. Men won't always be like, 'You are so beautiful. You look great today.' And sometimes women want to hear that.

For me, my one thing is eyelash extensions. I always have them on cause they just do all the work and let everything look better. If I have eyelash extensions on, I will put on some under eye concealer and maybe, like, an illuminating moisturizer and call it a day.

It sounds cheesy, but if you feel good about yourself, it's going to show on the outside.

My cheat days are bread, bread, bread, and cookies. I love bread!

That's the great thing about women is they are multitaskers, and they can do it all.

Motherhood made me a better person.

I always feel guilty when I want to go get my nails done or hair done because it takes time away, but I know moms need that alone time, too.