Music and fashion combined make such a lethal weapon in my opinion.

I'm never going to be inspired by some obscure film, which isn't to say I don't enjoy that sort of thing. I just want to share my work with everyone.

I feel very blessed to have the support I have and to have the fans that I have. I'm still striving to make it every day.

Sometimes people have questioned whether I was making fun of the industry or just at myself. I'm just trying to raise a smile. Clothes aren't meant to be worshipped at a church altar.

Posterity is something I'm a big fan of because that's how you leave your legacy. Not to sound pompous, but just to be truthful.

There probably wasn't a day that went by in high school that I wasn't bullied either physically or verbally. It made me stronger, and I knew I had to stay steadfast to what I believed in.

I don't care if the critics don't like me. I want to be the people's designer, like Diana was the people's princess.

Melania rarely wears American labels, with the exception of Ralph Lauren, who created a duplication of a Jackie Kennedy look, which was basically a costume anyway.

I was Hillary in '08. I love Obama, but I was Hillary first, so I was happy to be back there with her again.

I don't think the distinction between high and low culture exists anymore.

I fell in love with L.A. To me, it is the most quintessentially American city.

I really don't see little girls growing up and thinking, 'Oh, I'm going to morph myself so I look like Barbie.'

The McDonald's icon of the colours and the golden arch, for me, resonates as one of the most iconic images ever.

I don't make clothes for the critics.

I don't do many social events in the fashion industry. Instead, I go to things like the MTV awards because that's where I fit in - wearing a yellow tuxedo and no shirt on a red carpet.

I get love from fans in a big enough dosage that it acts as a shield, and I would not sacrifice that love in order to please the industry.

When I design, I always pull from things that are significant to me. In my work, I search for happiness and then try to convey that joy in the clothes.

I feel my role is to push boundaries. I don't like things to be safe and sedentary. So controversy is the cross I have to bear.

I ultimately do still feel like an outsider, and I do feel, actually, I'm more in the world of music because of how much I participate with musicians - in all aspects, not just clothes.

I think fashion takes itself way too seriously. It's just fashion, people. It's just clothes. It should be frivolous and fun. You're not meant to see it as church and pray to a blouse.

I love MTV, and I love the VMAs. There's no award show like it. It really is the coolest award show, hands down.

I'm an introverted extrovert. My job sets me apart, but I'm not hammy and don't need attention.

I've always felt like an outsider, and I'll probably continue to always feel like an outsider. Hopefully that's a good thing. I feel like I approach things differently than other designers.

The main thing I hope people see is how passionate I am about my work, and I know people talk about it, but I do work really hard on my stuff, and it means a lot to me.

With the clothes I design, I think about my friends, how I'd want them to dress, what I'd want them to wear.

Sometimes when I'm just really relaxed, that's also a creative time for me, because that's when my mind is more open because I'm not worried or thinking or being very analytical.

An Isaac Mizrahi fashion-show ticket signed by Steven Meisel. I rushed up to Meisel at the end of the show and asked him to autograph the card that had his name and seating assignment on it. It was an incredible moment when he shot the autumn/winter 2014 Moschino campaign.

I like to think of my work and the way people approach it in the same way people approach a Lichtenstein painting. You can write a one-hundred-page dissertation about why he used comics. Or it could be like, 'This is cute!'

One thing I have that the majority of other designers don't is humor. That's distinctly my approach, and it was distinctly Franco Moschino's, too.

When Jackie Kennedy wanted to wear her favourite European designers, she was told no. She had to start working with brands like Adolfo, who had to create Chanel knock-offs because that's what she wanted to wear.

I softened in my old age.

I have lots of muses, but one of my main girls is Cara Delevingne. She epitomises the way to wear my clothes. I love how she mixes up her style and the way she has so much fun. I simply adore her.

By the nature of fashion, you're only as good as your last collection, so I'm constantly striving to be better, so I don't look at it as if I've made it.

It was here in L.A., before 'I Kissed a Girl' and all that. She stopped me and told me she was a huge fan and that she was a singer and that one day she hoped that I would dress her. I ended up dressing her for her record release.

Suddenly, Dallas has become a big part of my life, and now I feel like I'm part of the fabric of the community here.

I feel like we have to fight for art.

I'm very organic in nature with my creativity. It just kind of wraps around me, or it's a moment I have, a click of inspiration. It's never calculated.

McDonald's, Barbie - they're all icons, recognizable from London to Timbuktu.

I like the mix of something farmlike and something futuristic and artsy mixed together. It's kind of both my worlds.

I think about my friends all the time when I'm designing. That's always an arbiter. Would Katy wear this? Would Rihanna wear this? Would Sia wear it? Would Miley wear it?

There are so many serious things in the world; I just choose not to be one of them.

There's a lot of fashion that I don't respond to and I just walk on. I always look for things that make me happy, and in my work, all I'm doing is trying to convey that joy. Fashion should always be fun.

I'd be a pop star. Although, I was once sat front row at a Rihanna concert when she came down to the audience and sat on my lap, pointed the microphone towards my mouth, and I couldn't sing a line.

I grew up on a farm and didn't have connections, and I had a dream that I believed in, and I felt passionate about it, so if I can instill hope into somebody too with the film, that's what I most want.

I've taken a look back at my body of work and tried to deduce an essence, capturing aspects that reoccur. Reflecting on your own product can be difficult yet enthralling.

Night in. I'm really kind of a homebody.

You don't have to be born wealthy and have an aristocratic last name or have connections or all these things. If you have a dream, you can believe in something and work hard and struggle and fight for it and still have a chance to succeed.

I think Barbie and I are very similar in many respects. That's why she made such a great muse for the summer Moschino collection.

When I had no place to live and I had no place to sleep - and I did sleep in the Metro - I held steadfast to the fact that I had a dream, a reason why I'm doing this... that it was bigger than this moment.