I always was irritated doing network television... You're in love, you make love. That happens.

Shooting all day in the rain is not where you want to be.

It's mostly women who I get really weird fan mail from.

I'm just a happy guy.

I think, before 'Watchmen,' I was the guy from 'Grey's Anatomy' who's a pretty good guy, a pretty charming sweet guy, and so as an actor, I really wanted to do something as far from that as I could.

Once I got over my initial butterflies, being in the same room and doing a scene with Jimmy Caan was great. I never backed down for one second against him. I loved it. I love those moments. Working with people like that is the greatest joy you can get as an actor.

If you outsmart your audience, you're going to lose them.

I've done tons of guest spots and in parts where the character invariably dies or is dead.

I don't think I could last in anything for 10 years doing a character.

He is scary as the butcher, but you will not meet a lovelier, more interesting guy than Danny Huston. His stories leave me spellbound. I adore him.

I'm just looking always for characters that change, because I want to get better, as an actor and as a person.

Working exterior nights in Vancouver, when it's raining and snowing, is a little daunting, when you haven't slept.

Turns out I'm getting old.

I want to be with people I care about and hang out with my dogs.

My kind of success has come a little bit later in life. I'm not 20 any more and these people I've been working with have been successful and good at what they do for a long time.

I would bend over backward to be back on Grey's. Any day, I'll choose lying in bed with Katherine Heigl looking over me over getting thrown against walls by supernatural persons at 5 in the morning.

I'm a complete skeptic when it comes to the supernatural and all that. I've never had any ghost stories or any kind of weird experiences.

Miami is not optimal for raising a child.

I had no intention of being an actor, ever.

Puerto Rico is beautiful. I mean, I love it. But it's hard to film here. It's hard to film an action movie here where you're outside, and you're running around all day.

Persistence pays off.

I've got a stack of the 'Walking Dead' comic books next to my bed here.

If you look at my resume, I've more often than not played a very solid, decent human being.

I haven't watched a lot of episodes of 'The Good Wife.' I never even saw the show until I signed on, and then I watched seven episodes.

Women are surprised to see me on the street - like they're seeing a ghost. There's a lot of crying involved.

In a Western, you talk more with your eyes and your actions than you do with big speeches. I love that.

'The Exoricist' and 'The Shining,' there is some horrific stuff, and it's mostly what you put in your own head, which I find amazing.

Not naming names, but it shocks me, some of the people who get the breaks.

I feel like if you shoot one scene all day long or you take two days to do a scene, that scene is going to be stale.

The only reason I went to college was to play basketball. I injured my knee and couldn't play.

My agent will say, 'Well, it's another graphic novel.' I don't care. It's better writing than anything else that's out there. The characters are much better.

I can't say enough about Ireland. I can't. I'd move there.

Being an actor is a crazy way to spend one's life. It's the love of the game. Blind luck has a lot to do with it. Then you hope when you get your shot that you know what you're doing.

There's that rule, don't work with kids and animals. There's a reason for that!

The great thing about Starz is that there's not a lot of restrictions.

Moths are okay. Actually, moths don't bother me near as much as, say, spiders do.

I love what I do for a living, but the other side, that aspect of being famous or a celebrity's got zero interest to me.

I usually play tough guys and stuff like that.

It's hard to boo a puppy. You can't boo a handful of puppies.

I feel like every day I'm exceedingly lucky.

My background was in graphic design, but when I was doing it, it was all hand-drawn stuff, not computers.

I literally will write Shonda Rhimes, the creator of 'Grey's,' an e-mail once a month or so and just say, 'Hey, I love you and thank you.' That was my moment. Because of that, I'm doing 'Magic City.'

I love Bill Murray, but I'm not quite Bill Murray. I wish!

I go to Comic-Con every year, generally with some project of some sort.

I know that my foot is firmly wedged in the door, and I'll be damned if I pull it out, even for a second.

I've got a different life. I live up on a farm; I don't have anything to do with social media.

If I could just make Westerns for the rest of my life, that's all I would do. It's my favorite movie to make. There's something about being a cowboy.

Shonda Rhimes, especially, saw something in me that no one had and then wrote to my strengths for 'Grey's Anatomy.' That's the job I think really opened up a whole new world for me.

I love the challenge of having an audience know what you're thinking without having to tell the audience what you're thinking.