The perception of a threat was eight times as good as a real one.

Every book should have a romance.

Who do readers expect to see when they pick up this book? Who has won the Most Troubled Romantic Lead at the BookWorld Awards seventy-seven times in a row? Me. All me.

Take no heed of her," explained Jones apologetically. "She reads a lot of books.

The opposition Prevailingwind Party led by Alfredo Traficcone.

The verses of Byron, Keats or Poe are real whether they are in bootleg form or not. You can still read them for the same effect.

Information can liberate but also imprisonate.

You don't like me, do you?' 'That would take effort,' she replied. 'Indifference is much, MUCH easier.

There is a contract between the reader and the writer. The readers give me their hard-earned cash, and I have to entertain them.

To fail spectacularly is a loser's paradise.

Defiance through compliance.

I could almost see common sense and denial fighting away at each other within her. In the end, denial won, as it so often does.

Love and magic are like oil and water--they just don't mix.

I loved him, officer. More than any woman ever loved an egg.

Prejudice is a product of ignorance that hides behind barriers of tradition.

Keep people reading books, Mum; it helps to reinforce and strengthen the indefinable moments that anchor us in the here and now. Strive for the long now.

Everything comes to an end. A good bottle of wine, a summer's day, a long-running sitcom, one's life, and eventually our species. The question for many of us is not that everything will come to an end but when. And can we do anything vaguely useful until it does?

Mrs. Hilly had gone for the Swindon/Szechuan fusion menu and had steak and chips dim sum followed by hot Fanta in a teapot.

They turned their attention to the wardrobe that held several Armani suits, all of them individually tailored to fit Humpty's unique stature and held up on hangers shaped like hula hoops.

I'd been an idiot to think that this was anything but a quest. Searches were nice and soft and cuddly and no one need be killed. A quest always demanded the death of a trusted colleague and one or more difficult dilemmas. I'd been in denial. I'd been a fool.

After all, color in itself has no color — it's simply a construction of the mind: a sensation, like the Humming Chorus from Madame Butterfly and the smell of honeysuckle.

Those that see too much quickly find themselves seeing nothing at all.

Lesson one in time travel, Thursday. First of all, we are all time travellers. The vast majority of us manage only one day per day.

There were filing cabinets, desks once occupied by long-redundant agents, tables, piles of paperwork, back issues of Spells magazine, several worn-out sofas, and in the corner, a moose.

It has been long proved that everyone needs a butler.

So you could value your own life," replied the Titan. "Before that you were under the gods' thumbs, doing their bidding without caring if you lived or died. When you could see that life was worth living by your fear of the unknown that was death, then you could really make things happen.

Sometimes I don't know whether I'm thening or nowing.

You killed my pappy," said the youth, "and my pappy's pappy. And his pappy's pappy. And my brothers Jethro, Hank, Hoss, Red, Peregrine, Marsh, Junior, Dizzy, Luke, Peregrine, George and all the others. I'm callin' you out, lawman.

I arrived at the Swindon branch of TJ-Maxx at a little after two. I knew as well as anyone that the store hadn't been deliberately set up as a bargain store for end-of-line designer garments, but rather as a high-security facility for the imprisonment of dangerous criminals.

I'm always surprised that you all don't take more interest in other creatures. It's like living on a street and not knowing your next-door neighbor. If I were human, I'd start investing in a little kindness. When the arthropods rule the planet, all those lobster dishes and crab sticks could well be a cause of some regret.

The barriers between reality and fiction are softer than we think; a bit like a frozen lake. Hundreds of people can walk across it, but then one evening a thin spot develops and someone falls through; the hole is frozen over by the following morning.

Librarying is a harder profession than the public realizes, he said. People think it's all rubber stamps, knowing that Dewey 521 is celestial mechanics and saying 'Try looking under fiction' sixty eight times a day.

The Goliath Corporation was to altruism what Genghis Khan was to soft furnishings.

They keep an eye on forgery, illegal dealing and overtly free thespian interpretations. The actor in with them was Graham Huxtable. He was putting on a felonious one-man performance of Twelfth Night. Persistent offender. He'll be fined and bound over. His Malvolio is truly frightful.

Our own dimension was coded ID-11 and was the only League member with diphtheria, David Hasselhoff and the French, which amused the rest of the multiverse no end.

I didn't set out to discover a truth. I was actually sent to the Outer Fringes to conduct a chair census and learn some humility. But the truth inevitably found me, as important truths often do, like a lost thought in need of a mind.

Much that we had appreciated about one another had been left unsaid. In humor, in life and in love, we had understood.

He's not as bad as everyone makes out. He might buy venerable old companies and strip their assets, causing numerous layoffs and the odd corporate suicide or two, but that's business. Inside, he's a big teddy bear.

We all make mistakes at some time in our lives, some more than others. It is only when the cost is counted in human lives that people really take notice.

All the great unanswered questions of the world will be answered. Who are we? What are we here for? Where will we end up? And most important of all: Can mankind actually get any stupider?

But the truth inevitably found me, as important truths often do, like a lost thought in need of a mind.

Humpty had always sat on walls, it was his way.

I hate to admit it, but governmental deviousness is usually better explained by incompetence, vanity, and the need to protect one's job at all costs.

The only time we get to fight the powers of darkness is during one of the kingdom's frequent power cuts.

The landscape inside Lord of the Rings was so stunning and so stupendous that it could be absorbed as a form of nourishment.

Growth purely for its own sake is the philosophy of cancer.

Prices of semicolons, plot devices, prologues and inciting incidents continued to fall yesterday, lopping twenty points off the TomJones Index.

Iappreciate a woman who knows when she's being coerced.

If this were a novel, you'd have to start a new chapter as soon as I appeared.