Invest in brands that make you feel good and that you believe in.

Girls shouldn't be worried about their cellulite or their rolls. Or anything that makes us real.

I'm happy with myself. I respect myself. And I know that no man, no jeans, no scale, and no booker is in control of my future - I am.

There is a way to disagree with someone, but it doesn't have to be threatening.

I love McDonald's now and again - not every day.

I had a turbulent relationship with my calves, but I love them now because I realize that they were never the problem.

My long-term dream is to have self-education in schools for mental, physical, and emotional health because we need to learn how to speak to ourselves in a loving way and to each other.

Be you. Everyone else is already taken.

I always encourage other people to share a story and voices. That is so important.

You should be waking up and being excited about what you're going to do today, and your friends and your family, and what you're going to achieve in life.

After so many years of being rejected and having my body scrutinized... for Aerie to come along and basically say, 'We accept you. We don't care about your size.' To see those pictures on a Times Square billboard, and they were completely unretouched, I just was like, 'Wow. I finally feel good enough!'

Everyone has to realize that body-shaming can happen at any size.

Throughout my whole teenage years, I had zero confidence and had to build it from the bottom up.

Instead of waking up and worrying about your thigh gap, wake up and worry about what you're going to achieve today. What can you do, and how can you give back?

We need to realize that we can do anything with our lives because of who we are.

I refuse to let something as insignificant as a size or number on a scale determine how I feel about myself. I am grateful for my body, my health, and the life that I have, and no arbitrary number should have any impact on that.

I just spent five, six years sacrificing so much to try and fit into that one ideal, that one small standard, and I was never good enough. And it was just frustration that turned into motivation... That became my ammunition, all the people that told me I couldn't.

I did not label myself 'plus size.' The fashion industry did.

Words and images deeply impact the way we view our bodies, and the consequences can be very damaging.

A brand is only going to want to be more inclusive if they feel like it's going to be good for business as well as making the consumer feel good - so we have to encourage people to do that. Consumers have to stand up and say, 'I have power: my pound or dollar is how I vote.'

As a model, I feel a great responsibility, and I understand how an image can make a young woman feel.

I'm very much a positive person - I put good energy out there - so I don't feel like anyone would want to do anything nasty to me.

My dad always has the best advice!

I remember I took an editorial, and I was so excited. I got the pictures back, and I looked in the magazine, and I was like, 'Oh my gosh!' My arms were half their size, and I had a thigh gap magically, and all these crazy things. My family went out and tried to find my pictures in the magazines, but no one could recognize me.

If you start talking to yourself in a loving way you're going to feel so much better, and your life is going to be so much happier.

I remember doing a commercial one time where I stepped on a shard of glass, and I was hobbling around in swimwear. It was raining and in the commercial, when I saw it, I didn't look like I had a messed up foot.

If you are trying to achieve the 'perfect body' or aspiring to be like someone else, you are only going to feel like you failed.

Hateful words stand no chance against self-worth and a little of humor.

For so many years, I thought I wasn't good enough.

I had had my own trials and tribulations with body image. I had gone through a lot starting from my teenage years.

I want to be the girl that's real and show other girls that you don't have to have flawless skin or the 'perfect' body - because that's just not real.

I treat health and fitness as looking after myself.

There's nothing wrong with having a bad day. Let yourself feel those emotions because every emotion is validated.

You are good enough as you, so delete that Facetune app and step away from that really weird filter that makes you look smoother than Craig David.

It's easy to forget how powerful our bodies actually are.

I tried the maple syrup diet. I tried the protein-only Atkins diet.

I feel like I deserve to be loved because I've learned to love myself.

I'm very aware I have very young people following me - 11- and 12-year-olds. I want to do things that are aspirational, so I'm not going to pick a picture that's unattractive - even in the sense of lighting and angles - but I make sure that it's realistic. It is me, and it is my body. I wouldn't put anything out there that isn't real.

My story is one of ups and downs. It's made up of tastes of success and a lot more rejection.

Obviously, breast cancer is very much out there but cervical cancer isn't talked about as much because there's a bit more of a stigma around it. Certainly that's something I want to make sure that young girls know.

The more time I invested in myself and finding out what made me unique and special, the more jobs and campaigns I booked.

We need to see real women's bodies.

Never think your life isn't good enough. You only have one, so enjoy every minute.

I started when I was 13 years old by entering 'Elle Girl''s search for the next supermodel in the U.K. I got to the finals and was signed by Storm.

For me, health starts from the mind, and it really does start from the inside out.

I felt like the sample size was right, and my body was wrong. I basically ended up going into battle with my body, and that's a daily battle every time you look in the mirror. Every time you see an image of a successful model or someone who you look up to who doesn't look like you, you think you're not good enough.

I was called 'fat' 200 times on shoots and had serious trouble fitting in the clothes at fashion shows. All these things break you down to a point where you look in the mirror and don't like what you see.

I never could have dreamt that I would be able to help girls feel better about themselves. But now I know I can. I want to do everything in my power to do more.

When you get to that point where you don't have to worry and you don't have to think about it... I'm pretty sure that's the best diet you can be on.