Both should share the same concept of what a relationship means and the same energy to believe in a monogamous relationship.

If you're with someone, it's because you're moving in the same direction, and you both are looking for the same thing. Both of you have to share the same concept of what a relationship means.

I would love to play a crazy Russian spy, run with a gun. That's something I would love to do.

The only art I have is a Polaroid from Peter Beard from his book. I shot with him four years ago, and he did a special Polaroid for me, so I consider it a piece of art.

I hate cardio; I hate to go for a run. I hate physical things. But Jiu Jitsu is fun because its self-defence and you get some good cardio.

Every year is beautiful, and I try to appreciate each moment in my career, but 30 was definitely one of my best.

I started modelling quite late, at 20. In this industry, girls start when they're barely even 14 or 15.

After school, my sister and I helped our mom in the garden. We grew potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes - not for fun, but to eat.

I don't think there's a perfect time to have kids. I think first you have to find the perfect person.

Yes, I am a lingerie model, but I have class.

My personal memories of the brand go way back to the time when I was a teenager. L'Oreal make-up felt like a real luxury for me, and I remember dreaming of purchasing a L'Oreal lipstick.

I hadn't planned to be a model. It just happened by pure chance. I went to a beauty school with my sister, and I got discovered pretty late. I was discovered when I was 20-21.

I love high heels from the age of 10! Short skirts and then high heels. My classmates used to make fun of me. Like, 'Ooh, she's so skinny and she's wearing high heels.' But I just wore what I like, and I didn't care about people's opinions, the same as I don't care now.

At 14, I'd have given my left arm to be a boy: I thought I was horrible and that no-one would ever find me attractive.

I hate morning workout; I'm a night person more. But it's good to work out in the mornings because then you can have all day free.

I don't know how many kids I am going to have, but definitely I am one of those women who wants to have family and kids.

Mutual respect is very important in a relationship, and since my work is part of my life, he would have to respect it.

I'm very smart, and I have a great team of people around me investing my money. I'm not buying gold - yet.

A lot of people think that to make it as a model you just need to be pretty and slim, but they're wrong. There's a lot of hard work involved. You have to be very focused, know what kind of work you're aiming for.

I hate jet lag, but I love, love, love, love traveling - to meet new people, to try different foods because I'm a big foodie. I love food, even though people think models don't eat. We do eat.

I'm in hotel rooms most of the time, and it can be hard to find a hotel with a nice gym. It was important for me to have a workout I could do in my room.

I would never do 'Playboy.'

I was noticed by a person from a local model agency, and he proposed that I participate in a beauty contest Miss Chelyabinsk.

I am really bad with cleaning my closet.

You can't break Russian people, you know? 'Cos we're made in cold snow. We're very resistant.

I feel like woman was brought to this world to have family and kids.

We will all be gone one day. Not as a negative thing - as a positive thing, too, you know, and we should leave something behind ourselves.

I am trying to concentrate on books. You know, I love Dostoevsky; he's my favourite writer.

I love fast food, but you have to try to eat healthy.

Don't forget to eat a lot of greens and fish oil pills. Those are two of the best things to keep your skin glowing.

My father was dark skinned because he was Tatar. Sometimes Tatars can look Brazilian.

Sometimes when I'm on set, I keep eating, and people are like, 'You really eat that?' I'm like, 'Yes, I do.'

You have to invest the money in a certain thing, because, you know, at 40, I want to enjoy my life. So I do a lot of investments. Apartments back in Russia and New York. It's a good thing to do.

Of course, nothing just falls into your lap - to get where I am now, I've worked hard.

I'm not a fan of soccer, for sure not.

I don't believe in men who make us feel unhappy, because they're boys, not men.

I was born and raised in a small village, and I didn't even think I was especially pretty.

In my business, you should be very strong in mind. You have to be sure about yourself and about your work and your career, and you have to be strong inside because so many people come around and try to say bad things about you.

You can't just dream about what you want and leave things to chance. You have to get it yourself.

This is my favorite area in New York - the West Village is the heart of New York. I could never move somewhere else.

Stay away from the sun and remember the skin on a woman's neck, hands and face is sensitive and ages easily, so apply a high SPF sunscreen on those areas.

If you are in a relationship, it has to be a good one. If it isn't, it's best to just leave it.

Use coconut oil; it is one of the best moisturizers. Use it right after the shower on wet skin and then wipe it off with a towel.

I couldn't speak any English when I first left Russia, and Intimissimi taught me everything. The team was like a family to me - they showed me how to model and how to stay in shape. They really believed in me.

My mom, she's a great cook. You know, pirogue, borscht. I love borscht, and I love Pilemeni, meat dumplings.

You can see designers and fashion people bringing in older girls to do their shows - I'm not even afraid to say 'older.'

I'm a woman who is very confident with the body, with my body.

I really love to play 'Moonlight Sonata' by Beethoven. I can still read music, but I need to practise more. The way your fingers move - it's something that comes from memory. I love music.

When I grew up, my role model was my grandma because she's just the best.