England's a small nation, and the pop music industry is built on fashion.

We wrote 'Stellify' for Rihanna, but as we got to the end of writing it, I thought, 'You know what? I'm gonna keep this for myself. We'll give her another one.' She'd have probably sung it better, but it is too good for me not to do it.

You're never alone on the dole in Manchester.

'Psychedelic' means mind-expanding.

My biggest fault is that I give people too much credit. Then they let you down. I'm 99.9 per cent perfect - that's how I look at myself and, therefore, everybody else too.

I went to a friend's 40th in Manchester, and there was a karaoke machine, and no one was having a go. My mate said, 'No one's singing because you're in the room.' I said, 'Who am I, Frank Sinatra?' They made me sing flipping 'My Star' to a backing track that sounded like '80s Roxy Music. It was pretty embarrassing, but I did it.

With the Stone Roses, I always thought we'd be successful because we had some great songs.

I used to be one of those kids who couldn't keep my mouth shut.

I started doing karate when I was 11.

I thought it would be more interesting to make a musical autobiography than an actual autobiography.

Stardom's transitory. Nothing really changes except people's attitudes.

When I was 9, I was into T. Rex, Gary Glitter, and Alice Cooper. I knew The Beatles because my nan introduced me to them, but T. Rex was the first band I got into myself. I got 'Metal Guru' a few months after hearing 'Children of the Revolution' in Pwllheli in North Wales at a market.

I spent the summer of '88 indoors, writing 'Shoot You Down,' 'Bye Bye Badman,' and 'Don't Stop.'

Oasis are okay, but they're like The Sun: base.

I was skint, and I had to move back to my mum and dad's house, back into the room I shared with my brother when I was a kid. I kept getting people on the streets telling me that they loved me; it didn't mean anything to me because I was still borrowing tenners off my pensioner father to go and get some chicken.

If you want to call me a Karaoke King, I'll take it.

I'd never been paid for the first Roses LP - it was 2002 before we received any royalties.

We're the most important group in the world.

I've always said prayers.

They've had a hard life, the Oasis brothers. They've done really well to be semi-normal. It's always sad when your dirty linen is brought out in public.

I feel like the Ryan Giggs of music.

We should be growing carrots up the side of the Empire State Building or Big Ben.

Even me mum can't tell me what to do.

Maybe if you see me begging on the streets, you might find me doing The Stone Roses the next day.

We need to ban all air-freighted food. Carrots from Holland. Potatoes from Egypt. It's got to stop.

I wasn't on stage to be worshipped or for people to look up to me. I was with the crowd.

Everything I've ever achieved, I've done on my terms.

When the ravens leave the Tower, England shall fall, they say. We want to be there shooting the ravens.

I feel like the Roses were a great group, but I never wanted to try to do it again. I knew I couldn't get a band that would compare to the Roses, that would have an impact like the Roses.

I am gentle. I think nearly everyone who makes music is sensitive - I don't care how hard they pretend they are.

At primary school, I thought I was George Best. Then I got to secondary school, and it was more serious.

I started managing myself in October 2004, and since then, it's gone up and up.

Hell is being stuck in a lift with Elton John and the Queen Mother.

I actually was able to give up shopping in February '99.

One person might perceive me as godlike, and the next might think I'm a northern thug. I don't think I've done myself any favours... but I swear I've not had a proper fight since I was 14.

It is a fact that everyone's got a limited run in music - but who's to say how long that run lasts? I used to think that there would be no way I'd still be in music when I was 40. I used to think anyone who was 40 was an old man, and they probably shouldn't be doing it anymore.

I like the fact that a group can become successful, and by way of what you are, you can show up all the other people who are around you.

Every time I do interviews, they ask me about the same things - poverty, war, and the power of the church.

By 1993, the Stone Roses had become this huge, beautiful cruise ship just floating about in the middle of nowhere with no captain.

I gave it up three weeks before my black belt, foolishly. I got to my third brown belt and must have trained for 18 months but never went for it. I was nearly 18 and got this thing in my head about, ' Who are they to grade me?' Trying to be a rebel when I should have done it. It's my only regret, not going for a black belt.

Northern soul was huge in Manchester in the '70s and '80s; I went to a lot of all-nighters.

I was jailed for using words that I still dispute. Anyone who's ever met me will tell you that I'm not a violent person.

I love harmonicas - old blues players like Sonny Boy Williamson.

We feel we're the only British group worth exporting since the Sex Pistols, definitely.

I'd love to see the world without liquor for a week.

With the Roses, I knew we were great; I felt that we would achieve something. On my own, I had no idea.

I liked him, that Jarvis Cocker. I like the fact he was androgynous, he could appeal to everybody. He wasn't just a lad pretending to be a thug.

Putting another human being above yourself isn't healthy. I think it's capitalistic.

It's a horrible name, Coldplay. It doesn't conjure up any positive thoughts.