Live all you can; it's a mistake not to.

She had a certain way of looking at life which he took as a personal offense.

I call it relief, though it was only the relief that a snap brings to a strain or the burst of a thunderstorm to a day of suffocation. It was at least change, and it came with a rush.

The world lay before her—she could do whatever she chose. There was a deep thrill in it all, but for the present her choice was tolerably discreet […].

Mrs. Wix gave a sidelong look. She still had room for wonder at what Maisie knew.

He is outside of everything, and alien everywhere. He is an aesthetic solitary. His beautiful, light imagination is the wing that on the autumn evening just brushes the dusky window.

I adore a moat,' said Isabel. ‘Good-bye.

Life is a predicament which precedes death.

She saw herself in this connexion without detachment – saw others alone with intensity; otherwise she might have been struck, fairly have been amused, by her free assignment of the pachydermatous quality.

She had had a real fright but had fallen back to earth. The odd thing was that in her fall her fear too had been dashed down and broken. It was gone.

What is character but the determination of incident? What is incident but the illustration of character?

Our friend was slightly nervous; that went with his character as a student of fine prose, went with the artist's general disposition to vibrate.

He would rather seem stupid any day than fatuous.

Is that another sort of joke?" asked the old man. "You've no excuse for being bored anywhere. When I was your age I had never heard of such a thing.

I'll piously gather up the crumbs of your feasts and make a meal of them, said Nora. I'll let you know how they taste.

Don't underestimate the value of irony—it is extremely valuable.

Susie had an intense thought and then an effusion. ‘My dear child, we move in a labyrinth.' ‘Of course we do. That's just the fun of it!' said Milly with a strange gaiety. Then she added: ‘Don't tell me that—in this for instance—there are not abysses. I want abysses.

You seemed to me to be soaring far up in the blue - to be sailing in the bright light, over the heads of men. Suddenly some one tosses up a faded rosebud - a missile that should never have reached you - and down you drop to the ground.

What saved me, as I now see, was that it turned to something else altogether. It didn't last as suspense - it was superseded by horrible proofs.

She gave an envious thought to the happier lot of men, who are always free to plunge into the healing waters of action.

It may be, of course, above all, that what suddenly broke into this gives the previous time a charm of stillness—that hush in which something gathers or crouches. The change was actually like the spring of a beast.

When you are embarrassed, do as you think best, and you will do very well. When you are in a difficulty, judge for yourself.

In American, the gentlemen obey the ladies.

Strether had never smoked, and he felt as if he flaunted at his friend that this had been only because of a reason. The reason, it now began to appear even to himself, was that he had never had a lady to smoke with.

The superiority you discern in me, she concurred, announces my futility. If you knew, she sighed, the dreams of my youth! But our realities are what has brought us together. We're beaten brothers in arms.

Fanny Assingham had at this moment the sense as of a large heaped dish presented to her intelligence and inviting it to a feast-- so thick were the notes of intention in this remarkable speech.

Poor Catherine's dignity was not aggressive; it never sat in state; but if you pushed far enough you could find it. Her father had pushed very far.

He had seen the follies of the romantic disposition, but there seemed somehow no follies in theirs – nothing, one was obliged to recognise, but innocent pleasures, pleasures without penalties.

Italy, all the same, had spoiled a great many people; he was even fatuous enough to believe at times that he himself might have been a better man if he had spent less of his life there.

Deep experience is never peaceful.

But you must remember that justice to a lovely being is after all a florid sort of sentiment.

And the figure of the income he had arrived at had never been high enough to look any one in the face.

Excellence does not require perfection.

It was not that I didn't wait, on this occasion, for more, for I was rooted as deeply as I was shaken. Was there a "secret" at Bly—a mystery of Udolpho or an insane, an unmentionable relative kept in unsuspected confinement?

Let us be vulgar and have some fun, let us invite the President.

He had thought, no doubt, from the day he was born, much more than he had acted; except indeed that he remembered thoughts--a few of them--which at the moment of their coming to him had thrilled him almost like adventures.

Yes, that's the bore of comfort," said Lord Warburton. "We only know when we're uncomfortable.

It was the abyss of human illusion that was the real, the tideless deep.

Jasper to her. I was obliged.

I am incapable of telling you not to feel. Feel, feel, I say - feel for all you're worth, and even if it half kills you, for that is the only way to live...

She found herself, for the first moment, looking at the mysterious portrait through tears. Perhaps it was her tears that made it just then so strange and fair ... the face of a young woman, all splendidly drawn, down to the hands, and splendidly dressed ... And she was dead, dead, dead.

Ideas are, in truth, force.

Not to give away the woman one loved, but to back her up in her mistakes -- once they had gone a certain length -- that was perhaps chief among the inevitabilities of the abjection of love.

She has only one fault; too many ideas.

Still, who could say what men ever were looking for? They looked for what they found; they knew what pleased them only when they saw it.

The only reason for the existence of a novel is that it does attempt to represent life.

You wanted to look at life for yourself - but you were not allowed; you were punished for your wish. You were ground in the very mill of the conventional.

I never did anything in life to anyone's imagination.

And remember this, that if you've been hated, you've also been loved.