This is not that time of a cinema where you get 10 to 15 chances. You only get two to three chances, and if you do something nice in that, then it is great. Otherwise, people are very unforgiving.

I must confess that I was not always the perfect boyfriend.

I so wish my dad was alive to see me do a Hindi film after acting in six Telugu movies. I sometimes imagine him giving me feedback on my work. But I derive strength from knowing he is watching over me.

I love travelling and exploring different places in India and around the world.

One day, I went to meet a film producer and entered the wrong flat. It was a casting agency, and they suggested that I audition for a four-hero Telugu film. I was confirmed a month later. Interestingly, it's not easy down South for a newcomer to bag positive roles, but I was adamant.

As an actor, I want to do something I will be remembered for. I think 'Maaya' is that kind of film.

My father looked like this serious guy but was actually a very kind person.

I don't come from a film background, so I am free to work in any script that interests me.

Whenever I meet my friends, we talk about our teachers.

I am stronger than yesterday and working harder than yesterday but don't know what will happen tomorrow.

For me, there's one film at a time, and my only benchmark is that my current film should be better than my last one, and I've made sure of that. If you Google the trailer of my first film - which I request you not to - you'll see the vast change in my approach towards my profession and the slow gain of maturity in performing.

I've only been in one relationship in my entire life so far. When that ended, I decided being with someone is not for me. I like my own company the best.

'Vicky Donor' or 'Madras Caf,' John's films have been path-breaking. I have full faith in the script of my movie, and my director, too, is a debutante. I like the conviction with which they work, and that gives me a lot of confidence.

I've learnt that there's absolutely no difference in Telugu and Hindi industries. Everything is almost identical. The only difference is that Hindi films have a wider release.

After school, I started living on my own. After my dad passed away, I didn't know where to go and eventually decided to hang on here in Hyderabad.

'Hiraeth' means homesickness to a home to which you cannot return: the grief of the lost places of your past. I fell in love with the word and instantly connected to it. It reminded me of the days when I had left my home in Gwalior, and I had that strange pull in my stomach, and now I can so relate to this word.

When people heard my voice, they were shocked that I could speak Hindi.

In 'Maaya,' I'm going shirtless for the first time in my career. My producer requested me to take off my shirt in one of the scenes. I have been working extremely hard to flaunt a perfect body for the scene.

I have learnt three things from Barry John which are applicable to life, too: Don't expect anything from another actor, one shouldn't judge, and one shouldn't block things.

I took my time to learn the craft and procedure. I wanted to do some substantial work first in cinema.

I wanted to do something new and different. People expected me to do negative roles. I wanted to break the norm, and because of that, I lost on some great work as well.

The idea of meeting my former girlfriend's current boyfriend seemed insane and absolutely bizarre to me in the beginning. But I am glad I gave it a shot!

I fled my home town and did odd jobs, including things like re-designing old furniture, before I became an actor. Having said that, I don't think the story of my life is in any way remarkable. What is remarkable is how acting opportunities have come my way.

I believe that anyone who chooses a path and keeps walking will find a positive result some day. I didn't want to go with the flow and do any kind of film that came my way and wind up my career swiftly.

I just followed my gut feeling when I went to Hyderabad in 2008.

People used to call me for donations, and I couldn't relate to that because I have spent most of my life trying to support myself.

It's a misconception that all singers need to portray a messed up, dirty look to prove their identity.

Any passionate actor, if he is spoon-fed, will deliver.

I don't naturally have the body language of a software guy.

I don't deny that fact that I like Gauahar. She is hardworking, self-made and self-respecting. Somewhere, I see my own personality traits in her. But that's about it. We are not in a relationship.

I want to constantly do better than my last film.

Don't look at a person - look into the person. Heart is the hero, not the colour. I don't stand against or for any colour; I just believe in endorsing the idea of not endorsing any colour.

Simply put, Cavemen's diet is a diet plan which suggest food eaten by the cavemen. Cavemen ate what was available - like meat, vegetables and a few nuts. What we grow for food is carbohydrates, and that leads to weight gain. I started this diet a few years ago, and ever since, I haven't had carbs at all.

I like Bejoy's style of movie making, and the music is always so good in all his movies.

I wanted to escape the drudgery of a small town existence. Any place bigger than Gwalior was fine. I took the first train to Delhi because that was the only fare I could afford.

When you have friends in the industry, you're always expected to talk about work. Seldom do you talk about stuff outside work with friends in the industry. Therefore, I don't have many actor friends, but I find lot of brotherly warmth from a few.

I always try that my next film is different than my last movie. I would like to surprise my audience; that, I think, is the job of an actor.

I feel it's tough to make friend when you're always thinking about work.

Most youngsters are so well-connected with the rock music circle that they will know instantly if I attempt to imitate any rock star.

When people who are close to me say that they see positive changes in me as I grow, it makes me work harder on myself. Life always surprises us with something new, and I want to be capable enough to handle it.

When I was a child, I got an opportunity to see all the big players in a cricket match. I was a ball boy outside the boundary line. I picked the ball and waited a bit for Sachin Tendulkar to come near me to give it to him. The sense of being in the same space was special. While thousands were watching, I was close to Sachin.

There's a misconception that actors with no background don't get any exposure from big production houses. I think people should start rethinking about it.

From the time I was a child, I wanted to be an actor.

I was in a daze in my childhood mostly - always looking out of the window, waiting for some life to happen that I wanted to live. Now I realise it is this, and that's what got me out of Gwalior.

I was distributing DVDs in Mumbai in 2006, and that is when I got my first TV show offer - 'Left Right Left.'

I am a very big admirer of Bejoy's films and have waited for five months to be part of his film. But I have no regrets and will wait for an indefinite time as, if I love and believe in something, I do it completely and unconditionally.

Accomplishments are very subjective.

A rock star, according to my definition, is someone who inspires people around him with something he is best at. In my case, it's music, but I wanted audiences to realise there is a rock star waiting to be unleashed within them as well.

The idea of being associated with Bollywood prompted me to get into DVD distribution.