Your money is power, so be aware of the products you're buying and the companies you're supporting to make sure you're helping the companies that are leading the way in sustainability.

It's okay to feel nervous before a competition because it means you care about doing well.

Change can be uncomfortable and scary. But I believe change exists to teach us to appreciate and enjoy the right now.

Everyone has different things they like in terms of board setup. The grind of the board and how it's waxed - you want to make sure that the speed of the board is right for the conditions of the halfpipe. And then there's the edges and the bevel of the edge.

I remember being glued to the TV as I watched the Olympics as a kid. There was something so magical, almost otherworldly, about the Olympics. My favorite part was that moment right before it all started. The moment where the athlete would stand up ready to face whatever lay ahead.

I think everyone in snowboarding is close. We've become a big family. It's not a cutthroat sport. I'm competing against one of my best friends, and I think it's cool to be at the top of the half pipe, dropping in with your competitor but your best friend, too.

When you find yourself hitting up against a wall over and over again, it's time to try a different route.

Our job as pros is to walk a very fine line: be the best but stay healthy so you can continue to progress and be at the top. You can't push the sport and yourself if you're always hurt.

I care about the way I look, and I want to look my best. My regime isn't crazy. For my face, it's just sunscreen because foundations and tinted moisturizers rub against my neck warmer. But I do like eyeliner, mascara, and a little color on my lids.

Meditation isn't necessarily this magical experience where we don't ever have thoughts.

When you feel the burn, that's when you know you're doing an exercise correctly. If you're doing 20 crunches, and you're not struggling, make an adjustment so they're harder to do. Don't cheat yourself. If it isn't burning, you're not getting stronger.

More and more, companies are realizing the value of their female consumers, and that's showing up in the female-specific products they're making, their marketing strategies, and even the feel of their companies internally.

I love dried mangoes, walnuts, and goji berries. The mix provides iron, antioxidants, and omega-3s and really kicks up my energy.

I'm a two-time Olympian, but on the front and back end of both of those were two Olympics where I narrowly missed making the team.

I like eating small meals frequently throughout the day, it helps me keep up my metabolism and get more out of my training.

As a professional snowboarder, my livelihood obviously depends on snow. And for me, traveling around the world, chasing the snow, I see the effects of climate change first hand. You can tell the difference.

Walk, skateboard, bike, car pool, or use mass transit more, and drive less.

When I started snowboarding, I was looking for success to bring me identity. I still love to win, but at the same time, I don't need the X-Games to show me who I am.

It took me a long time to figure out how to deal with pressure.

The first few years I was competing, I'd ride so well in practice, then choke and fall in competition. Now I take a deep breath and say, 'Look at me. I'm outside. I'm doing what I love.' Still, nothing's matched the pressure I felt standing at the top of the halfpipe for the first time at the Olympics.

Every year, I push myself to do something different - and push the boundaries a little bit more.

I'm very competitive.

Being involved in sports, you think less about how your body looks and more how it performs.

Over the course of my 13-year career, I've had a lot of concussions, and yet, because I'm no longer competing or suffering from concussion symptoms, I felt like I was in the clear. The reality, though, is that I get concussions far more easily, and my symptoms last far longer than ever before.

Climate change poses a far greater threat to the outdoor industry than even the privatization of the public lands.

Jumping on the trampoline for even a half an hour is a really good workout. You get really tired. The next day, you're feeling it. And you really have to use your core. If you don't, your lower back hurts the next day.

Building up expectations, creating unrealistic time frames, feeling like our end goal is the end all, be all can all lead to frustration or anxiety. We end up feeling as though we have to power through what we want rather than enjoy the process and just let the result come as it may.

It sucks. When you're a woman in sports, people want you to show some skin.

For me, vision is just about the most important thing. So goggles play a huge role in my sport. I come to the competition with a bunch of different goggles and tons of different lenses in multiple tints. The weather can always be changing, and you have to have the right thing to make sure you can see perfectly.

I run on the beach, surf, and bike.

I'm on the road a lot, but I eat healthy whenever I can with foods that don't contain pesticides.

The Olympics, you're in front of the world, and yeah you're competing, but you want to look good. You want to have a great representation of who you are.

Mission makes athlete-specific products. I always use their sunscreen - it's an anti-sting formula, which is huge for me because it doesn't burn my eyes when I'm snowboarding in warmer temperatures.

If you wake up in the morning, and you're feeling tired, I feel like if you get on your yoga mat and even practice for, like, 10 or 15 minutes, it's really great for just grounding you, centering you, and getting the energy moving.

Being at the top means never being satisfied with what you're comfortable with - comfortable means you've stopped pushing, and you're either going to get passed, or you already have been. But if you're constantly pushing yourself, then you're exposing yourself to falls and injuries.

I've had cumulative concussions and realized that's something you carry with you.

I have at least one goal that I work toward each day. It's all about taking hold of the day rather than letting the day run you.

I've learned that you have to make careful choices because everything has an impact. I've also learned that you can't please everyone in life, so please yourself and figure out what really matters.

When you choose to take the road less traveled, it can sometimes be a bumpy ride along the way, but if you're doing it for the right reasons, then the reward is so great.

I'm a two-time Olympian, but ever since I was a little girl, the Olympic dream has influenced me.

I work out hard; that way, I can eat whatever I want. If you have a hard time regulating your diet, pushing yourself at the gym will help you keep the pounds off.

As long you are doing what you love and making decisions from the heart, you will be successful.

From any traumatic injury, you're going to experience a lack of confidence. There's a whole process you have to go through to break free of that.

The Olympics have always been very special to me.

I think snowboarders have a unique experience when it comes to the Olympics because we have a pretty frequent competition circuit in addition to the games. So it's not a sport where your big moment is just once every four years.

Sometimes in life, when we really want something, we can approach it in a way that might actually be closing us off from achieving it.

I've always had bigger legs and butt; it's just the way I'm built. Over time, I realized that they were blessings because that foundation - my legs and butt - is what helps me flip 12 feet above an icy halfpipe.

You've made the time to go to the gym, so don't just go through the motions.

I love how snowboarding is like no other sport out there - I mean, some of my best friends are my biggest competitors. And we just cheer each other on. It's a very supportive sport.