Here is the problem with legacy: You'll sacrifice stuff that is not even yours to get it. Take President Obama's Iran deal, when he gave the shirt off his back - and ours, too.

Obama's tenure had more dirty linen then Charlie Sheen's hamper.

The people who whine about Fox News are hypocrites - they say they're totally tolerant, but when they run into someone who doesn't share their assumptions, they say, 'Fox News is evil, and it must be stopped.'

The PC rebellion is about a reaction against the media academic complex, which tells us what to say - or else.

Here is a fact: If Facebook were a religion, it will be the third largest behind Islam and Christianity. Its success is rooted and capitalizing on the human desire to bond.

We are all better served by objectively diagnosing trolls so they can change.

FNM didn't really become one of my favorite all-time bands until after I'd had all their records for a couple of years. And realized I was playing them every day.

Now that President Trump is a reality, I happily have been giving him a chance to see how he does.

If you can have a skewed sense of your body, it stands to reason you could develop the same kind of thing about your relationships with others in a social network.

I spent my teens in northern California listening to KALX, KUSF, and KFJC, finding people that changed my life.

How odd that the proponents of free expression think 'free' only applies to them.

If Obama was a sonnet, Trump is a limerick. And really, which ones do you enjoy more?

The bands I like are not obscure at all. Far from it.

It's pointless to get all huffy about stuff.

If pop culture is a pool, it never hurts to dive into the deep end once in a while.

Something to keep in mind, whether you adore Obama or Trump: Drooling toadyism is not a good look on either side, and it paves the way for evil. Because while hate can drive people to do many things, love permits leaders to do all things - none of them good.

I'm used to the Right being singled out by the entertainers.

When I imagine my viewer - and it sounds saccharine - but it's a family thing. People in line for my books came as families.

What the media does to Trump is what they did the cops - say the police are really harmful, then later ask why people are so scared of the police.

I've done two shows every day for years, but I don't think I could work on just one show a week. I would go crazy, and I would drive everybody nuts. I've got to feel like I'm under pressure.

Listening to a FNM record is like a visit from a mysterious relative who knows more about your family than you did.

As foreign attacks increase, it's easy to treat them like bad weather happening somewhere else. It's what we read over breakfast. But when that storm hits your shores, remember this: Wishful thinking never saved a single life. The truth, however, has.

The explosion of jihad and its desire to export its contagious madness to all areas of the world have changed the way we view immigration.

As the Left demean law-abiding gun owners, they turn flaccid when faced with the armed felon.

For years, we talked about how the only way to really win the political battles was to win the cultural ones. And rather than simply ignore pop culture, it would be far better to give it a big fat bear hug.

Imagine Earth as a crime-ridden town, and there is one safe house. How do you keep that safe house, America, always safe? It is called vigilance.

My best writing is often early in the morning and, sometimes, while working out.

What a contrast, Trump is feisty but flexible. Obama, cool but rigid. But he had no reason to bend. The media already bought into his shtick. His giddy fan base ate up every white-coated lie.

The modern progressive movement believes that dissenting language is objectionable, which then removes the brakes between anger and violence.

Ariel Pink would be a regular on the Mike Douglas Show. Both a master songwriter and a charismatic figure, he'd wander the set like a cherubic, more likable Jim Morrison. His songs would be all over KFRC - the way Boz Scaggs ruled for one summer with 'Silk Degrees.'

Sully's' upbeat message is that we still need humans. It was the heroically human Sully who saved those people, not some cold equation written on a chalkboard.

If America oppresses, why do so many people risk their lives coming here to be oppressed?

The girls I dated liked or disliked me, whether I weighed 140 or 150; and six-pack abs had no relevance on their love or repulsion.

Trump's policies are a mix of fairly traditional things. Even his immigration stuff isn't really that new.

Normally, 'Saturday Night Live' is about as entertaining as an ocular migraine.

I actually hate lyrics, and I hate it when they're quoted in reviews. I don't think they matter that much; it's the sounds of words - not the words - that I look for.

Hollywood is always about Hollywood.

Obama was never that bad or that great, and the same is probably going to go for Trump.

Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Nor does it ever last as long as you think.

I realize Twitter can be good, providing a video game of creativity for your brain.

There's always something heroic and romantic about taking a stand against the powers that be.

I know that, often, people in entertainment are surrounded by 'yes' men who tell you everything is 'go.' That's never been an issue for me.

It may feel good to think you're right. But it's better to allow the possibility that you're wrong.

As machines take over the decision-making that saves lives, we are left with fewer chances to save lives later.

True, the country is divided, but it's not Right and Left. It's Left and Not Left. It is because, for liberals, politics is personal and therefore extremely loud. For the rest of us, we prefer community over calamity.

Before language, cavemen simply grunted, and then they used the club. Communication changed that. It's the mechanism that created civilization and prevents its own destruction.

My first concert - maybe it was 1979 - was a blur. I'm not sure whether it was Blue Oyster Cult/Cheap Trick/Pat Travers at San Jose Civic Auditorium or The Police/The Knack/Robert Johnson at Berkeley's Zellerbach Auditorium.

'Sol Invictus' works like your basic FNM record: the sequencing is an artful job, hustling you politely through all the gentle, harsh, weird surprises that follow - and then when it's over, you get back on the ride and start over, just like Space Mountain.

Human evolution relies on cooperation, which is why identity politics feels so backward.