I am in an outstanding city, an outstanding club. The only thing that Arsenal has been missing is a league title.

I knew before I arrived that the pressure at a club that challenges for the title grows quickly. The season is long; we'll become stronger with every game.

I have never had any contact with Bayern Munich, let alone have agreed personal terms.

Moving to England, again it's a new language to learn, and I've got to get use to the mentality, the culture, but I think I've integrated myself really well into this team, and I'm happy so far.

We are young; we are naive with money. Money can go fast. If anyone thinks he is something better just because he has more money in the account, then he can very quickly fall on your face.

Here in the Premier League, you have to give 100 per cent for the whole 90 minutes. It's not like after 70 minutes you can say, 'We're 2-0 up, so let's have some fun now' - that doesn't happen in the Premier League.

Everyone fights for everyone else. If someone has a bad day, then the others are there for him. And if a player makes a mistake, then the others can compensate for that. Those sorts of things are crucial at this level, and it's really important that we perform as a unit.

I like to play football. I'm an aggressive player and also a leader.

I'm a hard-working young man who believes in myself.

I'd no longer be the same player without my rigorousness, and certainly not the player Arsenal wanted.

I know I've made mistakes, and sometimes I've talked about things too openly or directly. That wasn't good, and I've learned from that.

Personally, I can handle criticism, especially when it is deserved, and it's because my dad never, ever said 'Well done' to me. He did it on purpose so that I kept my feet on the ground.

It's difficult to say no when Manchester City want you and you could play there. That much I have to admit.

You always need a certain amount of time to fully adjust; it was no different when I moved to the Bundesliga.

I have learned one thing in my life: If I put too much pressure on myself, then everything goes wrong.

In football, you get criticised if you are sent off. It's my style of play, and nobody can make me change that. Even if I get another red card, then that happens. You become cleverer, maybe look more, and since my red card, I think things have improved.

I'm looking forward to the new adventure. Playing in the Premier League was always my dream, and I'm definitely going to relish this opportunity and give my absolute everything for this club.

Individual quality doesn't decide games for us but the whole team.

The expectations are high, so we know: If we do not meet them, there is criticism. We have high expectations ourselves. We are not happy with fourth, third, or second, either.

We always have hope. Hope dies last.

The first few months in a new country are always really hard.

I will give everything to help Arsenal win trophies and make the fans happy.

He's not a coach who speaks to you every day. Wenger has spoken to me two or three times. He's told me he's very impressed by how I train and how I'm a disciplined character.

Ottmar is a big coach and a good gentleman. I don't know if I'm a young Schweinsteiger; I'm another player. I am Granit Xhaka.

The Premier League is not my goal but a childhood dream. It is a dream that could be fulfilled.

I compliment Kramer perfectly. We both put in a lot of legwork, win many balls, and we're comfortable with the ball at our feet. We also talk a lot both off and on the pitch.

When you want too much, you don't usually achieve much.

Maybe if I was born in Kosovo, I might not be where I am now, so I need to thank Switzerland, of course, because I went to school there, learnt to play football there, and started my career there.

I never used to be taken seriously as a Swiss person.

When I was younger, even though I had a big brother, my parents would give me the house key every day.

In Camden, it's just the atmosphere that gets me. It's simple. It's nice. It's real. And it's the people, too. I like to interact with them because they are normal and I am normal. People probably don't expect an Arsenal player to come to Camden Lock and, basically, be a normal guy.

I am a very simple man. I love normality, and I love normal people. I love to eat normal food. It's how I grew up.

When I went to Gladbach from Basel in 2012, I put a lot of pressure on myself at first, and it was too heavy. I will not put any pressure on myself at Arsenal, even though the transfer fee was high.

It's true that my father was imprisoned for three and a half years, and it was because he stood up for what he believed in. It's not a taboo subject in our household. We talk about it. After all, I want to know what happened.

No, Borussia is not falling apart. It does not matter whichever players will leave. That is what the past has showed. The club has developed and actually improved despite big-name players leaving.

In football, you just have to develop yourself.

People who know me know that I don't talk about the play-offs. It's not an issue for me at all.

I never hesitate to go into a tackle, and I don't go onto the pitch to pull out of a challenge.

I think every new player needs time when they come to a new club and a new country, and I certainly did.

I guess I'd say I'm quite an aggressive player. Fair but aggressive, someone who likes the tough stuff.

Arsenal is Arsenal. It's not a small club; it's a very big club, and it's like a family. It's very good for me because I love my family, and to have another family here is very good.

I've picked up quite a few yellow cards in the last few years - a few reds, too. That was the case as a youth player as it is now. But I don't see it as a problem. That's how I play. If you take that away, then I wouldn't be where I am now. So I don't think the yellow cards or the red cards are too big of an issue.

Here at Basel is where I made my first professional steps. I came up and grew up through the FC Basel school.

The family is our greatest luxury.

It could be very costly if you don't have a clear mind during a tournament.

I am a regular for one of the biggest clubs in Europe, and I want to progress still further.

I have a good relationship with the Albanian fans. But when you are called a traitor - that is such a harsh word. Most of the Albanian fans respect me. But 'traitor' is unacceptable considering the background of my family.

I'm going to give my best and not worry about transfer fees or anything like that.

I remember I was young, and the first game I watched was in the Premier League. It's a big dream for me, and now that I'm here, I am very, very happy.